Right now Donald Trump has to be feeling like George Foreman when, in the 9th round, Ali finally came off of the ropes and hammered him into poi. Trump hasn’t had a week this bad since the slow motion train wreck of the counting of his own ballots in 2020.

Trump went into last week on a falsely induced sugar high. Thanks to the GOP palsying the polls, and a compliant far right media bubblesphere, it was easy for Traitor Tot to convince himself that a big, beautiful wave was coming, and that he was the architect of it. And then some idiots had to spoil everything by going and actually counting votes. And Trump’s big red wave turned into a cherry Kool-Aid spill from a kid’s Tommee-Tippee cup.

His own Senators were calling for a change in GOP leadership. The New York Post slammed Trumpty Dumpty in a full front page assault. FUX News threw their airtime doors open to every anti Trump strategist, campaign manager and GOP donor who wanted to lance the Trump boil. How much could Trumpenstein’s delicate ego take without exploding?

In a typical brain dead, purely reactive move, His Lowness decided to call a 1st quarter Hail Mary pass. He held a carefully crafted Mar-A-Lago event to announce his candidacy for 2024. He fell flat on his face and bloodied his pug. The event was sparsely populated, hell, 2 of his adult children and his son-in-law didn’t even attend. Security had to lock the ballroom doors to keep the place from emptying out at the half hour mark. The reviews were brutal. Almost every media outlet made snide comparisons between Trump’s speech and Low Energy Jeb. Even FUX News repeatedly cut away from the speech after he announced his candidacy. What else could go wrong?

Well, how about this? What caps off a really shitty political week better that a truly shitty Friday news dump? And that’s exactly what The Mango Messiah got for himself today. Shall we begin?

For starters, far right white Evangelical leaders came out and slammed Trump. Why not? After all, he got them their overturning of Roe, which cost the GOP a walkoff midterms. But with the Senate about to pass same sex marriage rights into law, which the House will follow, the Jesus wheezers realize they’re going to lose their battle against The Icky Gays. What else do they need him for. One Evangelical leader whined piteously, Trump is the savior of the Evangelicals?! Good God, he can’t even save himself

But wait, there’s more! After the GOP was finally coronated with control of the House next year, it appear that the lap poodle Trump snidely refers to as My Kevin may not have the votes to make Trump the shadow Speaker. And neither does anybody else Trump favors. And his cheap stunt to get Garland off his back by declaring for 2024 came a-cropper when Garland appointed a Special Prosecutor to take over the J6 and stolen documents cases. But there’s always room for Jello! Earlier today the Pugh Research Foundation released a poll showing that showed that 60% of GOP voters Have warm feelings for Trump. Cut it out, I’m getting all misty over here! But here’s the McGuffin. Back in June, the same poll had Trump at a 69% popularity rating, and a year ago he sat at 79% approval. He’s lost 20 points in one year, and he just announced he’s running again.

At this point, trump’s only salvation to the GOP nomination may be the field. In late 2015 I wrote on Daily Kos that the GOP nomination was Trump’s for the taking. This was simple math. In all of the early, winner take-all primary states, Trump was polling in the mid 30’s while nobody else was out of single digits. By the time the field winnowed out, Trump would have banked enough delegates to make it almost impossible to catch him. Damn my eyes, I was right.

A poll of GOP voters last week showed that Trump had 46% support, but DeSantis is close behind at 34%, with Rick Scott mired at 5%. The fact that Pissantis is even still in the rear view mirror at this point, with a phat campaign war chest has to be worrying for Trump.

But it’s also his path to the Promised Land. because the top bitch against Trump with GOP voters is that they want Trump without all of the Trump baggage. And as a result, these idjits are putting all of their eggs in the Ron DeSantis basket. After all, he’s every bit as far right batshit crazy politically as Trump, but without the embarrassing media baggage. But there are two problems with that.

First, these misguided fools are missing the whole point. Trump is who and what he is because of the baggage, not despite it! It’s Trump’s brash, arrogant, racist, Fuck da Man! persona that keeps his fans coming back for more. And after that low energy rollout, when Trump takes back to the trail, he’ll come out with all guns blazing, in full flight. Which may not get him back the GOP voters who are sick of his bullshit and drama.

