A quick tale of two opposing political parties, one with its head out of its ass, and one, umm, maybe not so much.

Democratic congressman Hakeem Jeffries stepped in front of the microphone and said, RNC doesn’t stand for the Republican National Committee, it stands for the Republican National Cult. Speaker Pelosi followed, and added insult to injury by saying that she constantly reminds her colleagues across the aisle to take their party back from the cult. This is how you deliver a seamless, withering political commentary.

*Sigh* And then we have the opposition, with its head in a soft, warm, dark place. Yep! Laborious MTG had to go out and open her yap again, and of course, hilarity ensued. Taylor Greene went off on a rant in a speech, and hammered on Nancy Pelosi and her gazpacho police! I shit you not, I heard it with my own two ears. The jury is out on whether or not Marjorie, whose empty skull George Lucas used to film Star Wars, actually thinks that this is how Gestapo is said!

And here’s a bonus for you. GOP congresscritter Thomas Massie took to Twitter today, because he has no more functional brain cells than Marjorie Taylor Greene, and opined; 70% of Covid deaths were from people on Medicare, and yet the Democrats want to have Medicare for all! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Thin that just might be because 70% of the fatalities were senior citizens like me, who were already on Medicare?!? You can’t buy this kind of stupid, it’s obviously congenital, and Republican.

We have met the enemy, and he is dumb!


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  1. Maybe she is trying to become Queen of the Malapropism, ala Norm Crosby (I hope I’m not the only one here that remembers him). Or for a more recent example, Emily Litella – she just needs a Jane Curtain sidekick to point out she misheard that word.

    • She’s instilling fear that the Mexicans are undermining democracy through cold soup. Where can we run? Where can we hide? They plan to infiltrate “our precious bodily fluids”. Where’s colonel jack ripper when u need him? I’m also learning to love the bomb. At least it isn’t being waterboarded by gazpacho. What a way to go. Hey God. Get off ur sorry ass & DO SOMETHING FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!


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