Adding Insult to injury.


OK, look. I have no problem with Trump having gone to Dover AFB today to take part in the dignified transfer ceremony for the returning fallen US heroes. In fact I applaud him for it. W didn’t even want us to know when they got home for Gods sake! Jaded, cynical Trump observer that I am, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that Trump looked at this as an excuse to get out of the White House, since he couldn’t go to Mar-A-Lago and sleep in a different room than Melania on their anniversary. till, he made the effort, he showed up, he looked solemn, he held his hand over his heart. Mission accomplished.

But, being Donald Trump, he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. He had to go and visit privately with the grieving family members. And that’s where the insult part comes in. because Donald Trump is incapable of expressing sympathy or empathy. It’s a completely alien emotion to him, as are most emotions that don’t center on Donald J Trump. To me, obsessive avarice pretty well exhausts Trump’s emotional repertoire.

The most terrifying thought than go through any parents mind is the thought of losing a child. The thought of losing a child in a senseless act of violence, thousands of miles from home, in the service of this country, must be indescribable. And in this moment, the most raw and emotionally wrenching moment of their lives, in walks Donald Trump. The truly sad part of this is that it really doesn’t matter how he acted with those families today. Because every person on the planet has already seen his cold, callous, indifferent, self centered response to so many other tragedies. They have all heard of how he spoke to the widow of Sergeant LaDavid Johnson in her time of grief. His mere presence is like watching Father Guido Sarducci walk in to preside over your mothers funeral.It’s just wrong.

So please, Mr President, by all means, keep going to Dover AFB to take part in the dignified transfer services. It’s your responsibility, you are, after all their commander in chief, which makes them your responsibility. But please, I beg you, in future do the dignified and proper thing, and leave the families alone. They’ll thank you for it.

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