WHAT   THE   F**K?

Just a minute ago I heard reporting that literally caused me to spit out a mouthful of water cussing.  MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian reported that Judge Cannon, a once unknown Federalist Society hack Trump appointed to the federal bench, who was so worthless she was consigned to an obscure, all by her lonesome post down there in the southern District of FL will be hearing the National Security case Trump is indicted for.

Please, PLEASE let this be wrong.  Bad info.  Someone “playing” journalists in a “own the libs by making them go crazy and wind up with egg on their faces” type thing.

No one had heard of her until during the fight over returning documents Trump STOLE including highly classified ones his legal team managed to “judge shop” and ger her assigned to hear a motion to suppress.  She bent over backwards to help Trump, going so far as to from the bench tell Trump’s lawyers how to get favorable rulings from her!   Her conducts and rulings were SO outrageous that the notoriously conservative appellate court that heard the govt.’s appeals slapped her down, HARD in what for the federal process was lighting speed.

Sadly, she has a lifetime appointment and removing her would require impeachment and we all know how that would turn out.  Still, after she gained such infamy and ridicule, even by some in the conservative legal community she faded back into obscurity.

But… She’s BAAAACK!

Supposedly it was a “random” assignment.  Sure.  I’ll believe that one when the GOP unanimously repudiates Trump, every MAGA goober owns up to being suckered by him and apologizes for having been so gullible, Trump pleads guilty and accepts at least ten years in prison AND he dissolves the Trump Org. and uses every penny to reimburse the countless people he’s screwed over in his too long, hateful despicable life.

Here’s the worst part.  The chances Judge Cannon will pass, recuse herself aren’t “slim and none.”  Not only no but HELL NO!  She will be Trump’s bestest defense lawyer!   I wonder how many of the hard-core conservative appellate judges who had to slap her down hard already are headed to the ER with heart attack symptoms?  And Chief Justice Roberts is having a cow over this too.  I wonder if he was mean to Alito and Thomas at SCOTUS’ daily conference this morning if they’d gotten the news and were high-fiving and mocking the entire judicial system?

Why I say this is the worst part is because just as we knew would happen Trump and the GOP mediaverse rose up in “Witch Hunt”, “Weaponization of the govt./DOJ” fury if as they should prosecutors file a motion for Cannon to recuse herself it will be worse than tossing a can of gasoline on the bonfire.  It will be closer to popping a nuke.  The claims of persecution will get hotter than the sun!

Stay tuned.  If this “random assignment” of the case is true (and I find it hard to believe such a credible legal reporter is wrong) we are staring into the abyss.

Again, please PLEASE let this story turn out to be untrue!

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  1. Random. Hmmmm. Well, if the word “random” means with forethought and a great deal of consideration then, sure, it’s a “random” assignment. Looking at Websters however, that is not the definition of “random”. I do not know who makes these decisions to “randomly” assign judges but that person needs to be investigated immediately. I think we’d find yet ANOTHER fed. soc. hack trying to play…whatever the f**k it is they’re playing at with their particular brand of nonsense.

  2. This is ridiculous she must recuse herself from this trial we already moved this to Florida so we must have clean Judges not another appointmened Trump judge please let us have a fair trial

    • It was for this reason, that she or someone not quite as bad but willing to help Trump hearing the case (well, that and a tainted in Trump’s favor jury pool engaging in jury nullification) that I said NOOOOOOO! And hoped that DOJ would find a way to alter its policies AND do so in a way that would hold up on appeal and try the case in DC where this all started. Especially since some of the case will involve Trump at his Bedminster, NJ club. But DOJ did things by their good ole book and now it’s blown up in their faces a full fake gold Mar A Lago toilet Trump took a massive dump in!

      Garland/DOJ can posture and pretend all it wants that politics and public opinion don’t matter, and refuse to factor it into the equation. That’s always been a case of the fool(s) whistling past the graveyard. The whole “we not only have to be fair but bend over backward to be SEEN and therefore perceived as being fair by holding the trial right where Trump wants it” was stupid thinking. NOTHING would satisfy Trump and no matter how hard DOJ tried to accomodate his demands for “fairness” he and his supporters will scream to high heaven the whole thing is UN-fair!

    • The dumb twat has already proven she has no regard for the rule of law. She’s not going to recuse herself. She will assist the shit gibbon with his treason. This is our country in 2023. Until every ‘pube is gone, every fed. soc. judge is history, our nation is garbage.

