Stories don’t appeal to QAnoners unless they’re made up out of whole cloth, but you would think there would be a limit to what the imagination can handle. Apparently not, if you’ve got the right spokesperson. Enter Madyson Marquette, an adult film actress who claims that she has been at military tribunals where personages ranging from Mike Pence to Tom Hanks were being adjudicated on sex trafficking charges, to testimony about evangelical leaders participating in sex trafficking. It’s pretty deranged. Take a listen.

Maybe insanity is contagious.

Or, maybe this is the era of the pathological liar. Marquette has a book, “My Father’s Daughter” available on Amazon and here are a few reviews.

Oct 04, 2018Harmony rated it did not like it
I didn’t read this. This is my cousin. Her name isn’t really Madyson. She is a pathological liar and has been in and out of jail for fraud. This book is complete lies. Her 5 sisters can attest to that. Don’t bother reading this. She wrote this for attention. Yes, she did porn, but the accounts about her family are 100% false.

Nov 03, 2020Rachel rated it did not like it
She is mentally ill and needs help. She has been diagnosed sociopath. She left California because she was in and out of jail for fraud. (look online its ALL THERE) Anyone who knows her already kmows all of this!!! There was also a case about a hit and run and she tried to blame her father. Shes also scammed her ex husband, which you can locate all this information online. NOTHING is hidden. Look up Madyson Hendricks in Colorado. Her lies are FINALLY catching up to her.



May 11, 2021Unknown rated it did not like it
Since a lot of people seem to be on to “Madyson,” I’ll go ahead and let you all in on the truth. Madyson whose real name is Stacey Dawn Williams is a pathological liar and has been ever since she was a child. Please check into her stories before believing anything that comes out of her mouth. She is not in law school, she never even graduated high school. Please fact check. Ask her where she did her undergrad, ask her questions that only someone in law school would know. She won’t be able to answer them because she’s lying. Listen to her “story” she says the same thing over and over “they bought me and sold me without my consent.”
She can’t provide further details because she doesn’t have any unless she makes them up. If she does happen to provide details, ask her about them a few weeks later. I bet she won’t remember them because she’s lying. The guy named Steven who she outs as a “mega church pastor” was actually her boyfriend who broke up with her when he realized she was doing porn. And yes it was porn not being trafficked through the porn industry. We used to get her paychecks at our house that’s how we found out she was doing porn in the first place.
Her outlandish stories of training with FBI agents is totally untrue because she has warrants out for her arrest in California. Also, those guns she claims she has are probably a lie too since she probably wouldn’t pass the background check to get one because she was under investigation for a felony hit and run in California.
Just read her outlandish stories on Facebook of all the times someone confronted her about not wearing a mask and then she either told them off or there happened to be four federal agents in the building who stood up and pointed the gun at the person who forced her to put a mask on…come on people…it doesn’t even sound realistic. Don’t get me started on the “millions of dollars” she’s been offered to stop naming names…another ridiculous lie. She also claims everything has to be kept quiet for her protection…it’s not for her protection it’s because she’s lying and she doesn’t want to provide evidence because there isn’t any.
The other claims are that her “family” is trying to silence her because they are in on it or know the truth…she is saying that in response to reviews like this. And Stacey…you don’t need to waste your time coming up with a fake account so you can respond to this review. I know it’s you. Her latest “bomb” of Greg Laurie and Toby Mac are totally made up and frankly, I wish one of them would sue her for false accusations so that maybe she will learn her lesson.
She conned xxx church into publishing this book for her and they removed all traces of her from their website and stopped printing her book once they figured out who she was. The books she is selling are the few she has left from the first scam that’s why you can’t purchase them on Amazon or anywhere else. Hope that’s enough inside information to keep you digging for the truth yourself.
Look her up on the Orange County Sheriff website for outstanding warrants. It’s all there! Enjoy the review Stacey! PS her dad never told her “if you love Jesus take off your clothes” it’s really disgusting that’s the story she’s peddling. You should be ashamed of yourself Stacey! (less)


This is who is feeding QAnon fantasies these days. High credibility folk.

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    • Yeah. My first thought was: were either Pence or Hanks even in the military? A military tribunal on a civil case would have gotten press. It would have had to I mean, come on.

      Still, how can the Q-tards keep their cult together without throwing them some meat now and then. They just keep saying “soon he’ll be back in office”. That’ll wear thin after a while.

    • Military Tribunals are done for Crimes Against Humanity, including Child Sexual Abuse. Tom Hanks, Brian Stelter, and other celebrities were hanged. The determining judgment for execution is whether the person is deemed to be a threat to children. Military Tribunals are not publicized but are a matter of record.