But here’s the 2nd problem. Let’s say that all of these delusional fools have put their eggs in the DeSantis basket. If DeSantis declares, sooner or later he’s going to have to go on the road and meet the voters. And even if disaffected Trump voters and moderates don’t want Trump’s baggage, they’re still going to be wooed by a candidate with charisma and personality. They’re going to want a candidate who revs them up, and makes them feel good about themselves and their choice.

And My Sweet Lord, please take my word for this, Pissantis has neither. DeSantis is a Florida one-trick-pony. I’ve seen more of him than I want to, and he has the charm and charisma of a slab of veal liver. I mean, come on! In his reelection campaign, he released a campaign ad called Top Gov, an obvious parody of the Top Gun movies. DeSantis is about an inch taller than Dr Tony Fauci, and he looked like an idiot trying to be all badass. And he closed his campaign with a parody of the biblical 7 days of creation, where a sonorous voice intoned, And on the 8th day, God said I need to create a warrior. Both ads were instant internet sensations, with the scorn and humiliation piled on DeSantis.

Right now, if he isn’t indicted and hauled into court, I don’t see any way in which Trump doesn’t take the nomination with the current field. Former GOP strategist Stuart Stevens put it perfectly on MSNBC today when he said, For God’s sake! DeSantis couldn’t even win a debate against Charlie Crist, and Crist didn’t call names or sling insults around for applause! What’s he going to do when Trump tears into him? 

Right now Trump’s 30% base is rock solid. And mushy middle wants a Trump without the baggage, which sure as hell ain’t Desantis. But that combination means that there is no glide path for an alleged moderate like Pence or Youngkin to win the nomination by stealth. The good news is that Trump. Can’t Win. A. General. Election. He’s 0-4 right now in general elections. And neither can anybody else in the GOP who isn’t named Trump. And with the Trump GOPtards in the House already making fools of themselves before they even get gavels, this is going to be a bitter but short tour in the wilderness for the Democratic House. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what happens in certain states as a result of the midterms. Pennsylvania for example. I’ve checked before writing this comment and right now it seems that control of the legislative chambers has yet to be determined. Other states that are purple or damned close to getting that way also have a problem with how mail-in/absentee ballots are counted in addition to a chronic shortage of election infrastructure in the most populous places which golly-gee-it’s-purely-by-coincidence Democratic leaning or outright strongholds thanks to GOP legislative control and or Governor’s that veto changes to how things are done.

    However, it’s possible that even conservatives are getting tired of being called out and even made fun of for things dragging out so long. Maybe, just maybe some changes will be made that cause ballots to be processed when they arrive instead of just sitting in county clerk’s offices until election day, in some states even until AFTER the polling stations close! There is no reason, NONE that these ballots can’t be processed ahead of time so they’re ready to start feeding into the ballot counting machines on election day. Hell, even FL which is a large state both geographically and population wise has the bulk of their counting done if not by midnight then one or two am! After the debacle in 2000 I guess they decided to get their shit together. My point is that EVERYONE knows this intentional delay by Republicans is to create this “Red Mirage” effect and sow doubt. I for one think taking that away from Republicans might wind up altering how races are run and promote a better class of candidates. Even a slight improvement in the GOP would be welcome at this point.

    And most importantly, IF things move this direction it will hurt Trump and his 2024 effort because you know damn well he will be ready for a second storming of the Capitol if he’s the nominee. That’s the last thing the GOP wants to have happen. Making it clear to him during the next year that we’ll know who won pretty quickly will take a lot of wind out of his sails.

  2. With the Special Counsel now in play, it seems increasingly likely Trump will be charged, possibly with numerous crimes (the web of investigations being why THIS Special Counsel is being called up; way too many of them must have promising potential). He gets taken out of the picture, DeathSantis becomes the new target and will take a beating from the primary process. I look for a major free-for-all like 2016 or a repeat of 2012 with DeathSantis in the Mitt Romney role. I truly expect Uncle Joe to die in this job, FDR-style, and for him to live JUST long enough to get a second term and make Kamala Harris our next Prez.

    Oh, one last thing: eff the evangelicals and their 40 years old devil’s bargain with the GOP. It was never going to end any other way.


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