The right wing is super into assassination these days. This may be part of the new normal. I mean, you have to keep the fear ratcheted up, right? And what better way to do that than claim that the Deep State, Empire State, some state is trying to kill your MAGA leaders?

Not joking about this at all. Gina Loudon, who is a MAGA TV host, spoke about massive assassination and death camps on her show today. Death camps are “happening every day,” she declared.

So it makes sense that this guy would be talking about the assassination of none other than Marjorie Taylor Greene, which was purportedly attempted in New York City yesterday but this brave soul leapt into the breach.

God alone knows if this is on the level, but I doubt it.

What I find worrisome is that this is coming up in two right-wing commentaries on the same day. That makes me wonder if this isn’t some new narrative, that now the Deep State is executing people.

This is what you get when you have twin narratives of reality running side by side. I don’t know if this will ever stop or if it’s something that is now baked into American life. Now truth and simple facts are high commodities, when we used to take all that for granted, in a decent society. This isn’t a decent society anymore, it’s a confused one, mired down in misinformation and every lunatic that wants a gun can have one. It’s a society where one major political party doesn’t have the guts to divorce itself from a crook, who is now the centerpiece of numerous investigations.

Not the America I grew up in, that’s for certain.



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    • they’d have to point to an immigrant internment camp, say, burning down?
      pure projection. it’s a Republican thing. They’ll have LGBTQ folks in death camps before you can blink if they get the power.

  1. How did he save her? Calling in coordinates to the space lasers? That swanky, yuuge, white SUV helped wisk her away. It seemed she wasn’t a fan of NY, nor they of her. Since she didn’t make it there, I guess she can’t make it anywhere.

    • all she complained of, herself, was the whistles “endangering people’s hearing” which was pretty weak sauce. especially since they were being handed out by a Trump supporter.

  2. There are narratives and there are facts.

    I prefer to follow facts and their accompanying truth than some opinion and lies dressed as ‘narrative’, no matter how ‘compelling’ it is.

  3. The skank feels that she should have a song about her like Abraham, Martin and John do.
    She already does however, it’s called “they are coming to take me way”…
    As far as assassination goes, republiCLOWNS have been responsible for the political assassinations that went down in the 1960’s and they got away with it.
    For now…..

  4. They will keep the outrage high until somebody takes the hint and kicks off the Civil War. I seriously think that’s what this stochastic terrorism is about.

    • Exactly! RW want a HOLOCAUST against the “others” or Liberals, however u want to call it! The VIOLENT/HATEFUL rhetoric, hasn’t done the JOB, so RW ratcheting it up, bigly!

  5. Loudon is talking about genocide, which she refers to as ‘mass assassinations.’ Would she notice if in some dystopian future immigrant detention facilities were fitted with Zyklon showers? Or would this just be god’s work to cleanse the earth of degenerates and criminals? This is the blood-curdling inanity of these people.


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