Very interesting. That this would happen at all, anywhere, is something to take note of. That it would happen in Florida makes it a “wow” moment. Let’s sit up and take notice of this. If a hotel in California made the same call, you would yawn, but a hotel in DeSantis-land, aka Nut Country? Let’s take a look at this, shall we? Raw Story:

A planned meet-and-greet with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) commemorating the third anniversary of the January 6 attack has been left without a venue after Westgate Resorts in Kissimmee canceled their booking, reported NBC News on Thursday.

“The event was set to be hosted by the Republican Party of Osceola County at the Westgate Resorts in Kissimmee. It was originally pitched to Westgate as a small book-signing event featuring Greene, without mention of Jan. 6,” reported Matt Dixon. “‘Please be advised that Westgate was not made aware of the purpose of this event when we were approached to host a book signing,’ Westgate Resorts said in a statement. ‘This event has been canceled and is no longer taking place at our resort.'”

“The event, which was first reported by NBC News, was touted to local Republicans as an ‘Exclusive event with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’ at Westgate Resorts, according to an event invitation,” said the report. “The event details said the ‘Occasion’ was the ‘3rd Anniversary of Jan 6.’ The cost to attend was $45 to $1,000 to meet Greene and ‘receive a signed copy of her book.'”

The “occasion” was supposed to be Marge pimping her book. The hotel was fine with that. But the hotel is not fine with her pimping a conspiracy theory version of January 6. Very intriguing that they didn’t want to host a politicized event like this. I’ll tell you what this says to me: this is pure speculation, but my gut reaction to this story was to think of what none other than Ronnie Raygun used to call The Silent Majority. You remember all that.

To me, this is an example that normal people have had enough of conspiracy theory and they’re not okay with it. And this is happening, again, in deep ruby red Florida. Had this been Illinois, California, other states we could name, not an eyelash would have batted. But FLORIDA?

And this is not the first time this has happened. Las Vegas shut down Kyle Rittenhouse last year when he was going to use the venue to talk all the crazy pro-gun, self defense gibberish that he spews.

The tide may be turning. We keep hearing every day in the legacy media how there’s a neck and neck horserace between Joe Biden and Donald Trump — which translates as insanity is now the new normal. And certainly, if you follow politics at all, that seems to be the case.

But this incident would tend to make a different statement. This incident tends to reinforce an idea that MAGA extremist whacko-ism simply is not as normal as you might otherwise be led to believe.

People everywhere might be waking up. At least, it would be gratifying to think so, and to feel like America is safe from the crackpots, rather than 10 months away from turning the keys over to them. Again.


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  1. The rumblings of magma moving into the main chamber. One gets the sense that a supervolcanic eruption of existential proportions is imminent, and that several Supreme Court justices are praying that it happens. The end of Mr. Creosote is nigh.

  2. Time-share owners are a mixture of Republicans and Democrats, also Westgate has many Canadians that own timeshares. … They had no choice but to do the smart thing by canceling.

  3. Two things are surprising.
    Why is Marjorie Trailer Queen hosting this in Florida?
    And when did Florida businesses finally become “woke”?


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