      • Are you that stupid? Ever hear of the Nuremburg Trials? That’s what got the most attention in the U.S. although there was a separate Military Tribunal convened to address Japanese War crimes committed during WWII. Both were public, and footage of the proceedings is readily available. As I noted Nuremburg got the most attention in this country because at the time most U.S. families that weren’t Native American had European ancestry. Nuremburg was the model for the trials of Japanese war criminals, and a separate tribunal was held for German civilians charged with war crimes. These proceedings had a great influence on the establishment and codification of international law and the precedent is well established. In the last thirty years we have had them in fact, with war crimes having been committed in the former Yugoslavia and related places. What took place at Gitmo was a bit different as the issues of the concept of Enemy Combatants was a new thing, and also a great deal of classified operations/intelligence was involved so while the proceedings, at least much of some of them weren’t public access reporting on them still took place. The bottom line is that the procedures exist and whenever possible have been and will be open to the public.

        Basically you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

        As for Tom Hanks, he looks and sounds awfully damned good for a man who was hanged! So again I ask are you that stupid? Is it hard work being so ignorant or do you have to work at it?

  1. It seems unless a story has something about sex trafficking or eating children or drinking their blood, or some other completely whack-job subject, it doesn’t appeal to Qer’s. Tells you all you need to know about this sick lot of social rejects. They all need to crawl back under their rocks.

  2. It probably doesn’t matter that her family members are speaking out against her bullshit. The very fact that she did porn, and then mentioned “trafficking,” Mike Pence, Tom Hanks, and Uncle Joe guarantees her a seat at the QANON crapfest. She’ll probably end up on one of those lowlife right wing YouTube channels, like the one with that Stew Peters peter.

    • Hi Tasha, I too am a conservative. I was ambushed and banned on her Telegram account just for asking the basis of her accusations. I was very respectful, but severely reprimanded for daring to ask what evidence she had. Makes it hard to give her claims any credence.

      • She is completely incapable have holding or engaging in any form of a rational discussion on her views, opinions and stories. She mirrors the ones the she pretends to hate. Just like those she claims to stand against…she only thrives in her own echo chamber, steeped in conformation biases, cherry-picked facts and a whole slew of (very predictable) ad hominem replies.

  3. sounds like a bunch of deep staters in here to me.These claims are true.NOBODY makes the BIG MONEY in this world..INCLUDING CHURCHES…,unless they are in the illuminati..These satanic lunatic so called pastors and their megachurches are about to go down..They are evil to the core.Madyson has the proof…

  4. Military tribunals are for anyone that have committed crimes against humanity… Anyone. Why do you think the fences were up around DC? The POW flag.. tribunals are quick and don’t have civilian court games. Evidence presented and the accused have a chance to defend themselves and even try to make a lesser punishment. The thing with tribunals is you don’t get summoned or served if they didn’t already have what they needed for the guilty verdict.. Remember when Trump said at his Inauguration that he was putting our country back where it belongs.. To the people.

  5. Stacey D. Williams aka ‘Madyson Marquette’ is a walking hypocrisy. I was dumb enough to believe her BS stories and even recorded an episode about “the abuse she faced at the hands of Tom Hanks”. This episode was recorded late October 2020. She never mentioned a single thing about Pence or Biden….but just 9 months after speaking she has sexual abuse allegations about two very famous politicians? She is textbook case for a pathological liar. She decided to berate my reputation and call me a CHOMO because I don’t think not wearing a mask is patriotic. In fact I don’t think wearing or not wearing any piece of clothing makes you more or less of a patriot. She played up a giant charade of being this stand up ‘activist’ when in reality she is nothing more than an attention seeker. A copy of her book was supposed to be sent to myself and my co-host, she couldn’t even follow up with that in a rational level. Made up stories about “the post office” not sending the books, or “we are lying and actually have the book” lol….At this point I wouldn’t even use her book as toilet paper if it did show up.

  6. Hillary made up Russia

    Liberal loonies made up qanon/ psyop.

    Conservatives don’t believe that q shit
    Liberals love the fantasy that they do

  7. People don’t go this insane for no reason. That quote at the end there about her dad making her take her clothes off is probably the truth, where he is publicly shaming her about it. Concerned parents do NOT respond that way. She may or may not have been trafficked by all these people, none of us can really say. She may be in full dissociative psychosis, paranoid and delusional at this point, but here is probably a true reason for that. Here’s the thing, some serious abuse trauma happened to this woman. She’s being painted to look like a liar and a fraud and a raving lunatic. No one is born like that. I can promise you she really has survived some sexual trauma, and then her mind likely broke when she remembered all that. Maybe she took some drugs to cope and broke it even worse. She may have become a full on sociopath, even to survive her childhood. Most of them (over 99%) are made, not born. Look to the source, her family’s response is not what innocent people look like.


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