Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been a controversial figure in Congress since she got there. She’s well educated, hyper brainy and beautiful, so she gets a lot of attention. Some of that attention is warranted, yes, but some of it is low life and vicious. You may recall a right-wing “comedian” on the Capitol steps, who filmed a piece talking about AOC being the “Big Booty Latina” who “wants to kill babies.”  Ridiculous and humiliating but that’s what AOC has endured.

Contrast that with Lauren Boebert, who went out of her way to appear in public dressed shall we say, hyper provocatively? Boebert went out of her way to do an ad for herself, “look at me, I’m so hot, and I’m falling out of my dress.” The dress was enough in and of itself and had that been all, it would have gone unnoticed. But it was not all, it was just the costume Bobo wore for an extemporaneous performance she then gave, which was lewd and vulgar. It was also, alas for her, caught on security video. Yet the same right-wing media that harasses AOC at the drop of a hat, was notably absent in its coverage. Here’s the congresswoman’s views on that.

This is the rest of the tweet. “All I gotta say is, I can’t go out to lunch in Florida, in my free time, not doing anything, just eating outside, and it’s wall-to-wall Fox News coverage.” “I danced to Phoenix once in college and it was all over the place. But putting on a whole show of their own at Beetlejuice and there’s nothing? I’m just saying be consistent, equal treatment. I don’t expect it but come on.”

Fox News hilariously touts itself as “fair and balanced” when it is anything but. Although Roger Ailes was considerably more subtle when he was manning the helm. He stuck in his points amidst the news, now the points are driven home with a sledge hammer.

And a lot of major news stories simply don’t get reported on Fox News. The Boebert debacle is a case in point. We are a divided country because we’re listening to two versions of reality and hence the culture war.

Or, maybe this is a chicken and egg thing. Which came first, the culture war and then the fake news, or the fake news and then the culture war? Difficult to pinpoint for sure.

I don’t blame AOC. She’s exactly right. I, and a number of other people, brought up her name when the Boebert scene was being reported, that had it been AOC, or any Democratic congresswoman, it would have been 24/7 Fox News outrage. They would have had a telethon about it, and demanded impeachment proceedings immediately.

In Boebert’s case, I would bet my last dollar that Kevin McCarthy didn’t even mention it to her, let alone speak of censure or anything along those lines. It’s a cliche, but like most cliches, there is an element of truth to it, It’s Okay If You’re A Republican. We do live in a world of double standards.

I just hope and pray that enough news coverage got through to Boebert’s constituents and they will have the sense to vote in their own interests and get her out, and Adam Frisch in.


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  1. fux nuz’s “fair and balanced” crap needs to be shown in quotations-what it is supposed to be but falls many, many miles short. It’d be better if someone actually did air quotes, you know, the smarmy ones we do when we’re making a sarcastic point. They’d be a tich more fair and balanced then. Wouldn’t change their fairy tales they put on the air but…

  2. I remember that whole college video thing. I watched it and it was to me kind of lame. Basically just some college students organizing a little fun with a song they liked. Also, AOC herself didn’t appear in all the much of the things as I recall. She was dressed pretty modestly and as for “dancing” it was like she was shaking a tailfeather while contorting around a stripper pole. But Oh My F**king God did Fox and conservatives lose their minds! You’d have thought she’d had herself taped as the star in a gangbang on the campus quad!

    So yeah, she’s got a point and a good one. If a Democrat in the House (or the Senate) had done this, either Bobo’s or her former boyfriend’s part in this incident “god fearing” GOPer Congress Critters would be openly wielding their GUNS to block said Democrat from entering the chamber. And after the expulsion they’d demand GOPers would surround the offending Democrat and move them to the entrance and toss them to the MAGA crowd to be stripped, then tarred and feathered before being carried off on a rail.

    But Bobblehead is about to be granted retroactive virginal purity by these hypocrites.

    • If Bobo wasn’t in Congress, she would be dancing around a,stripper pole because she has absolutely no other job skills, and she is even a bit long in the tooth for pole dancing.

      AOC was just dancing. Think Breakfast Club style, nothing even close to pole dancing. She doesn’t dress like a cheap hooker. Norbert does.

  3. Colorado Public Radio covered it. I didn’t look at PBS – I have more things to do than I have time. I believe Frisch did som fundraising off it, but I’m a monthly donor to him already. And that’s pretty much what I can do.


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