The GOP GQP is having a massive identity crisis these days. Nebraska senator Ben Sasse movingly took to the airwaves and addressed his censure by the local Republican party (for not voting to overturn election results), saying that the choice before the GOP right now is “conservatism or madness” — and right now Madness is several laps ahead, while Conservatism has broken its leg and is being hauled off the track to be shot and made into dog food.

And who should step forward out of the shadows to take a stance against Madness? Would you believe Sean Hannity? That’s right. Sean Hannity doesn’t like Madness’ jockey, which is freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene was spawned in a wealthy Atlanta suburb but managed to con six figures from the rubes today, with the assistance of Twitter, claiming to be the victim of “censorship.” Greene jumps on horseback and is photographed fondling an AR-15 and so she projects the image of the all American, working class gal and nothing is farther from the truth, she’s a child of privilege — but hey, it worked for Trump, gold toilets and all, right?

Be that as it may, Greene got on the wrong side of Sean Hannity or Rupert Murdoch or somebody. Mediaite:

Hannity opened his show by introducing the topic of Taylor Greene, telling his viewers that “many of you had never heard her name, as she has been on the job a whopping one month.” This obscures the fact that, over the last week, she has been a lightning rod for attention in the political media world.

After briefly explaining Taylor Greene’s rise to power and her belief in QAnon conspiracies, Hannity, point by point, raised some of her crazier conspiracies, after each, he dismissed totally.

MTG’s claim that the events of 9/11 were staged? “Sorry, but we all know as a fact that a plane did hit the Pentagon, and it was a real,” Hannity noted.

California wildfires started by a space laser? Nope. “I have no earthly clue whatsoever what would cause someone to believe such a thing,” Hannity dismissed.

“Also, recently disturbing, a video surfaced showing Taylor Greene chasing down and, kind of, berating a kid that survived the Parkland school shooting,” Hannity continued, before defending Gun Reform activist David Hogg. “He lost friends that day. And she accused him of being a trained actor.” [she called him a “trained dog”]

“I’m sorry. I don’t go there. I think kids are off the table,” Hannity explained. “The poor kid had been through hell; the families had lost loved ones, they are all watching this.”

It would seem that Hannity, once Trump’s de facto chief of staff, has decided to embrace the saner elements of the GOP and throw Trumpism to the wind. Maybe so. After all, Hannity isn’t “a jackass journalist” as he has informed the world, he’s a talk show host. He’s in show biz. And the number one axiom of show biz is don’t associate with has beens, only with current stars. That’s how you stay on top.



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  1. I know a number of “all American working class gal(s)” and I have never seen any of them fondling an AR-15, or any other weapon for that matter…….not sure how she equates that with all American working class gals……

    I blame John McCain for the rise of these lunatic terrorists by introducing and subjecting America to and giving a stage and a microphone to Sarah Palin, who seemed to make being a blithering moron cool to these types. Since then they have been falling all over each other to see who can out blithering moron the others. They wear their stupidity and willful ignorance like a Congressional Medal of Honor don’t cha know.

    She was stupid, when stupid wasn’t cool or something like that.

    Obviously, Hannity received and acknowledged the memo that Dobbs chose to ignore.

    • dan quayle was bush I vice president. he was ignorant even before sarah palin, more the mike pence type. anyway, the rwnj are terrified of black woman power with Kamala Harris.

  2. I still think Hannity would never have said that stuff unless ordered to by Murdoch. The elder one. Rupert. Lachlan might be running the day to day business but Hannity could and would blow off the son. But not the old man. If you think about it (assuming I’m correct) the old man is worried about his empire worldwide – not just in the U.S. In recent years the company has already run into unexpected regulatory hurdles and support of Trump and Trumpism surely played a part in the Murdoch empire getting more scrutiny. What’s really interesting (again, assuming I’m correct and old man Murdoch is starting to issue marching orders to create some distance from the cray stuff going over Fox’s banner) is that Fox’s “Trump Whisperer” Hannity is the one who spoke directly to the Greene craziness. To an audience of one. Donald J. Trump. Having seen that bit where Trump tried to play catch last summer I don’t think Trump could either throw his phone hard enough to break the TV, or even hit the damned thing but you KNOW he was watching and went bat-shit insane! Even Trump has to be wondering if Murdoch isn’t just cutting him loose but is gearing up Fox to if not cut him loose, marginalize him. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not like since he’s been cut off from twitter and other social media he’s been getting daily airtime with the morning Fox & Friends crew or the terrible trio that makes up their prime time lineup either.

    He’s like a mountain climber hanging around the aptly named danger zone at 26,000 feet. Above that you literally start dying due to lack of oxygen even if you’re fit and trained for high altitude. Even supplemental oxygen from bottles only slows down the process some. Getting well back below 26,000 feet is the only way to survive. Media time/attention is Trump’s oxygen. The thing that makes life worth living for him and he hasn’t been getting it! I wonder if they are spiking his Diet Coke to make him too lethargic or even sick to prevent him from overriding everyone and showing up to the Senate to “testify.” You KNOW the HE wants that bright spotlight to rant about how he actually won and should be allowed to go over to the WH and order President Biden’s removal and arrest! Sure, part of him knows its bullshit and that lying in his Senate trial would be perjury but he also is convinced that even IF he made an appearance and lied his ass off that most GOP Senators are still too afraid of him to convict him. And the truly and depressingly sad thing about that is he’s got that one figured correctly.

    However, I think Hannity’s comments might have gotten through that thick skull of his and turned part of the turd filling the inside of his cranium back into semi-functioning brain matter and given him pause. I hope Hannity didn’t have the foresight to change his cell and home phone numbers! I rather enjoy the thought of Trump blowing up his phone with call after call and ranting voicemail after ranting voicemail asking WTF?

  3. It’s going to take more than one show of contempt for MTG for me to believe anything has changed with Hannity. These guys say whatever works at the moment. Let’s see what the next moment requires from him.

    • Oh, I don’t think he’s changed. I think either he or his masters understand that Greene is a threat to fiscal conservative gains and tax cuts, so they want her gone. He doesn’t care that she’s laying conspiracy theorist…the,problem he has is they’re not the lies and conspiracies that help win more seats for Republicans.

      “Space lasers? Get back to the caravan hordes of immigrant rapists, you kook!” (Hannity, in the subtext)

      • “I think either he or his masters understand that Greene is a threat to fiscal conservative gains and tax cuts, so they want her gone.”

        Oh, thank you for the hearty laugh.

        The GOP has used all sorts of whackjobs to achieve their “fiscal conservative gains and tax cuts.” You do remember a whack-a-doodle named Donald Trump, don’t you? He was THE chief whackjob that helped the GOP pass that tax cut (for the super-wealthy) back in 2017. And that was after indulging the “Taxed Enough Already” whackjobs for the previous half-decade.

    • They are pinging the ratings and watching the social media posts to see if this catches on. If this bombs they will go back again on their q anon stuff.

  4. Hannity…he’ll torpedo a passenger ship full of civilians, but he’ll let any kinds or women under forty get onto life rafts. What a guy!

    • Having seen the John McCain reference I would like to throw in there that yes McCain made a mistake with that one. Any new miner of other picks might have done better. I don’t think he realized until afterwards how big of one. I remember watching while she was spewing her crap and seeing McCain on the side and he definitely had WTF on his face. And you are right. Miss I watch Russia everyday from my kitchen window was the catalyst of gun toting extremists making the mainstream. I am sure if he had it to do over he would have got a doorman or a valet over her. And we ourselves would be better off. The two freshmen queens in congress wouldn’t be there now except for that blunder.


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