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Keep both eyes open, this is getting really good really quick. The 1/6 Select Committee hearing yesterday was a first round knockout. It was everything that both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell stood on their hind legs to keep from happening. You know how bad it was when both McCarthy and McConnell said that they didn’t see the hearing because they were tied up with their Brazilian Bikini Wax appointments.

But the damage to the GOP writ large was limited by one simple thing. The GOP doesn’t give a damn. Let the Democrats hold their hearings, The GOP is just going to go on FUX News, OAN, and NewsMax and just keep spouting the same lame shit for their base. And that works for the GOP because the two are operating on two separate tracks.

But suddenly, the GOP has a problem, and it’s a big one. After a powerful committee hearing, the Democrats have the wind in their sails, and are getting their mojo running. A part of that mojo is in no longer simply sitting idly by, but by aggressively publicly calling out the House GOP for their bullshit. This won’t matter to core Trombies, but in a public forum, it’s deadly for the GOP with independent and soft GOP, such as suburban soccer mom voters.

Example 1. In response to the new CDC guidelines, Speaker Nancy Pelosi reinstated a mask mandate in the well of the House, since not everybody was fully vaccinated. The GOP immediately lost its collective shit. They spouted outrage about personal freedom, free choice, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. Minority Leader McCarthy made a vapid, fatuous statement blasting Pelosi. When Pelosi was asked by reporters to respond to McCarthy’s statement, her reply was brutally blunt and direct, He’s such a moron. This kind of dismissive disdain tends to leave a ark.

Example 2. Following the House Select Committee on 1/6 was done, Maryland Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin went to work at his day job at the Rules Committee. And lo and behold. There was an amendment on a bill before the committee that was proposed by GOP Trombie bedwetter Andrew Clyde. Clyde is the idiot who said in a telephone interview with FUX News, Clyde said that if you watched the video from the Hall of Statues in the House, and you didn’t know that it was video from January 6th, you would have thought it was a normal tour group.

Raskin took Clyde over the falls. He angrily interrogated him in the hearing, reminding him of his statement, and contrasting that with the statements made by the police in the hearing earlier that day. He asked Clyde if he had watched the hearing, and got no response. Then he hammered Clyde on whether the crowd was a tour group as Clyde claimed, or domestic terrorists as the officers testified. Clyde bluffed and blustered, arguing that Raskin’s question had nothing to do with the amendment before the committee, but Raskin was unrelenting. Clyde finally replied that he stood by his original statement as spoken.

Lordy, lordy, lordy, I hope the Democrats keep this up every day, at every opportunity between now and November of 2022. There is no way that the Democrats change the minds of the drooling mouth breather Trombies of FUX News, but by using your pulpit to take statements made by Trombies on far right conservative media, and taking them to task to defend it in the mainstream media, simply serves to expose them as the far right fascists that they are. And when uncovered, they will have no option other than to bow before Trump and defend their statements. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Clyde’s attempts at deflection were pathetic. He kept trying to say his words were taken out of context. Huh? Then he doubled down on those very words. I hope this guy gets creamed in the next election along with his wingnut compatriots on the far right.

  2. Jaime Raskin in my new hero! He did a stellar job in the January 6 hearing, and it sounds like he took Clyde to the woodshed in the Rules Committee. That’s what these GOQs need. Next the Democrats should go after McCarthy and McConnell for blaming Nancy Pelosi for the breakdown in security at the Capitol on January 6. They need to be told they can’t have it both ways. If, as they are trying to say, there was no insurrection, Nancy didn’t need to lift a finger. Oh, and by the way, THAT’S NOT HER JOB. Her job now is to drag every one of the Congress critters who had anything to do with that very real insurrection out from under their respective rocks into the glaring light of day and expose their dirty deeds. I bet more that Mo Brooks wore Kevlar and prepped in lots of other ways for that day. Their hypocrisy will be their downfall.

  3. The Repug’s are just a bunch of unfit idiots , who put these people in office ? they have a couple of smart people in the group that are really trying and I know they must be miserable with all these crack-pot- nuts !

  4. The reticence of Democrats to play hardball has been the problem ever since he Reagan fiasco. Fighting fire with fire is the only way. I hat to say it, but it is what it is.


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