This is one of those moments where you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re really awake. Donald Trump is a moron with a short attention span and a vocabulary of 200 words. These are facts that we have all long accepted. Evidently, it’s news to him that this is how he’s regarded. Twice today he has lashed out at people who have challenged his intellectual capacity.

You see what happened there. The comment “his verbal skills are limited” stuck in Trump’s craw. And now he has come back with a comment about how his verbal skills are not limited at all. No, verily, he can do linguistic gymnastics with the best of us. The man called himself “the Hemingway of Twitter,” now we learn he’s Hemingway, period.

He has a wondrous mind. There is no doubt about that. A big, beautiful, tremendous mind, because he has a good brain. Do you remember this?

And does anybody remember this classic?

I think he’s talking about the crowd size. He does have an obsession with crowd size. But as to his linguistic *gifts* and *ability* we could put a lot more examples up here of drinking fish tank cleaner, complaining how toilets don’t flush, how ultra violet lights inserted anally can cure COVID. You know the drill. You’ve seen them all. All of them are testaments to Trump’s intellect.

And he was only warming up with the above complaints. Most recently Trump has posted on “lightweights and fakes” and called John Kelly “one of the dumber generals.” Trump is now clearly making his move as the Smartest Man In America.

“So many lightweights and fakes go on MSNBC & CNN, along with other ratings challenged networks and platforms, purporting to know me as though they were a long lost relative, only to have virtually no knowledge of me, or anything about me,” he said. “A weak and pathetic RINO named Miles Taylor, who worked with one of the dumber Generals around, John Kelly, speaks as though he has intimate knowledge of everything Trump. Other than seeing him on TV, I have no idea, from the Administration days, who the hell he is.”

Trump continues, saying, “I assume a con man because he gets paid for talking about a subject he knows nothing about, ME.”

Trump then teased that he might be announcing other names of now-enemies who once worked for his own presidential administration.

“But that doesn’t matter to NBC, to me one of the worst news organizations in the world,” he added. “There are many other of these phonies as well, and I’ll let you all know who they are as soon as I get a chance. TRUTH!”

I guess this is the New Trump, Trump the Intellectual. Trump the Mental Giant. Get ready. This is going to be funny as hell. And you know where this could go? Conceivably, Trump could decide that he wants to represent himself in court, be his own lawyer. I’m not saying he will do that. I am saying that if this progression we’re watching here, of Trump being the smartest man in the room, any room, persists, then why would that not be the next logical step?


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  1. This is not just embarrassing, it is shameful. This fool should have been shown the door years ago. He should not have any platform to spew inanities. He should be treated like a severely developmentally disabled person because that is what he is and he should be kept safely in an institution before he causes someone to get hurt…again.

    • Despite all that you say being obvious, Trump now clearly thinks his intellect has been insulted and he wants us all to know how smart he is.

  2. Trump can’t even comprehend long, complex sentences, let alone speak them. Hiss vocabulary is that of a not especially bright nine-year-old child.”President Donald Trump speaks using less complex words than any other modern president, a new analysis examining speech patterns claims.”

  3. Studies have shown that people with lower intellectual facilities are the ones who wildly overestimate their abilities. This sad, sad person is a living example of that study. Look up the definitions of sociopath and psychopath and you will wonder why they didn’t list Donald Trump the example.

  4. His “long complex sentences that cover a lot of ground” are run-on word salads that can’t stay on any topic more than a couple of phrases.


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