Bang! Liz Cheney Reached Her Constituency. And It Will Kill The GOP In 2022


Oh Mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law   Outlaw   Styx

To provide proper context, and make later points easier to understand, lets go back to the most basic common denominator. If you listen to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy — and who does? — the only reason that he dumped Liz Cheney from senior leadership in the GOP was her insistence in continuing to talk abut the past, the 2020 election and the insurrection, when McCarthy wanted the party united in a more positive, forward facing message for 2022. Namely victimhood, culture wars, and Biden bashing.

There are just s couple of small problems with all of this. Apparently, not only is Kevin McCarthy not a serious student of political history, he can’t even remember shit that happened in the last couple of years! Between McCarthy’s ouster of Cheney, and his messaging plan for 2022, there are rough seas ahead for the GOP.

Look, with the changing of demographics in this country, and racial migration weaving its web, white, suburban, GOP women have arisen as the single more critical swing vote in the country. They fucking hate Donald Trump!

White suburban women gave Trump a 40 seat spanking in the House in 2018, neutering the balance of his first term,  and putting him under constant investigation. In 2020, they literally turfed Trump out after one term, while voting for more traditional GOP candidates down ballot, narrowing the Democrats House advantage.

Will wonders never cease? These suburban conservative white women identify firmly with Liz Cheney. And they are spitting mad right now. I saw three different white, conservative suburban women interviewed on two different news channels today, and both aligned themselves directly with Cheney, strong principled conservative women. They all blame McCarthy for sacrificing Cheney at the alter of Trump for her refusal to bow to the pudgy poltroon. And they are already making it clear that they feel that there is no place for them in this party any longer.

But it gets even worse. Because these women are not going to be sweet talked back into the tent by idiots like McCarthy. All three said that when they go into the booth next November, whey will be voting for candidates, and not parties. They put out quite a list of topics and issues they’ll be wanting to hear about, everything from education to healthcare, to infrastructure, to immigration.

This is the Democratic roadmap forward for 2022. These women aren’t fooling around, they’ve already spanked Trump twice, they won’t hesitate to spank the party itself for choosing Trump over them. And they want to talk programs and issues. Give ’em all they can handle! Because the GOP has nothing but Dr. Seuss and cancel culture. And it isn’t going to get any better as they burrow farther and farther up Trump’s ass.

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  1. Lmao. I think their trying to find Mr and Mrs potato head somewhere. Not happening. Get rid of Trump needs to be the crying call for everyone.

  2. Do you ever wonder about the timing of Liz’s chess moves? Mind you, they are the right moves, ones that will produce eventual checkmate however many years it takes. But to do this when the Gaetz case–which itself spiderwebs through a number of Trump characters in terms of involvement–tells me she’s got inside info on the boom being lowered very soon.

    • Actually6 Bareshark, I think she’s just playing the hand thaBut at the same time, I think she was intelligendt enough to know that there was only ONE way that this could bot she was dealt… But she also knew that there was only ONE way it could gom and set herself up accordingly6…

      • Yeah, I can buy that too, Murf. The last four months must have been painful to the point of migraines for her. This month, she finally just said, “Eff it.”

  3. When ur old man is a war criminal (where was the law on that one bs?), u voted WITH Trump 93% of the time, u stood by for all the lawbreaking of the past 4 yrs, u watch Frump violate the asylum laws resulting in thousands of families destroyed, resulting in some DEAD children, watched him suck Putin off time & again, & so on & so on & so on. Given her constellation of attributes, we may look back & wish the pampered baboon was back instead of this killer in high heels. Something about the Devil you know vs the new queen of authoritarian rule with more skill at appearing to be more humane. An iron fist in a velvet glove doesn’t soften the blows. She is the future fist of whatever they want to call themselves. A child of an oligarch is still an oligarch & the poor black, brown, & white people can all repeat, ‘same shit different day’. If she was all about the truth, rule of law, the constitution or any other of her smokescreens, how come no ‘courage’ during the process of cramming the supreme court with a rapist & sychophants, letting Frump slide on two impeachments, instead letting him Destroy the careers of military patriotic officers??? No Virginia, there are no patriots in that bunch. B careful what you ask for my granma used to say, cuz u just might get it.

  4. Cheney wasn’t “ousted” from the Republican Party, just removed from its leadership, because she did not represent the vast majority of the party. If Democrats would remove a pro-life Democrat from its leadership, you’d nod vigurously and agree. Let’s face it, the only reason she got the job was Daddy, and she’s his hand puppet. I haven’t seen anything original come from her. As to ensuring that 45 will never run for office again, that’s arrogant and condescending to the voters.