    • Jack Smith can have her removed, and if she tries any tricks I’m sure he will . But yes I was shocked that she got this case . She is too inexperienced for one thing , and she’s a Republican

  3. If so, the fix is in. We’ve seen this movie before. Nixon criminalized tens of millions of citizens by placing cannabis in schedule 1, when it was proven, even then, it didn’t meet the criteria. He knew that, as Halderman admitted on tape. Why? To get protesters, TO HIS POLICIES, locked up. He then violates the law and the trust of his office, AND WALKED, cuz his appointee, Ford, pardoned him. If this latest story is true, I guess Led Zeppelin was correct when they said the song remains the same. Let’s hope Jack is a better poker player than these legal fascists. I’m sure he’s considered all the ways drumph’s,(real family name), crime family on the bench will try to undo his efforts.

  4. EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW??? Lucy yanks the football away and all our hopes for justice fall on our collective arses IF this is true.

  5. Try this one on for size. I will never believe this assignment was random. My opinion is that Cannon was deliberately handed this case so the DOJ can now have her removed for cause precluding her from parachuting into the case later. The DOJ is making sure she can never go near this case. Smart way to sideline a problem child. Time will tell if I’m right.

    • I don’t think for one second Smith/the DOJ would even have considered trying to pull this type of move. Having said that you might be on to something, albeit the driving force being the Chief Judge down there in that District. Let me explain. A little while ago I heard a legal pundit note what I think might have prompted your comment – that Cannon’s role will be limited in that it’s typical to get someone arraigned before a judge as quickly as possible and later to assign who will actually preside as the case moves forward. Basically, that it’s possible Trump will appear before Judge Cannon, the indictment will be presented to and accepted by the Court, attorney (both prosecution and defense) will “file their appearances” (a legal formality that they are the ones assigned to their respective side of the case) and a timeline for preliminary motions set out. Court adjourned. THEN the issue of who will actually handle things after that will be dealt with.

      It was noted that Cannon’s involvement before was prior to this being a CRIMINAL case – the Special Master stuff was handled as a Civil Matter. Therefore using the doctrine (there is such a thing) that prior involvement justifies assigning the case to Cannon applies. Except (according to the pundits I heard) it doesn’t here because Cannon’s prior involvement was Civil and the case is now CRIMINAL. The Chief Judge would be on dubious legal ground in using “prior involvement” as a legal justification for assigning Cannon to preside over the case as it moves forward past the formal indictment.

      Still, in theory just as happens every day when someone is arraigned a case is usually randomly assigned to a judge who takes things from there. Except when as I have noted a given judge in the pool is/has been already involved with the defendant in related cases. And again the Civil matter of delaying things with the assigning of a Special Master initially and then again with a fight about scope/timeline is a legally tenuous justification to skip the normal random assignment process.

      But here’s the bad news. Since the case is going to be tried in FL because so much took place at Mar A Lago which is in the northern part of that district that’s the box prosecutors checked for which of the three possible areas in that district that could in their opinion handle the case. As it happens that one is the smallest with only FOUR federal judges which even on a true random basis gives Cannon decent odds of getting the case! Even if instead of it being tried in her tiny building and courtroom it’s in the main house in Miami. What the Chief Judge should do but I’m not sure has the legal basis for is to reach a formal determination that since Cannon got slapped down not once but TWICE, fast and HARD each time by their appellate court that in the public interest of the trial being perceived as fair that she not be part of the pool from which a random assignment can be made.

      I’ll let actual lawyers chew on that one.

  6. There is retired judge from Alabama (federal that is) who was on Twitter explaining/thread. Joyce … (?) fish oil not helping mental gears…. Usually on msnbc. There was the watergate prosecutor, a federal prosecutor (or judge too) and her… usually quieted my nerves. So, hopefully doj has some briefs and case history to appeal … and appellate court is probably on hot stand by. There is an actual case to use (I think) to boot her off. US vs miller (?).

    • Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, currently a professor at the University of Alabama School of Law. She and Barbara McQuaid are my favorite legal resources on MSNBC. Maybe add some B vitamins to that fish oil to help with memory and brain function. Works for me. That and Google. 🙂

  7. Not sure how much good it will do but D.O.J. has a contact page and form for submitting comments. This would not be a bad time for many, many people to use it. Just sayin’


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