Bar the doors! Lock the windows! Hide the kids! Here we go again.


If there’;s one sure fire diagnostic indicator of a “fucking moron,” it’s the inability to learn from ones past mistakes. I mean, come on, how many times do you have to whack your thumb with a hammer before you put the damn thing down and call a carpenter?

I have a news flash for you, you can put those binoculars down now. There is no solution to the government shutdown on the horizon, not even a leading reconnaissance unit. I know because a little birdie told me.It was a little birdie that just happens to be a willowy blonde, and who has a prime time spot on a cable news network, where she babbles brainless platitudes for an hour, when she’s not busy bragging about leading the President of the United States around by the nose all day. On her show last night, the indefensible Laura Ingraham breathlessly announced that yet another scruffy caravan of disgusting migrants is saddling up in Central America for an end run on US immigration law.

I’m sorry, but this shit is getting old. It’s like Hollywood during a writers strike, they take crappy TC shows from the 70’s, and turn them into equally crappy movies.We just saw this movie! Trump and his merry band of misfits just spent 3 months desperately trying to convince all and sundry that there was a barefoot horde preparing to camp out in their front yard, and take baths in their swimming pools. And they lost 40 seats in the House.

Don’t look for any deranged tweets from Dim Bulb Donnie just yet. It appeared to me that this was a trial balloon.The segment was short, and only showed a short clip of what looked like maybe 40-50 obvious Hispanics milling around in a group, and then starting to walk up a city street. I think Ingraham threw that out there, and will be looking at the response on social media to see if there is any appetite out there from the drooling herd for another existential threat at our southern border yet. If she goes back to it repeatedly over the next few days, and if it starts getting picked up by other pocket Goebbels like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, then it’s game on, and Glorious Bleater will be greasing up his thumbs.

We’re down to this. Trump is getting his well padded ass kicked on this shutdown. MSNBC just rattled off a bunch of numbers from a freshly released poll that shows that His Lowness is losing support in every key base demographic, Republicans, Evangelicals, core supporters, and it’s not because of the wall, it’s because of the shutdown. It was even reported yesterday that Trump himself admitted to his inner circle that they were getting clobbered out there in the media over this shutdown fight.

This fight belongs to Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingraham et al as much as it does to Trump. They are the ones who lit the fuse to the suicide vest that the whole damn bunch of them have strapped to their collective chest right now, they hammered Trump about signing the short term CR. They bluffed with a pair of 3’s, and now they’re being called. If there is no legitimate crisis, then they have no choice but to manufacture one. Not to win the shutdown fight, that battle is already lost, but to prove to their base that they’re willing to go down in that brilliant blaze of Valkyric fire.

No doubt about it, the shutdown will end. But don’t go running out to buy bottles of Brut and noisemakers just yet. The shutdown will end when the pressure on the GOP Senators hits the critical mass that they make it clear to McConnell that they have the votes necessary to override a Trump veto.And I give that another 2-3 weeks yet. No other solution is possible, because Trump and his far right media handlers have created themselves a Mobius Loop.  If you like watching your dog chase his tail, you’re gonna love these idjits. And meanwhile, over 1 million government employees and contractors are eating ramen noodles breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t touch that dial.

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