President walks into his psychiatrist’s office complaining that he is having waves of bad feelings that nobody likes him. Psychiatrist looks at his chart, and then declares…”You’re a Racist!”. Trump reels back in shock, and yells, “I want a second opinion!”.
Psychiatrist says, “You’re ugly too!”
Political strategy 101, courtesy Henny Youngman.
The point is that the man is a disgusting pig, plain and simple…and everyone knows it…and his ineptitude, his failure to produce anything of the slightest value to benefit anyone other than himself is a bad joke, at best. Every time this tool does his ugly distractions, the strategy should be a punch in the nose, a bitch slap in the face…and then kiss his ass goodbye… and move on to important policy matters, on grounds where his innate incompetence cannot compete. The only attention or “oxygen” after the initial “call out” should be condescension, derision and contempt. We are only interested in doing better.

On a more global scale, Puerto Rico and Hong Kong may have shown us the way, suggesting daily mass demonstrations with no let-up in “impeachment” procedures/hearings, etc.….until he is forced out of office. We know that he won’t leave voluntarily. Mad men and lunatics never do. And even though the 25th amendment is becoming more and more appropriate as the noose of reality tightens…while his grip on same loosens… despite its speed and efficiency, there is insufficient courage to make #25 really happen.
Which brings me to my real concern. I fear that 25 years from now, I will be telling my grandchildren the story of an ugly, disgusting little man, who lived in the White House  twittering his days away, spewing hate and dishonor…  while staining our country and the values he was entrusted to promote and protect.
This puny little troll and his minions had created a cultural milieu in which “Winning” (at all costs) was the only goal… to be valued for those who could yell the loudest, and who could lie the most often, and who could denigrate the most proficiently ( as in meaning without a scintilla of shame or embarrassment).
 What is worse is that he was only a tool for the larger, more insidious, Racist forces in our society as represented by the right wing intellectual and monied elite, which goes all the way back to the days of the “White Man’s Burden” and persists today among the newly monied Robert Mercers and Peter Thiels of our Hi Tech Social Media World…and Cambridge Analytica. They are only interested in making sure that only they do better.

The man who lived in the White House was named Donald Trump, and he was able to live there only because he had cleverly  cheated his way into such a fortunate position. It had long since been clear that he had passed over the line of normal behavior. In fact, by August first of 2019 on the eve of the 2nd Democratic Presidential Debates, it was clear that he was smack dab in the middle of a “bat shit crazy-ville” meltdown,  the daily toll of which on our national psyche was becoming excruciating.
The general concern, which had never before been contemplated, much less uttered and shared, was “What if he (Trump) loses the 2020 election; pronounces that the election was rigged against him; and declares a national emergency installing martial law with himself as commander in chief.”
Impossible? Outrageous? Unheard of?” Exactly.
I just hope that somewhere in the halls of government, there are good and competent people working as of right now today on real contingency safety plans, with real people and real forces that are being prepared for a seamless and peaceful transition of power when the time comes for the orange pimple to be popped. I am not sure who can be entrusted to oversee such safety mechanisms, but I certainly know whose finger-prints need to be kept as far away as possible.

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  1. I won’t say I’d punch him, (because that’s not allowed on these blog sites) but I will say even if I got a penicillin shot a day for 25 years straight, I’d never in a million kiss him! eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


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