  5. It’s time for all of to stand as one. We Republicans are much smarter than the Democrats and deserter Liz Cheney. Luz sadly is a puppet craving attention like a stripper wanting dollar bills. At the end of the night all a stripper has is dirty money collected from guys and sometimes women who don’t have a life. Honestly poor Liz has sold herself to the crazy Democrats for undeserved attention.
    I don’t hate her that would be acting like a Democrat, but I believe it’s past time for little brain Liz to admit she’s just like a stripper with exception a stripper can change clothes and go home after work and somewhat be normal. Liz in the other hand lives in her skin and cannot change it. Np matter I still pray, or Liz two wrongs don’t make me a better person. Finally, I easily see the hate in her face. Liz is aging way too fast her smile lines need a ton of Botox. Maybe her BFF Nancy can whip out her Botox Credit card and offer to pay for a few hundred injections. It’s too late for a total face lift. As far as her being huge that’s wrong to criticize. Having a huge appetite several times a day and several restrooms’ breaks allow her to afterwards lets her say to herself crap on Donald Trump. Im sure Liz loves the intense aroma and waits several minutes consuming all of the gross aftermath. Come on Liz you can do better and help women without selfish intentions. You’re like a sick drug addict go and get some help. God Loves You. Make America Great Again. If you think what Crooked two headed snake Joe Biden has done to us middle- and lower-class income families, you should shed a few pounds a go get a job at a dark lit stripper bar. Maybe Bidem and all of his unfit cabinet picks will bring your quarters and not dollar bills. All you need is a coin purse. Of course, you will pay higher taxes like the rest of us barely making it poor folks. My wife used to like you but now she can’t stand listening to you and will switch television channels if you are on at the time. Hate is wrong but to disagree and hope for change is not. Throw your horn and soap box away. Please take a few minutes to take a good look in a full-length mirror after your regular Saturday night shower or bath. Last take a good look at your poo before flushing the smelly toilet you may just see your reflection. please all women have rights always. Remember the Devil tells lies so be careful what you wish for. Liz has a forked tongue and slithers like the snake she has become. Bipolar can be helped with medication. Right now, operation warp anything should be sending medication to the Democrats. How much longer can America survive this especially our children and teenagers. Democrats have turned their backs on drugs and violence, I hope Cheney is not sleeping with Harris to gain support to make a run in 2024. I’m so embarrassed to have a real slut as our VP. Every time I see Harris on TV especially around innocent children all I see is a woman who screwed a old man to get a promotion and build her selfish career using her nasty private parts and her mouth as well. You bet Jill is watching that woman around crazy Joe. No one can tell me Joe doesn’t smell hair everywhere on her. I do wonder if Harris was laughing like a idiot having sex with Willie Brown or was he doing the laughing. Not sure if it’s a joke but I read he keeps a picture of naked Harris i his trophy case. Now I ask all the married women would you want your husband working with Harris at the office. Would you ever trust Harris alone with him or her? Liz and Harris may have a back-channel relationship too.

    • Maybe you should go back to Jr. High and learn some basic English composition. Now, to be fair I’ve been known to write pretty long stuff, but at least I can spell. I can write in proper sentences and know how to use punctuation. I can group together thoughts in paragraphs to make it easier for someone to read what I write. Still, I made the effort to wade through you comment and I shudder that someone who is such a dumbass, who can’t even write as well as a fifth grader even has his vote count the same as mine.

      Also, your comment overflows with misogyny. (That means contempt towards and/or prejudice against women) and I found your comments about our VP rather telling. Often someone writing about someone else reveals more about themselves than they ever intended. I have to say that in addition to being smart as hell VP Harris is a strikingly lovely woman. By all accounts a happily married one too. Does it frost your balls her husband is a white guy? Anyway it doesn’t take a psychoanalyst to read between the lines and see you’ve got the hots for her and resent those including and especially Willie Brown who she had a relationship with long, long ago. Get over it dude.

      And finally given some of your comments are you SURE your wife was a virgin when you first had sex with her? And for that any other women you had relationships with? Odds are overwhelming that if you’ve had a sex life you’ve had partners who had sex with guys before you. Are THEY all sluts as you put it? Since you’re an asshole I’m going to be mean since this clearly bugs you – you’ve probably slept with women (including your wife?) who had sex with other guys. Imagine her with them before going to bed, and try to “keep wood” as the thought of her having been with someone else fills your fucked up head! Sweet dreams…


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