OMG, this is hilarious. Excuse me if I make a lot of typos. If I do, it’s because I’m laughing so hard my hands are shaking on the keyboard. That and tears are streaming down my face.

You’re going to love this. The social justice warriors over at Newsmax, that bastion of liberal politics, have spoken.

I know you don’t believe me and I don’t blame you. See for yourself. Tell me if you’re hearing the same anti-Trump dialogue I am, or if there are spirit messages from another dimension coming through this computer. And trust me, this is not the first time I’ve thought that that could be a distinct possibility.

It’s not only easy to find Trump’s days as a registered Democrat, it’s also very easy to locate his views on abortion. He was all for it until he was told it wasn’t PC with the evangelical wingnuts and to drop it immediately — oh, and tell them you’re a born again Christian, while you’re at it. So he did. Trump’s an actor and he can take direction. Sometimes. Not from his lawyers but from Sean Hannity and people like that.

Meanwhile, Hillary was cast as the devil incarnate, and she actually does carry a Bible around and did hold Bible studies in the White House.

This might be the moment. It has been predicted by more than one pundit over the years, that there will be a wave of people who will claim that they were never for Trump to begin with. I believe that I see the crest of that wave out yonder. Say, maybe it will swell to tsunami proportions before it hits land.

What is hilarious about this is that Trump is a creature of television. It’s the only thing he really understands or was ever good at. Television made Trump. And now it looks like television is going to break Trump.

If he had done the right thing, conceded the election and prepared a second run for 2024, he might have done okay. If he had stopped with the January 6 riot, he might have done okay. But no, he had to walk out with hundreds of classified documents, including over fifty Top Secret ones and he’s not going to be able to get away with that.

Rupert Murdoch, the seer and Olympian god of the conservative media world foresaw all this. Now the lesser deities are beginning to figure it out as well.

And what will happen, I wonder, to Jenna Ellis and Liz Harrington and all Trump’s toadies? Or Rudy or Steve, for that matter? Are they next? Or are they about to be axed from their respective platforms? I hope those folks saved some money, their employment prospects are beginning to look a bit grim and dim.

Stay tuned.


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  1. I suspect it’s the result of polls showing the nazis losing potential power in November and the threat of the Dominion lawsuit hanging over the talking heads. Makes sense to me since that’s always their aim. Get richer. Get more power so you can get richer. I believe the Boss Springstein once said he had it down in a song…” all men wanna be rich. Rich men want to be king. The king ain’t satisfied until he rules everything.” Bingo. Oh that last part includes womens” bodies.

  2. I’d like to think we’re seeing the beginning of the end, but am wary. I might not accept GotterdamerTrump unless/until I see Mar-Valhalla-Lago furiously burning and Brunhilde/Wannabe Princess Ivanka throwing herself into the flames. And to mix metaphors, even if she doesn’t walk out unscathed and with three baby dragons like Daenerys millions of MAGAts (maybe even tens of millions) won’t accept it. Human nature is what it is and none of us like admitting mistakes, especially big ones and ESPECIALLY stupid ones like having gone all in on Trump’s bullshit.

    At least (I think) Newsmax has slashed it’s own wrists and cut its own throat and what little we hear from them by the end of the month is stuff about their bankruptcy proceedings.

    • All that means is we have ourselves the basis of a new wave of domestic terrorism…not great, but ask Sinn Fein if they got closer to their goals with bombs or ballots. What’s on the wishlist of these fools is what Trump “built” but minus the man himself. Liz Cheney remains their only hope on a competent version of that.

      • If you’re the person they blew up who cares what their goals were. The ‘troubles’ haven’t ended. People don’t change that easily. The groups killing each other aren’t holding hands & singing kumbaya. The white supremacists & nazis will not be able to violently overthrow our government, but they have us all wondering where the next violent idiot will appear with weapon in hand. They will appear. Sure. If Cheney or the nazi from the swamp down south get the power…uh oh spagettio. Trump may look lightweight once Ron Preyingmantis gets his national brownshirts going like he’s doing right now arresting people for voting violations his government set them up for. Our out is November. If we even can get out from under this death cult.

  3. It is all a setup, in order to embrace Ron DeFascist (Desantis) as the new standard bearer for the GOP. The problem is that he is an authoritarian who actually knows how to get what he wants versus the clueless Don Trumpledore. You haven’t seen anything yet, if DeFascist gets ahold of the presidency.

  4. Well, the problem with trying to bring up Trump’s “Democratic” roots means that these right-wing morons have to blame THEMSELVES for falling for him in the first place. Just like the evangelicals knew about Trump’s many failings (womanizing, original pro-choice sentiments) but they went out of their way to accept him (notably in that BS, evidence-free evangelical born-again way) and offered to defend him at every single turn. And unlike Trump, they can’t simply wave away their hypocrisies by saying “I never said that–no matter what the video/audio shows.” Trump’s followers let themselves be deluded into accepting every single utterance of his no matter how contradictory each utterance was to the one he’d made just a day (or even an hour) before. But the fundies? Oh, no. They do NOT let their pastors/ministers/con men get away that easily. The more damning the truth is, the quicker they dump him (of course, only to find a new pastor/minister/con man). An anti-abortion or anti-gay pastor who’s found out to have gotten his paramour to get an abortion or been paying to have sex with (usually) young men will be lucky if they don’t get treated like a Putin opponent and *only* get asked to leave their position.

  5. Finally I mean how long can you be trumped before being an even bigger fool than the court jester himself and he walks around calling die hard republicans rinos when just a minute ago the orange man was a card carrying Democrat are you finally coming around there may be salvation for the GOP yet

  6. I read an article about Trump on FOX website, and surprisingly the comments were about 50/50. I think the documents have pushed people away from him, because he truly could be traitorous spy for the enemy.

  7. And look what it took for them to FINALLY open their eyes! Stealing top secret papers to no doubt get someone killed, to the highest bidder (probably his bestie Putty) you would think the military and police would have turned on him long ago or at least by Jan 6th for his treasonous behavior, or for calling them “losers” at Arlington or for trashing a true hero in John McCain! Shame on them all for taking this long to…..get it

  8. I have read Trump actually wanted to be an actor when he was younger. Daddy Fred put the kibosh on that dream. Weird thing is he might have taken some acting classes, done some small bits, and eventually become a not too bad actor. He has lived so much of his life acting rather than being. His narcissism would have served him well.


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