Everybody from Mueller prosecutors to Michael Cohen is convinced that Allen Weisselberg will be indicted within sixty days. If that is the case, then we look at a big game of dominoes and Allen Weisselberg is the first piece to flip — and not the last by a very long shot.

This is a lengthy thread, but it’s an excellent synopsis of how all the threads of litigation are coming together. Don’t forget, Weisselberg is involved in no less than FIVE Trump cases. You’re going to need some kind of a score card to keep all the cases, players, and causes of action straight.

1. Tax fraud (Manhattan District Attorney)

2. Money laundering (New York State Attorney General)

3. Sanctions busting (Federal SDNY)

4. 2016 campaign finance (Federal, Mueller)

5. More recent fraud while POTUS (DC Hotel etc.)

Now here is where we get to the fun part: which Trump sibling will rat out the others? Ivanka is considered the “smartest” so will it be her?

My instinct is that it will be Junior, because I’m sure he’s got many more bodies to bury than the other two. Put me down for one vote, Junior.

But, there are other schools of thought on this: It could well be Junior, because he’s got Kimberly Guilfoyle pressuring him to do so, because let’s face it, without Junior, what is she going to do to reinvent herself as relevant?

But who’s got an even better case to make on that score than Guilfoyle? If you said Lara Trump, you would be right. She totally needs to not only stay relevant, but see if she can increase her political clout. It’s not too far fetched to say that she will coach Eric to flip and thereby do a power play for herself.

This is all conjecture at this point, but generally speaking, the person with the most to lose is going to be the person who puts up the biggest fight and that is how Eric, regarded by one and all as the family dummy, might be the one to sell the others out.

Now, there is another scenario out there which has Trump flipping on his own kids. That could happen, too. But that doesn’t mean he won’t do any time, he’ll just get a “best deal” — although, frankly, the way I’ve seen the justice system work, due to his age, etc., and how rich people get away with murder, literally, I would believe that he could get off with a minimum sentence. I don’t think it will be a lengthy one. How I would love to be proven wrong.

Now don’t let Rudy Giuliani get too far off your radar screen. Giuliani will do whatever it takes to save his own skin and if anybody knows where the skeletons in the closet are — especially the ones in Ukraine and Russia — it is Rudy.

This is the juncture where it will become positively comical, is my assessment — assuming that everything goes along this general guideline. The reason I say that is once you get to emoluments and pay offs, a lot of dirt is going to emerge, from diplomats staying at the Trump Hotel, to all kinds of favors and grift.

Do not forget that the Trump Inauguration was a complete fiasco. Expect some of the characters from that to reemerge.

This is an interesting and dramatic finish. I’m not sure it will go quite so neatly. I think in the real world that this matter will be disposed of with some kind of a negotiated deal.

As to the entire thread, I find it cogent. If anybody wants to pipe in with any particular area of the thread that they would like to see explored, please do so. We can certainly speculate.

And be sure to stock up on popcorn. If you’re not old enough to remember Watergate, take it from me, that was watermelon by comparison. This is Jonah and the Whale.

And here’s a piece of  karmic irony that is positively poetic: You know how Trump is always accusing others of exactly what he, himself is doing? This will be the pay off for “Crooked Hillary” and “Lock Her Up!” That’s exactly what he is, crooked, and what is going to happen to him.


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  1. Nice, but I think The Grim Reaper will swoop in before he gets fitted for the orange designer suit. After all, how many fat 74 year old men are still running around?

      • Well, remember that Fair Dinkum also included “fat” in the descriptor. So, what do actuarial tables have when you include “overweight” to “obese” with the age and gender factors? (Granted, we don’t actually have Trump’s actual height and weight numbers but, simply based on appearance, he’s definitely overweight for whatever height he claims.)

    • We know he isn’t healthy. We know he won’t change his diet, and his “exercise” is playing golf – with a cart and with minimal walking – so a healthier lifestyle is out.
      He might make it to 2024, but he won’t be in good shape.

    • He might be ambulatory, might not, by ’24. He damned sure won’t be sentient as it were. The man speaks wall to wall gibberish now and it is getting worse daily. I get it that his die-hards get wood whenever they see him but the vast majority of the country? Not so much. If he WERE to run in ’24, I’d say the nonsense spewing from his mouth would bring people out to vote in numbers bigger than the 2020 election and those were big numbers to get his a*s out of the W.H. This time there would be no quibbling about landslides-there would be one in the democratic candidate’s favor.

