Donald Trump has sort of hit the campaign trail. He held an event in New Hampshire Thursday night. I refuse to reference everything he does outside the bounds of Mar-a-Lago as a “rally.” Ironically, just as Trump hit the stage, the RNC issued its report on the 2022 midterms, an autopsy, if you will, on why the Republicans underperformed at historic levels. DOA.

If you ask a Democrat, the answer is easy. The SCOTUS’s extreme rulings brought home for the first time a palpable sense of what happens when you allow MAGA to run wild. Additionally, Joe Biden did a bang-up job, approval ratings be damned.

But that wasn’t the RNC’s conclusion. After all, that would be like blaming their very presence for the problem. (Which is accurate). No, according to the RNC, the primary problem in the 2022 mid-terms was Trump’s incessant whining about rigged or stolen elections.

From Rolling Stone:

“The American people want to move forward and rarely, if ever, are concerned about what happened in the past. The balance of survey data makes it clear that voters are done with the 2020 and 2022 elections. They have no patience for endless conversations relitigating previous elections from Democrats and Republicans,” reads the draft. “Those who don’t heed that lesson from 2022 will be more likely to lose in 2024 and successive cycles.” 

Ahhh. That’s precious. They included “Democrats” in saying that voters were tired of relitigating matters. It’s a “both sides” thing and that’s why the GOP got its ass kicked, both sides continued to relitigate the 2020 election right up through 2022. Arizonans must be especially furious.

So, the solution is easy, amirite? Just drop it…

Oh, wait:

But as the RNC mulls a new approach for 2024, their main obstacle will be Trump’s own stubbornness. While the report did not outright name Trump, the conclusions were clear — the party needs a new message, and Republicans’ approach to issues such as mail-in voting and abortion needs to change.

They know that even though they can convince Trump to talk about the future, he isn’t going to let the past go. If he doesn’t clarify that he actually won in 2020, it means he’s a loser and that’s just not going to happen. He will have to inform people that he did win and that Democrats did steal the election.

Thus infuriating everyone who reads the reports. Oh, here’s one. From the very same article. Trump keeps going like a pink bunny:

On stage in New Hampshire, the Republican presidential frontrunner reiterated his belief that the 2020 election was “rigged.” While Trump did write out his usual attacks against prosecutors, judges, and those who have accused him of misconduct from his New Hampshire speech, the diatribe was clogged with his standard rambling stump on domestic issues and foreign policy. 

Perhaps it might be a good idea for the RNC to take a real-time physical or a functional MRI to examine where they’re going wrong “as it happens,” almost like live sports, so they have the records when they examine what went wrong in 2024.



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