After combining with Kyrsten Sinema (shown above partying with Arizona Chamber of Commerce types in 2019) to kill President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda earlier this year, Joe Manchin promised he’d be open to passing a streamlined version of the bill, one designed to address access to healthcare, prescription drug costs, foster a substantial but less ambitious (read costly) climate change agenda, and off-set some of the inequalities created by the Trump tax cuts to the Uber-rich. And today he and Chuck Schumer hilariously pulled the rug out from under the feet of Mitch McConnell when they introduced the “Inflation Reduction Act”, mere minutes after the Senate passed the CHIPS and Science Act designed to promote semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S., which many Republicans, eager to stick it to Chyyna, favored, but McConnell had threatened to hold hostage unless Democrats abandoned their hope of delivering a reconciliation bill for Biden to sign for a political win ahead of the midterms.

Chalk one up for the good guys.

The broad outlines of the DRA are:

The bad news is that Manchin and Schumer did not consult (that we know of) Kyrsten Sinema who in the past has expressed reluctance to beleaguer the poor oppressed Hedge Fund managers with the elimination of their favorite tax boondoggle, the Carried Interest Loophole.

NBC News

“Senate Maj. Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., threw a legitimate curveball at their Senate colleagues Wednesday when they abruptly announced a reconciliation deal much broader than almost anyone thought possible just days ago.

But Manchin hasn’t been the only Democratic stumbling block to passage of any deal and now the spotlight shifts to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., who has yet to comment on the new agreement.

The provisions that mirror the White House framework for the Build Back Better Act are likely to be fine with her — that includes a 15% corporate minimum tax, prescription drug savings, Affordable Care Act funding and more. A few weeks ago, her office pointed NBC News to a supportive statement she issued on that October 2021 framework.

Last year, she conveyed to Democratic leaders that she opposed closing the carried interest tax break, which affects investment managers. That provision was dropped from the House bill as a result. Her office declined to comment to NBC News on Wednesday when asked about that provision being added back in the Schumer-Manchin deal.“

The good news is that even if Sinema insists her real Democratic colleagues drop the Carried Interest Revenue from the bill, it could still be a significant win for them, and the nation, despite the wails of despair and gnashing of dentures you will hear from Republicans in the coming days.

But would that be enough to satisfy Sinema or will she do some more hostage taking of her own?

One would hope that what with the Republican Party showing their entire ass on women’s heathcare, voting rights, gun safety and the like, Sinema might remember that she is a Democrat and has a constituency to serve.

But, after the last two years, whether she will or won’t is anyone’s guess.

I, for one, would like to see more Republican tears shed over this bill…

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  1. I would hope that Schumer and Manchild ran this past Cinema before announcing it. And 2024 is right around the corner now and so she may need to act like an actual Dem. If this doesn’t pass she is truly toast for reelection.

  2. Fly in the soup if a far too generous descriptor. If, as I suspect she might do and take another fucking set of BRIBES (she knows damn well she’ll never survive a primary!) before tossing TURDS into the punchbowl.

  3. I don’t trust lying, self serving, back stabbing bitches. Call me crazy. The temptation for her to show her ass is too great for her to pass it up, so I expect her to show her corrupt ass.

  4. Unfortunately she is not up for re-election until 2024!!! I call her office almost weekly about what a little princess she thinks she is rather than doing her job. I voted for her but NEVER again. She has sold her soul to Big Pharma & the republicans.


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