Here we go, day 12 of Russian war crimes against Ukraine. And the only way it could be going worse for Putin would be if his kid protested the war and got sent to the front.

Putin always knew that there would be sanctions, and he factored those into his original planning. And since he only had western past practice to go by, he figured that the sanctions would be against oligarchs, Government run state businesses, and other large corporations, none of which would have either an immediate, or even a mid term effect on the Russian people or economy, by which time he planned to already be out of Ukraine with, wait for it, Mission Accomplished!

But he miscalculated, and badly. And one of the reasons that he miscalculated was because he knew that Joe Biden was a career politician, and as a career politician would act accordingly. And because Biden didn’t play ball, and threw him a curve, Putin ended up with the kind of sanctions that normal politics could never buy.

Here’s his miscalculation. Historically, US Presidents are incredibly aligned with their power, and have no interest in giving up an inch of it. Every Presidential candidate campaigns on limiting presidential power, and if elected grabs as much new power as he can.

But if there’s one thing that Presidents love more than power, it’s secrets. They are one of a handful of American government employees who knows everything. And they don’t share. Want to have some fun? Put In a Freedom Of Information Act to find out what the menu is at the CIA cafeteria that month. Or the DIA cafeteria. You’ll find yourself tied up in court for years because the menus are national security secrets. They don’t like to share intelligence, even when it’s menus.

Which Putin counted on. In order to go into the Ukraine, Putin wanted to use his old tried and true tactic, drum up a phony provocation that let him send the tanks rolling. He had the usual kitty litter list of faux provocations to choose from, all he had to do was to pick one when the time was right. But then it all went wrong.

Because Biden kept jumping Putin’s shit. Somebody in the US intelligence community has a golden Cardinal somewhere high in the Kremlin. Reporting shows that almost a year ago, Biden had intelligence of the broad strokes of a Russian buildup and pre invasion placement for a Russian invasion of Ukraine. And he shared that information with our closest NATO allies at a side meeting at the G-20 summit in Rome, so that they could prepare.

And every damn time that Putin settled on a phony provocation, lo and behold, Biden had the intel, declassified it, and made it public! And in doing so, he made the provocation absolutely useless to Putin. And Biden went on to do that at least five more times while Putin made a charade of negotiating, while casting about for excuses. And everytime Biden blew his excuses up in public.

So when Putin finally decided to go in, he went with the lamest ass excuse he had, Ukrainian genocide against Russians in the two breakaway republics along the border with Russia. But when they went in, they didn’t just pacify the republics, they kept right on rolling out into Ukraine itself. Which totally invalidated Putin’s original lame ass excuse.

Which turned out to be disastrous for Putin. First of all because his vaunted army turned out to be a Klown Kar Circus. They almost immediately stalled because they waited too long, and their heavy equipment got bogged down in the mud, their supply chain fell apart, and their cheap ass Chinese tires started blowing out like a college fart contest. But politically it was even worse.

Putin always factored in sanctions from the US and the EU nations, and he felt he could handle that. But when Biden kept releasing the intel on his bogus excuses, by the time he actually went in, it was plain to the world that it was nothing more or less than naked aggression.

What Putin never planned on was that non NATO nations like Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and Monaco to join in on the sanctions. He sure as shit never thought that Germany would shut its own nose off to stop the Nordstream pipeline, and he fucking sure as shit never thought that Russian would get booted off of the international S.W.I.F.T. network.

And it was inconceivable to him that multi-national companies would join the party. But they have. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express have all shut down their Russian operations. The Russian population now has a pocket full of plastic that only works for cutting up lines of cocaine. The two largest western accounting firms have shut down their Russian operations, Starbucks is no longer serving Joe, Netflix has shut down in Russia, and Tik-Tok has halted live streaming to control content so that they can filter out Russian propaganda. Putin criminalized anti war protest, and today more than 4200 people were arrested for protesting nationwide.

Stand up and take a bow Mr. President. From the start of the conflict, pundits and alleged experts swore on a stack of bibles that it would take months, if not years for everyday Russians to feel the pinch of sanctions. And instead it’s taken 12 fucking days. The best and smartest young Russians are flooding train stations to get to Brussels and Helsinki, but I hope they brought Euros, because their plastic ain’t worth shit. Putin has imploded his country.

Only Biden could have done this. Any other American President would have gotten the intelligence, digested it, and sat on it, maybe sharing it with allies, but keeping it to himself. But Biden saw the intelligence as a way to stop Putin from moving on the Ukraine, so he chose to declassify the information and release it, ruining Putin’s plans. And while Putin still moved on Ukraine, he is now officially a North Korea with 11 time zones. I honestly don’t know how Biden could have done it any better. No wonder he just went from 39% to 47% in a recent poll. Keep it up Joe!


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  1. Thank you. I’m so tired of the RWNJs calling Biden senile, slow, weak. Our president played this exactly right. Even Ukraine didn’t think Russia would actually invade, even w/ all those troops massed at their borders. Now we just have to wait to see if Putin is stupid enough to do something to a NATO ally to start WWIII.

  2. nice to have a president actually read the daily brief and not hand it over to his moron son in law. Biden has finally begun to reverse 4 years of total fuck up by the trump/Ivanka/ross/mnuchin steal everything you can clan.

  3. I’ve said it before – if TFG was still squatting on Pennsylvania Avenue, he’d have gift wrapped Ukraine for his boss (and probably offered Alaska back)

  4. Putin thinks he is smarter than he looks. A definite Napoleon complex. He also says he is a student of history, I think not. As any dumb ass, he thinks something and he thinks it is so. He forgets what our Finnish friends did to the Soviet Union in the 1939 Winter war. In three and a half months they handed the Soviets their asses. The White Death sniper alone killed a reportable 700 Soviet troops. Why these demented idiots think invading Ukraine would be any different. Putin started his crappola campaign for power in 1999 by blowing up apartment buildings in Russia and blaming it on Chechnyan rebels, just to gain recognition because no Russians knew who the hell is this little man. Thanks to Boris Yeltsins failings and alcoholic health problems, he handed his country to the mini spy who wasn’t. It has been reported that Putin has a tiny appendage and that he is dying from aids because is gay. Who knows. The world needs to realize we all might have to tighten our belts for awhile, in the end of all this world will better off. From what I have seen, most of us could use to loose a little weight anyway. Then after policing the world we can start cleaning up our own country. We have oligarchs in the US and they are about to find out that they’re next. The common citizen in any country just wants to live, enjoy their family and friends. To be safe and to be free. Note, if you come to my house and need help or just to be neighborly, I say come on over. If you come to take my stuff you’d better be ready to have your ass handed to you. Bring lots of friends so we know what they look like for future engagements. We have let the rich and powerful take advantage of our country for too long. Like unnamed navy seal said, if I run out of ammunition I’ll chew your face off. If you are respectful of others then most will be respectful to you. Unfortunately the orange seditious blob brought out the worse of us. Civilitys return is possible but not if you’re only concerned for yourself.

  5. On a lighter side he miscalculated due to arrogance. Same reason dook/espn had planned k’s retirement coronation without ever factoring in our rookie coach & our unranked team of warriors. So much winning so many sad blue faces. Arrogance is expensive.


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