Cardinal Raymond Burke is in the news a lot. The anti-vaxxer spent lots of time in the ICU fighting off COVID and is now a long-hauler for it. But he’s in for the long haul in pushing people to live according to him and not according to their own spirit.

This is the same man who said that lifelong Catholic – probably a truer believer than Burke, given his priorities – Joe Biden shouldn’t receive communion. Of course, all conservative American archbishops and cardinals were quickly put in their place when Pope Francis passed over the Arch Bishop of San Francisco – who refused communion to Pelosi – to elevate San Diego’s archbishop to cardinal. The Pope later put the issue to bed with finality by giving Nancy Pelosi communion himself. 

Now Burke is sticking his nose in GERMANY’s business in attempting, along with a German Cardinal, to stop some German Bishops’ blessing of gay marriages. From Fox News.

Leaders of the Catholic Church in Germany must be punished for breaking from the Vatican and approving blessings for same-sex marriages, two cardinals say. Cardinal Raymond Burke of the United States and Cardinal Gerhard Müller of Germany spoke about the de facto schism underway in Germany during an interview with EWTN.

“Whether it’s a departure, heretical teaching and denial of one of the doctrines of the faith — or apostasy in the sense of simply walking away from Christ and from His teaching in the Church to embrace some other form of religion — these are crimes,” said Burke.

“There must be a trial, and they must be sentenced, and they must be removed from their office if they are not converting themselves, and they are not accepting the Catholic doctrine,” said Müller.

I confess I know nothing about Catholic law and what they mean by “trial” and “sentenced.” I suppose if the bishops had to show up at the Vatican, they could be held indefinitely, given that the Vatican is an independent nation-state. I do know this, a church that has laws such that it puts people on “church trial,” or needs “lawyers” in church law, probably ought to refocus.

Additionally, though it may be Catholic doctrine, there is nothing in the Gospels in which Jesus said a word about being gay and given that there were certainly gay men and women back in the day in Jerusalem, you’d think he’d mention it if it were that bad! 

Here is the perfect summary of all one needs to know about Burke. Pope Francis must hate him. From Wikipedia:

In 2016, he was not reappointed as a member of the Congregation for Divine Worship.[13] In February 2017, Burke was again sidelined when Pope Francis appointed Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu as his special delegate to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, with exclusive responsibility for the duties which would normally be exercised by Burke as its patron.[14] Albrecht von Boeselager, the order’s grand chancellor, announced that this meant Burke was “de facto suspended” from the patronage.[15] Pope Francis reappointed him as a rank-and-file member of the Apostolic Signatura in September 2017.

Maybe he’s afraid the church is too “woke”?
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  1. Pope Francis has sent several very clear messages to Cardinal Burke which he has clearly chosen to ignore. I assure you the Pope may be disappointed with this Cardinal but does not hate him. To put it mildly, his behavior is not helpful to the mission of the church. His philosophy of crime and punishment is outdated and not in alignment with the Gospel message of Love one another as I have loved you. It’s kind of pathetic that a layperson should have to point this out to a Cardinal.

    • He is lucky Francis hasn’t silenced him. This means he cannot teach at any Catholic college nor speak there,,and anything he wrote could not be published with an imprimatur.
      Personally, I think he should be recalled and made the spiritual leader of the Vatican janitorial staff, or sent to a monastery.

  2. As archbishop of St Louis, Burke caused a wholesale exodus from the church, just as he had done previously in Wisconsin. He is a hateful man who should never have been promoted. Rather, he should have been kicked out of the church long ago.

  3. Guess the papists haven’t lost enough congregants. You’d think these people, including the rest of the fundies, would get a fucking clue F.F.S.

    Listened to Reveal this A.M. and it was about the First People kids put in those deadly fucking boarding schools. The papists need to be sued until they are completely out of business. What a bunch of evil fucks. Of course our own government needs to also be taken to task since they gave the papists First People land and participated in this genocide in their own evil ways. Sure hope there is a reckoning soon.

    • Don’t lump them all in together. I am a Jesuit Catholic, educated at a Jesuit school. One of the reasons the Pope is “liberal” against these guys is that he is a Jesuit. The Jesuits are hated by most Catholic priests. So, it’s not fair to put them all in one boat. I’m sure Jesuits have their faults but at least it’s with college co-eds and not young boys.

  4. COnservatism (I suspect particularly the rage and hate which goes with it) must be hard on a person. I am three years older than he and not in particularly good shape, but I look about 20 years younger than he does (not based solely on my opinion, but on my doctor’s estimate of how old I look along with y estimate of how old he looks based in the picture in Wikipedia.)


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