Articles Against Rosenstein Is the MOST Un-American Act Repubs Have Done


The nerve of them, the sheer unmitigated, hypocritical, cynical, fascist, lying, treasonous cowards, who filed Articles of Impeachment against Rosenstein, to them, I have one thing to say; You have forfeited your right to claim love of country, or even that you serve your country. You have lost that ability because no one can put “party,” and especially one cannot put a “person” before “the United States of America” and claim patriotism or even basic civil service. Indeed, if a crime has been committed, it is in the filing of these articles, or the near limitless – at this point – number of things Trump has done exponentially worse than what you accuse Rosenstein of doing.

Oh, and one other thing. Fck you.


United States Constitution

Article II, Section 4

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.


Generally speaking, the FBI doesn’t share information in an ongoing criminal investigation with the sieve like Congress, Ace. You do not have “oversight” over “investigations” – the Courts do. You have oversight over departments and policy, but not a single investigation. As to any one investigation, there IS NO “proper oversight” because you don’t have “oversight” of an investigation. DO YOUR OWN INVESTIGATION, a real one, if you want to know what Mueller knows.

Thank god there are only 11 of you, which in this Monkey House environment, is actually a refreshing summer breeze.

Oh, and fck you.



This is a kangaroo court/congress side-show not worth covering except to show the depths to which some in the Republican party have slumped. I cannot possibly repeat this enough, though some may disagree, one cannot serve America if one serves a person or party first. Partisan politics is fine. That is expected.

This is about impeachment, even if it is not going anywhere, and it most certainly is not going anywhere, but the very word conjures up the worst behaviors, reserved for the worst judges, servants, presidents. Speaking of which, have I mentioned that our own president demonstrates – near daily now – his submissiveness to our primary global adversary since World War II – and it is likely because he is putting his own personal fortune, both personal and financial, against an oath that he swore? He is the one needing investigation for high crimes and misdemeanors, but they can’t be bothered because he’s a Repussian.

Fck him and them.


So file this under “Is There a Bottom to Which Republicans will not Sink, if it Means Putting Trump-Republican-Conservatives ahead of Democrats?”

We need never ask the question again. Never. Impeachment articles filed against Rosenstein, a man who does nothing more than protect the legitimacy of an investigation, in other words, doing his damn job, upholding the oath that he swore when he came into office, it answers the question.

Good for him.


Excuse me, but I’m slightly angry tonight. If you don’t feel it, attempt to remember the Benghazi(!) nightmare that these same Republicans put us through, over and over again, attempting to bring down the president and then a presidential candidate on the lives of four American heroes, used for pure political theater. Now compare that “vigor” in “oversight” of the presidency and compare it to this.

What if Obama “lost” kids – Christian kids – because he forcibly separated them from their parents? Imagine the shitshow going on in Congress right now had that happened, imagine that oversight. Imagine if Obama had acted in coordination with Russia – said to Russia, ‘If you’re listening …” and compare to this. Imagine if Obama had the business record that Trump has, the bankruptcies, the refusal to submit tax returns, and compare to this. What if Obama was paying off porn stars, denying it, then it showed up on tape. Would Franklin Graham be warning reporters who dared bring it up as incurring God’s wrath? Imagine the hearings on that oversight.

It is a tiring exercise and I don’t blame you for not even going there. It is not worth it.

These Republicans are not worth our attention, actually, except as symbols or measures. A measure of the direction the right will head (ever further right). Other than that? Fck them.


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