We’ve sure come a long way from when Donald Trump’s first cabinet met and they went round robin from Secretary to Secretary, sycophant to sycophant, each one telling him how wonderful a job he was doing and what a bloody miracle he was. I well remember the video of Reince Priebus and Mike Pence fluffing Trump, as Paul Ryan looked on and preened, so pleased with his flock, his unified government, before it all began to collapse. Trump soaked it up like a sponge. He just loves him some flattery, it’s his favorite drug. Pride goeth before a fall, Donald, and you’re going to make quite the orange splat. And here’s Bill Barr, again — yes, you guessed it — not only not fluffing Trump but actively inching him towards the ledge.

Yes, I hear it too, the muffled screams coming all the way from Bedminster, the sighs of the cleaning staff as they prepare to mop up ketchup, yet once again. And Melania hears it, bigly, in Trump Tower. She’s saying, “Zees is why I stay New York.”

It’s always interesting to see Trump’s former enablers come out and say publicly that Trump is wrong and was wrong. Do they think that we don’t know that they’ve always known how full of shit the Orange Man was, but when he was in power, they didn’t care?

Barr was all too fine with redacting portions of the Mueller report and falsifying the gist of what that document said. The Big Lie/Insurrection was the bridge too far, apparently, and I’ve always thought that that was because of Strike Force Rudy. With the right crew in place, I think Barr might have found it convenient to look the other way. But with the howlingly ridiculous 2,000 Mules (do you remember when Barr belly laughed about that on TV, and Dinesh D’Souza went ballistics?) plus Strike Force Rudy, along with Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne and all that, it just got too nuts.

I think when Rudy had the now famous press conference at the Four Seasons Landscaping (dear God, was the aide who messed that up drunk or merely beyond stupid?) that Barr threw in the towel at that moment. Just a conjecture, but that happened a day or two after Barr stalked out of the Oval Office in the rain, where he had just offered Trump his resignation. I think the Four Seasons debacle eliminated any scintilla of doubt that might have remained that he had done the right thing.

Trump world was a ship of fools long before you decided to abandon it, Mr. Barr, but we welcome all the support we can get in our fight against Mango Mussolini. The horror here is that you know and I know and Barr has come right out and said it, he’ll vote for Trump a third time. So he’s talking out both sides of his mouth, basically.

And that is the central quandary in our country today. Even the people who know best that Trump can’t be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office will put him back in there, if they can, for power’s sake. Party above country, power above constitution, perversity above common sense and decency.

This is the state of the GOP and that’s how we got here.


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  1. His mouth isn’t the orifice Barr is talking out both sides of. I’m pretty sure you know which one I’m talking about. Having said that I don’t for one second think that Barr would vote for Trump a third time. Oh, he’s SAYING he would but that’s just to try and provide some cover for his son who is up to his own neck in Trump fluffing misdeeds. Barr is trying to have it both ways (I know – DUH!) by sounding apologetic to the current DOJ yet hedging his bets just in case a GOPer, whether Trump or someone else who will “do what Trump would do” (avenge Trump) gets back in the WH and re-weaponizes DOJ. Settling scores will be a Trump or Trump disciple priority and Barr is old and a walking heart attack waiting to happen. But he knows his son is vulnerable.

  2. it only sounds difficult if you give it a tourist
    twist, it’s three card Monty writ large
    the problem is, it’s a street hustle
    in wall street hustle,, white collar all good. Deny,Delay,
    here’s where the Cheese Binds
    it’s criminal court. State District Attorys, do not play, it’s about honor, and rule of law.

    money can’t buy me love
    Paul mcaurteny

  3. “If there is enough time to resolve…”? WTF?!? No, criminal issues get resolved PERIOD regardless of how much time there may or may not be before, during, or after a f*cking election. These idiot ‘pubes seem to think potential/current/past presidents are some f*cking god emperor. Newsflash–they’re not.

    The picture accompanying this article says it all. IF elections are some kind of shield, then they’re a shield for EVERYONE, not just some orange-puss idiot. If for some reason the courts decide elections do in fact shield one from prosecution AT ANY TIME, then every current and future criminal must throw their hat into the ring. THAT is how asinine barr’s nonsense really is.


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