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Michael Avenatti 'Hit Piece' Shows He Stiffs Creditors Doesn't Pay Taxes -- Remind You Of Anybody?
Holy deja vu, Batman! Here’s a guy who owes millions in judgments and unpaid taxes, who’s filed for bankruptcy, twice divorced, wants to run for president — and his name…

Trump's Trying To Save Senate, He's Given Up On House
Reading political tea leaves is always fun. Trump's been doing a two rally a day blitz lately and has the same planned for the last week run up to the…

Geraldo's MAGABomber "False Flag" B.S. Just That Much More Egregious Because He Used To Stand Up To RWNJs
Maybe Geraldo Rivera never did have any ethics, but was just saying and doing what would get ratings. At least back in the day, he did appear to be on…

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