  2. There is the matter of his cabinet, too. And what about all the insider trading the Republican Senators like to do. I don’t know how his crimes as President go but lets take a look.. 1} He illegally blocked Muslims till after 3 tries he got the illegitimate high court to give him a pass. 2} He tried to end legitimate sanctions on Russia but was leaked on. 3} He gave Syria to Russia. 4} He treated legitimate asylum seekers as criminals and kidnapped their children. Talk about pedophiles. 5} He took money that was for the defense of NATO and illegally gave it to bogus wall contractors. 6} He took troops out of Germany so Russia could have an easier time rolling up the old Soviet countries. 7} He overcharged the government in regards to the Secret Service and his crap ass hotels. 8} He took money to benefit the poor children with military parents and diverted it to his wall of shame. The suicide rate among military children is very high. I hate this bastard. 9} Not the last thing, but certainly the deadliest, the Trump Plague. True count of murdered by Putin’s boy close to a million. Millions with life long problems from the Republican Rot. 10} And then there is his and the Republican continued war on the government of the USA.

    Aren’t we supposed to have Soma or something to take the edge off now. Wait, that was brave new world, not 1984. Oh well.

  3. Not to mention he called for and got a group of brain washed american to attempt to keep him in power .and sat and watched on TV to see if his planned had worked.

  4. I personally think the Deutsche Bank and Justice Kennedy part will be the most interesting. Between DB and Putin, I suspect they have been his main sources of money and money-laundering.

  5. Here is where Ahonen tells you almost from the get-go that this is pure speculation. “I am an analyst. I’ll give you my analysis. …Don’t complain that there’s no evidence in this thread. This is ANALYSIS.” All and any legitimate and credible analyses rely heavily on evidence. His implication that analysis (in caps for emphasis, good grief) doesn’t need no stinkin’ evidence gives him away as not worth reading.

  6. I think all of u are the corrupt ones. All the corruption in Washington for years and years and all u have to do watch the Trumps every move and put the stupidest spin on everything they do. U are a bunch of the worst of the worst just waiting to ruin the USA. Why don’t all of u catch a boat that sinks and get out of the USA since u hate it so much. Even with all u r saying Trump will go down as the best President we have ever had. At least he loves the USA and the people that u would like to spit on. Not one of u care what’s going on with the stupid President and not smart enough to recognize he is a sick man and an embarrassment to all that has any since at all. U all think socialism is the way to go, how stupid all of u look. All of u have destroyed our land with such crazy ideas that u are trying to push on us and made us the laughing stock of the world. I can tell u without a doubt u better get your lives in order because your day is coming that u will have to face the real Master of the world. Most of u probably don’t know that Trump yes Trump filled the next to last proficiency in Revelations. To me it would be a thrill to see what happens to all of u when u stand before God. For all that has happened in the last 5 years I think the liars , thieves, cheaters and murders of the people in USA will be cast down to burn forever. There is not a honest soul in Washington and to think ole George Soros is the one that actually leads the Dems. What a joke. He has said many times that to destroy the United States but yet all his money spends very well for them. There is not a person in Congress that isn’t filthy rich from stealing, and kick backs , and money under the table. We r stupid people for voting for the same thieves over and over. Throw our money around like it is theirs because they think it is.ones in Washington should have to live like we do for a week and see how they like seeing their money being wasted and throw it to anyone that has enriched them. Our government sticks so bad that it wants to make most people throw up. Why don’t u leave the Trumps alone and clean up your nasty lives and do something to save us from destruction and give back our jobs pipeline and everything else that’s being taken away. We won’t even live long enough for climate change, we won’t survive Biden’s administration and their stupid policies. The people coming across the border I hope they all make it to live in Washington area and where ever they all live and make their lives miserable. That is what they deserve. Dems have no sense to be ashamed of Stealing the election, it worked so well they are making it where they win ever time and doing it right out where everyone can see it. What a joke they r. I am not a crazy person with any violent thoughts never have been but I think I have as much right to freedom of speech as they do. Thank u

    • Wow. So many chances to take cheap shots and so little time. I’d say you are auditioning for a slot at one of Trump’s twitter machine writers but your missive (look it up) is too long. Maybe you can write it out in Sharpie and mail your little love letter to him – don’t forget he’s hanging out in NJ for the summer. FL is too hot and his orange spray tan will melt. Seriously though, you really ought to cut back on all that (Trump) Orange Kool Aid.

