You can always tell a dumbass. They keep doing the same thing over and over again, and keep expecting a different result. Trump, a born legal imbecile if I’ve seen one, keeps responding to challenges to his authority and business with lawsuits, when the wiser decision would be to just shut up.

Tonight’s example. New York Attorney General shot a piece of paper over to His Lowness, telling him that she wanted to talk to him under oath about how he has been running his company. And for good measure, she threw in Donnie Redux and Ivanka. The smart move, with intelligent counsel, would have been to negotiate parameters, and then show up and judiciously use his 5th Amendment privileges.

But Trump, being a legal imbecile, of course went right into court to challenge the subpoena for the deposition. Maybe this is because his other idiot monkey spawn, Eric Trump, sat for his deposition, and pleaded the Fifth Amendment more than 400 times. But even that would have been preferable, since while the AG can use his 5th Amendment privileges against him in court, anything he said in deposition could be forwarded to the Manhattan DA’s office for their criminal case.

But Trump, dumbass that he is, fought the subpoena in court, which allowed NY AG James to steal a page from the J6 committee. She submitted to the court a 115 page detailed response, in which she pretty much laid the Trump organization to waste. For instance, she noted that in filings, Trump claimed that his 5th Avenue apartment was 30,000 square feet, worth $325 million, while in reality it only had about 105 thousand usable square feet, and was overpriced by only about $200 million. She listed tax manipulation on Trump’s LA golf course, reducing tax payments, and then increasing loan values.

Her submission was almost identical to o one of the cover letters that went out from the J6 committee to accompany subpoenas. It was specific, and most legal pundits seemed to thing that she had more than enough to go to trial and win.

If that’s the case, then the rides are finally starting to crash into the base of the Trump sand castle.
Trump has long reveled in referring to himself as The King Of Debt, and that he made himself a billionaire on controlled debt. But now it appears that his numbers have been flawed since day one, and now formerly secret company documents are exposing the fraud. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. If Letitia James sues him first, he won’t have any money or very little left to fight all the other lawsuits awaiting him. I wonder which of his kids will throw him under the bus first. My money is on Ivanka. She appears to have the most to lose.

  2. It’s said that the @rnc is paying legal expenses for the Closet-criminal Trump, according to @rncresearch. To bad they are using money for a more than-likely loosing battle, while Trump continues to earn and pocket money via other means.

  3. Murf, I’m confused by this:

    “Trump claimed that his 5th Avenue apartment was 30,000 square feet, worth $325 million, while in reality it only had about 105 thousand usable square feet, and was overpriced by only about $200 million.”

    How can an apartment of “30,000 square feet” possibly have “105 thousand usable square feet?” Was the first number supposed to be 300,000 (which would make the “105 thousand usable” bit reasonable) or was the latter number supposed to be “10.5” or “15”?


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