A lot of very very strange stuff shows up on Parler. Most of it seems to come from parody accounts but after years of reading comments from right-wing trolls, both here and elsewhere, I can tell you that these people are serious and they believe what they say. There seems to be comfort in a deranged notion that one is somehow privy to a secret truth, that only a few select elites know about. That is the foundation of QAnon and look at how pernicious and destructive it has turned out to be.

Here’s the latest.

Alright, roll up your sleeves with me and let’s parse through this. Jim Morrison was Jim Morrison and then he went into witness protection so he could become Rush Limbaugh. So how did witness protection do that? Man, that’s one hell of a disguise. Or does it mean that Morrison died and came back as Rush Limbaugh? Well, I guess that dispels any question of whether there is a Heaven or a Hell. Coming back as Rush Limbaugh is clearly the latter.

Let’s continue: So Morrison went to the state (to get put in the witness protection program, right?) so that means he went to the state to get their help, but he wanted to get away from the Deep State, and so why would you go to the state to get away from the state? Hmmm? I mean, this is a deep philosophical paradox, here.

So now, continuing as though this was a quatrain in Nostradamus: the last part says, “just pretended to die again, to be Jim Morrison of the Doors.” Does that translate as Morrison is coming back as Morrison, now that he’s served his sentence as Rush Limbaugh? Oh, Sweet Jesus, I hope so! When can we expect the Second Coming of Jim Morrison? I can’t wait.

Maybe that’s why he wrote this, “tried to run, tried to hide….” He was going into witness protection to become Rush Limbaugh. What a hell of a disguise for a rock star, to become a right-wing hatemonger. That is definitely breaking on through to the other side.

Man, I hope this CT grows some legs. I need a good laugh.

Now the obvious question is this: Limbaugh was born in 1951 and was 20 when Morrison died in 1971. So did Morrison just take over Limbaugh’s body or what? Feel free to chime in. You, too, can be a creator of conspiracy theories. Evidently there’s quite the market for it.

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  1. Obviously, one of the core attractions of CT is that they don’t have to make sense or be logical in any way.
    This makes them easy to generate.

    Eg: The reason that America had to land a helicopter on Mars is because of Covid, no other countries on earth would let an American helicopter land.

  2. Dr. Mengele harvested stem cells from Hitler that were injected into Republican and right-wing extremist the world over. His disciples have been busy.

  3. This is classic death denial. People that accept fantasy replacement realities like this or believing the earth is flat do so because they can’t handle the realities ones they live in and this is a way of occupying their thoughts to deflect from the reality they fear is true. Their lives are controlled by fears which manifests as both hate and through adopting these fantastic illogical conspiracy theories. The deep core root of this fear they are attempting to keep covered up in their subconscious is an overwhelming crippling fear of DEATH – their death. Sheldon Solomon, Professor of Psychology explains it all in this interview:https://www.thesunmagazine.org/issues/544/this-mortal-coil


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