Man, sometimes when it rains, it pours. Just as I was sitting down to write, NBC News went to air with a story stating that former Trump uber Big Steal lawyer Jenna Ellis has come clean. She released a public statement that she repeatedly and knowingly repeatedly misstated the true facts surrounding the 2020 election, and the rightful winner.

But before you get all misty eyed with a lump in your throat about the hapless waif finally having her Come to Jesus Moment, know this. It wasn’t that selfless and noble. It was a condition of a hearing she’s in in Colorado, desperately trying to save her law license. I mean, it’s not like she wanted to come clean or anything.

But it does manage to give us a newer insight into the current unraveling of FUX News. Ellis is by no means the only Trump mouthpiece that went on television and turned on a bullshit fire hose. And when more and more of them have to publicly repent to save their asses, it only puts more pressure on FUX and their prime time lineup. Personally I’m waiting for that little sleaze Boris Epsteyn to pop back up on Ari Melber’s show to explain that he was just vollowing orders! when he admitted on The Beat that he had personally contacted state legislators to push for the phony delegate scam, with Giuliani’s approval.

And it’s not like FUX isn’t already under enough pressure. Especially today, after Dominion lawyers hit them with a one-two-punch that could put them down for the count. The first filing is in conjunction with several legitimate media sites. They’re all bummed about the profligate redactions in FUX’s copies of statements, files, texts, and e-mails, claiming that FUX is selectively redacting information that could cause the company more embarrassment or culpability.

The judge is not likely to take to this kindly. Back when he laid down the discovery law, he made it crystal clear to FUX that the only things that were to be redacted were trade secrets, personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, e-mail address and private phone numbers. If the judge decides that FUX is playing fast-and-loose with the Sharpie, and edits the requested redactions himself, that could mean yet another avalance of shit coming down on Murdoch and his merry misfits.

But that’s not the worst. This is the kill shot, where Dominion goes for Rupert’s short-and-curlies. In the second filing, the Dominion lawyers argue to the judge that if this really is, as FUX News claims, All just a big misunderstanding, with the company acting on and reporting palsied and inaccurate information, but without malice or defamatory intent, then why doesn’t Murdoch and the prime time lineup just Go on the air and say so!?

And why not? And I get it. Nobody likes to have to admit that they fucked up, even more so when it’s repeated over and over again. But I’ve had to eat my share of humble pie working for this site. I prefer mine with whipped cream and a little raspberry sauce. And according to former Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weitzman, such a pre-emptive move could only help FUX with the jury in any trial.

But they can’t. Or at least Rupert Murdoch can’t convince himself that they can. The way Murdoch sees it, and he’s probably right, if Carlson, Hannity, Bartiromo and Ingraham take to the air admit that not only did they get it wrong, they continued to blast out the same lies for more than a year, even after being corrected by Dominion with the facts more than 300 times, FUX’s ratings will look like a program appearing on a local public access station, and broadcast by some teenager from his parents basement. Coming clean could save FUX billions in the Dominion settlement, but to what purpose? They’re toast.

But in reality, does it matter? Because the one sleeping giant Murdoch was desperately trying to avoid awakening is up, and he’s pissed. Now that Trump knows not only how Murdoch really feels about him, but the entire FUX New prime time lineup, and it’s out there where everybody else sees it too, he is going to make the corporate destruction of FUX News, and the abject humiliation and profession demise of every FUX host his mission in life. And El Pendejo Presidente has both the social media, as well as the public microphone forum to make it happen.

It all boils down to one simple thing. Rupert Murdoch is a moron. When this all started, Murdoch should have pulled a Trump. Quietly settled out of court with no admission of guilt, and paid the tab, whatever it was. That’s gone now. Because while the money would be nice, what Dominion really wants now is a ruling by a jury that they were right all along. They want their reputation back, and to take down FUX’S while they do it. And most legal experts think it’s highly likely. Murdoch is not long for this world as CEO of FUX News Corp.

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  1. It has always amazed me how these idiots simply line up to lose their reputation, jobs and in some cases, freedom for the orange shit stain when he couldn’t give a flaming rat’s ass about them.

    ……everything Trump-O the Assclown touches, dies.

  2. So many attached their wagons to the jackass. The jackass shite and the wheels of those wagons spread that shite knowingly. May the jackass go to jail.

  3. Censure. The basic stage of punishment of lawyers, by lawyers.
    We can hope that the next stage (suspension) happens quickly and soon.

  4. Nonya. I understand the sentiment given all the death, injury and destruction they’ve done, but not gonna happen. Second best is to take their money, which is all they care about.

  5. As far as I know, Ellis was only censured. She should have lost her license! Why do these people keep getting the kid glove treatment?

    • The same reason when prosecutors hide evidence to help them win, and an innocent person goes to jail, and it gets discovered, they face no consequences. They don’t really punish their own. MDs do the same…I know that one for a fact, having worked 15 years in two different hospitals. Police the same, at least until citizens started filming them in action.The old boy’s club.

  6. Yeah, the only question now is will it be Dominion news or will they leave it at Fox News. And numbskull might as well get himself a nice little ranch to retire to Down Under while he can still write checks. You are right on. He should have settled out of court because the settlement on this case will set new records. The board of directors at Fox 🦊 will say it short and sweet. He’s old out of touch and soon to be history.

  7. It’s a little bit troubling to me how so many lawyers will abandon all ethical behavior, even break the law, if they think they might be part of a regime that will last one thousand years.


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