Whoever is writing this stuff is a frustrated writer of dystopian fiction — or at least that’s how I would write it, if I was going to novelize this QAnon fantasy tour which is plaguing this country right now.  And all this would be comical but for the fact that a sizeable portion of the population chooses to embrace an unhealthy fantasy over reality. Take a look at this.

Here’s an unclipped version.

So are you parsing this? We have

  1. Trump’s still in power, apparently, or maybe nobody is;
  2. Biden has been arrested along with 355 congresspeople, and 109 senators — which is one hell of a trick, considering that there are only 100 senators, total. It sure would be a scoop to find out where the other nine came from. Planet X?
  3. Since Friday night the military has been in control of all media;
  4. We should have heard by now the news of Biden’s “coup” and all the arrests;
  5. We will hear on February 12 how the French colluded with the Chinese to create a “fake pandemic”;
  6. The U.S. will then exercise its “legitimate right” to overthrow the French government. I can hear Emmanuel Macron saying “oh, la la” and shaking his head, when this news reaches him. I can also see Justin Trudeau laughing his ass off (Psst: I don’t think the Canadians will help us overthrow the French, just an instinct);
  7. There’s something about the “illuminati media of the 4th Reich” falling down on the job but that’s over my head.

Did I miss anything?

Parler is run by a board of directors controlled by Rebekah Mercer And the servers were running out of Russia, last I knew, after Amazon bounced them off AWS. One strange cast of characters, and one bizarre script. And the yous and mes are the extras, apparently.



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    • Your guess is as good as mine. Last November, Rebekah Mercer decided to fund Parler and I’m not sure what that was about, considering how batshit and violent most of those posts over there are.

      • To say nothing of how exposed that makes her and anyone else involved in the operation. While it’s doubtful that the Feds would give her hard time, they COULD use it to dismantle the family business if she’s particularly reckless.

  1. and of course all this has been censored in 100% of the media but just by coincidence Parler can still bring you the Qanon gospel.
    And don’t believe your own lying eyes. This all happened like 2 weeks ago and the fact that the President just keeps writing all those orders and memos and having meetings with Senators, and all the Senators and Congresspeople are busy as bees, passing laws, trying the former President’s impeachment, arguing, and in some cases making total fools of themselves, is all….what? I don’t know, who is knowing the “mind” of a Qbot?

    • They are controlling the horizontal and the vertical, I guess. I can’t believe anybody really reads this crap and believes it. That said, a friend of mine is married to a flat earther and I had a roommate in L.A. who also was a flat earther. Life is strange in the 21st Century.

      • Control the horizontal and the vertical…nice Outer Limits reference! One thing they can’t seem to do, though, is sharpen to crystal clarity. And this Control Voice has nothing intelligent to say.

        • Yeah, the control voice is a fucking idiot. HA! But doesn’t it read like bad dystopian sci fi? Not that I don’t love bad dystopian sci fi. I think Escape From New York was a work of genius. It hit just the right notes of low budget melodrama and self parody. One of my favorite films of all times. This Q drivel is what that sounds like to me, especially the self parody.

  2. 109 Senators? To paraphrase Hedley Lamar in the bathtub my mind is awhirl with streams of thoughts and questions… Such as:

    What are the name of these extra states and where are they located?
    Who are these extra Senators? Those from the fifty states we all know about are known and show up on the Senate floor. There are only 100 Senator desks/stations so where do the extra nine sit?
    Why does one of these mystery states have only ONE Senator? Or…
    Does one of the four mystery states have an extra Senator?
    Instead of extra states do some states secretly have extra Senators?

    These and so many other questions! Inquiring minds inside empty heads wrapped in tinfoil want to know! The “truthiness” is out there, somewhere between here and the fourth dimension.

    • Makes as much sense as anything in that Parler post, Denis! Honestly, the incoherence of that would make any relatively lenient person just laugh.

    • The other nine senators are what intrigues me the most. But believe it or not, some people don’t know how many senators there are. I spoke with a woman in 2016 who said she thought, “there were about 150.”

    • Unless, perhaps, they are referencing both current senators and additional senators (former) who lost or didn’t run in the 2020 election. That’s the only other thing I can think of.

    • But also comforting when you think on it. Her father had access to far more mainstream audiences and methodologies. She, by contrast, has been reduced to propping up a joke of a site which everybody knows about, anybody can watch and likely has tech support with even less Internet knowledge than your first-time web surfer. It reflects a fundamental ignorance of the current social landscape and an unwillingness to learn how to adapt.

  3. You nailed on the failed writer angle, Ursula. Christ and Heru, this is the sort of drivel ghostwriters like me have to clean up all the time. Anyone trying that “truth is stranger than fiction” angle on me to explain this as real can STFU right now. There’s a certain feel to improbable but true events that this unedited first draft totally lacks. It’s just bad writing, the kind where the best thing you can do is just start over from scratch.

    • This is politics as bad art. Mike Pence was a terrible actor, Trump wasn’t an actor but he had a schick that sold, and their scripts are written by bad writers and right-wing media propagandists.

  4. I am not brainwashed nor indoctrinated by the Q posts. To me, it is purely entertainment. I enjoy responding to their unfulfilled predictions to call them out on their failure to produce any actual proof. I have also cautioned them of the negative effects their empty promises have upon the truly gullable believers who follow them. It is purely an entertaining distraction along the lines of Orwell’s War of the Worlds or Rawling’s Harry Potter series which I never read or watched, in my opinion.

  5. Funny how many ultra rich trust funders are the ones clutching onto delusions, inciting mass stupidity. Like ms greene, tucker carlson, trump & many in his cabinet. People born into comfort, including not having to fulfill Adam’s punishment to a life of stuggle to eat, BY WORKING. Coincidence? Desperate attempt to deny the reality of aging & death no matter how many yachts you have? Who knows. Add that to the mystery pile.

    • As with so many things you put in that pile, Scott, there’s no mystery. Pick the most cowardly, self-serving answer that would be plausible to people who have never felt a day of pain and you’re likely going to get the right answer.

  6. I just read Q ANON and Q has said no such thing. Q said nothing about going to Washington and causing trouble. And the guy on VICE is a two faced liar.


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