The battle to see who is really head of the Republican party, Mitch McConnell or the Mango Monarch in exile, has just gotten a notch or two more intense. The chairman of the Nelson County Republican party issued a statement Tuesday that McConnell’s leadership in the Senate “does not represent the Republican voters that put our faith in you in the last primary election.” Washington Post:

“Given that the county party that I represent supports President Trump overwhelmingly and your complete and total disdain for the will of your constituents here in Nelson County I am formally demanding you immediately resign your leadership position within our party’s caucus in the United States Senate,” [Don] Thrasher [chairman] said.

A McConnell spokesman declined to comment.

In an interview Tuesday, Thrasher told The Washington Post that even though McConnell voted to acquit Trump, he “stirred up the hornets’ nest even worse” with his floor speech.

“There are people that are more mad now, because it just seems kind of duplicitous to a lot of people,” Thrasher said. “He is trying to straddle the fence and he is not making anybody happy doing that.”

Thrasher also said he has heard that other county committees in Kentucky will pursue censure resolutions against McConnell, and that five counties, including his own, had already passed motions condemning McConnell for his criticism of Trump since the Jan. 6 attack.

I don’t think that the Trumpites are going to be able to topple McConnell but just the fact that they’re trying to says some very sobering things about where we are as a nation. The polarity of this country has long since transcended Liberal v. Conservative. Throw those concepts out, they are archaic. The dynamic now is Democracy v. Autocracy and a lot of people like Trump’s crazy rhetoric. It strikes a deep chord. This is how we got here to begin with. McConnell and the other GOP heavyweights were crazy to allow the Trump cancer to take root in their party, but the damage is done now. Trumpism is still alive and metastasizing.


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  1. To me, it would only say those sobering things if they still had a grip at the federal level. As it stands, they’re kicking off their own version of Game of Thrones, which, as Cersei Lannister reminds us, is a game where you win or you die.

  2. McConnell got 82.8% of the GOP primary vote. I’d say that Mr Thrasher might want to take a look at the “voters” who participated in that primary. The GOP primary attracted just under 414,000 voters and McConnell got over 342,000 of those votes.

    And, um, I seem to recall that Donald Trump DIDN’T have to face any primary opposition because the states were scared of Donald’s dictates (and, that word was chosen deliberately).

      • I now live in Ky. and I can’t stand McConnell . He has caused a lot of problems in his many yrs. in office. Look how he treated Obama , he was so disrespectful . He has never tried to work with the Dems. on anything. That is a problem, they should try to work together.

        • An honest GOP chairman would have demanded McConnell’s resignation when he refused to let Merrick Garland have his hearing, among other things. Stating the obvious about Trump’s incitement of an insurrection attempt is not a reason for McConnell to resign. The GOP is unsalvageable.

    • I do believe that the governor can appoint a replacement until the next election but, let’s face it, the chances of the Trompador being in a position of influence at the next election sort of depends on how well he makes car license plates


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