    • You do realize x-tianity is demonstrably wrong and whatever the hell “proficiency” in revelations is, it is pulled out of someone’s a*s….just like revelations.

      If you want to do theology then do this: in the Book of Daniel, Daniel (a JEW) is given a prophecy. It did not make a lot of sense to him at the time but it is crystal clear to present day Jews. It tells of two major religions and it does not describe them in anything approaching glowing terms. There are only two major religions that would fit that bill: Islam and x-tianity. Daniel is warned of their coming.

      Now I know all you x-tians love to talk about the Book of Daniel and you all pull all kinds of sh*t out of your a*s about it. You all forget one thing: this was a prophecy TO Jews, FOR Jews. You people weren’t even a drip on anyone’s d*cks.

      If that is not enough for you, how about this: the final chapter in the Five Books of Moses, about the final line, Jews are warned not to follow ANY religion that tells them not to follow G_d’s 613 mitzvah (laws) for the Jews. I’m sorry but you x-tians have been a bunch of pr*cks to Jews about our following those mitzvah-we were even tortured for doing so. We were red-lined in the U.S., gassed in Europe, all because we chose to follow those mitzvah.

      I’ve read revelations-have to understand the enemy as it were. Trumpty fits the description of the “Beast” true, but he is not the first nor last leader of a country to fit that description. What I have been observing of the behavior of evangelicals and that ilk certainly closely resembles the “Harlot”. Won’t be the first religion and I doubt the last to do that either.

      If, somehow, your turd emperor goes “down as the best President…” it would only be after such a shift in our democracy, kind of like what you people are doing to ACTUALLY steal the election freely and fairly won by President Biden. The only way he would get written up in the history books as anything other than a criminal failure, is if fascism overcomes democracy. There is no other way. I will fight to the death to make sure Trumpty goes down in flames in the history books. Most of America will help me.

      • Terry will not take you seriously because you lost credibility with the flawed analysis of Daniel. Everything in the Old Testament pertains to Jews. That much is accurate. Noe would Daniel be expected to mention that Jewish sect that became known as “christian.” After all, it was a Jewish sect. The first Christians were all Jews, and according to the New Testament, there was a major debate among that Jewish sect called Christians whether to accept Gentiles or not. they finally decided that the revealed character of God in the Old Testament (because New Testament did not exist at the time) indicated that God’s salvation was for all, as eventually expressed by John as “For God so loved the world he gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believed in him should be saved.” Jews of the day analyzed many of the prophesies of the Old Testament as having dual fulfillment: a relatively near future fulfillment and a far future fulfillment. Jesus, according to these Jews was a near-term fulfillment of the servant prophecies of Isaiah, while the militant prophecies were for a later time. Those Jews/Christians expected that later time would still be within their lifetimes. Today’s Jews are still expecting that militant Messiah.

        No true Christian despises the Jews. They are grateful that the Jews preserved God’s word for one thing. Some Christians may be sad that the vast majority of Jews refuse to recognize Jesus as the Messiah they have been waiting for, but no true Christian despises the Jews. X-tians are a whole ‘nother story. The tares have been mixed with the wheat from almost from the time this new Jewish sect was first called “christian” in Antioch.

        Here are the last five verses of Deuteronomy. 28 The Lord heard you when you spoke to me, and the Lord said to me, “I have heard what this people said to you. Everything they said was good. 29 Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that it might go well with them and their children forever!

        30 “Go, tell them to return to their tents. 31 But you stay here with me so that I may give you all the commands, decrees and laws you are to teach them to follow in the land I am giving them to possess.”

        32 So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn aside to the right or to the left. 33 Walk in obedience to all that the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess.”

        It doesn’t say what you claim, and besides what about God telling them to “possess” land belonging to others, otherwise known as ethnic cleansing. You have good points to make about X-tians, but citing Scripture will not persuade them. If Scripture really had the influence they ascribe to it as God’s word, then they would be real Christians, not x-tians. (By the way, an appropriate appellation signifying as it does Christianity with Christ removed..

  7. Just looking at him, he resembles one of my friends who is just under 6′ and weighs close to 280. Trust me, that is definitely obese.


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