Many thanks to my dear reader and frequent commenter Spike for being the grist of this article. I had it floating around nebulously in my head, but with his comment in my article about Jeffrey Clark, it crystalized in my head in a heartbeat. Thanks dude! In my Jeffrey Clark article I noted that Clark wasn’t just claiming that He vas chust followink orders!, he went the extra step in court claiming that he was entitled to federal protection because Trump personally told him to do it.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows argued almost the exact same thing in his own filing to the federal court to move to federal court. Meadow just drew a fine line. He argued to the court simply that when he did what he did, he did it as a federal officer conducting his duty without claiming that Traitor Tot has personally ordered him to do any of it. Some say tom-A-to, and some say tom-ah-to.

And you can look for this to be repeated ad nauseum as more and more bricks in the Trump dam in Fulton County crack and wash away. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Trump was invincible. All they had to do was to toe the line, and he’d cover their ass. And now they’re looking at public humiliation, possible disbarment, and potential time in the Georgia state prison. They’re going to crack. And in so doing, they’re going to make Fani Willis’s job a dream.

Here’s what Spike so well pointed out. In his filing before the federal district court, Jeffrey Clark never once denied that he engaged in criminal behavior. Instead he tried to cloak it in a patina of federal authority, and laid it all at Trump’s feet for directly authorizing it.

And the same thing goes for Mark Meadows. He too never denied that he engaged in the purported criminal activity, just that he was excused for it due to the fact that he was just doing his job.

Small problem here. United States soldiers and officers can be prosecuted and court martialed for blindly following illegal or immoral orders. The US government created an entire process for whistleblowers to be able to report suspected abuses to superiors and even congress without fear of reprisal. There is a procedure to follow, and safeguards, and that I vas chust followink orders! bullsh*t just won’t work anymore.

But that’s what these miserable miscreants have to work with. Fulton County DA Fani Willis took two and a half years to conduct this investigation, and she dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”. There is no way for them to successfully claim that they didn’t do it, so they have to come up with some other alternative excuse for their criminal behavior. And in reaching for that alternate excuse, they never deny that they did it.

Defendant Harrison Floyd is a poster child. He originally contacted Fulton County election worker Ruby Freeman offering to help her by referring her to Kanye’s former lowlife publicist to threaten her with prison time if she didn’t confess to committing election fraud. He wants his case severed from anybody else’s except Kanye’s former publicist cuz he never actually took part in any actual election fraud, lying to an innocent woman, threatening her with federal prison if she doesn’t confess to election fraud is just some kind of a misdemeanor or something. But notice that he never actually denies that he did the dirty deed.

Stupid is as stupid does. There’s a reason why they call them master criminals. And that’s because they literally spend months excruciatingly going over every detail, ensuring that the heist goes off as planned. These ass clowns, along with their Glorious Bleater did this on the fly. and now they’re about to pay the price. But not without going down in flames while they try to wriggle out of it. Morons.

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  1. Surprising at what Clark said in court since he’s now connected to Project 2025. The new Repub plan to take over the government and give all powers to the Prez. Just an unbelievable article in Politico today. Sorry I don’t have the link but not sure if that’s ok to do here.

  2. These aren’t Master Criminals. They are Mastubator’s Criming. Mixing those two activities together is not something that will lead to a “happy ending.”

  3. From Wikipedia, all the people who went to jail because of watergate. Nixon got off, but all the underlings went down including top dogs like HR Haldeman chief of staff (mark meadows) john mitchell attorney general (William barr, and all the other justice department creeps). People went to prison, high ups for less than what trump has done. This is not new or unprecedented. btw Aaron burr was vice president and went on trial for treason, spiro agnew vice president. This illusion that trump and his co conspirators are somehow unusual is ridiculous. We have faced treason in the past and survived it. Take down trump in court.

    Bernard Barker
    Dwight Chapin
    Charles Colson
    John Dean
    Harry S. Dent Sr.
    John Ehrlichman
    Virgilio Gonzalez
    H. R. Haldeman
    E. Howard Hunt
    Herbert W. Kalmbach
    Egil Krogh
    Fred LaRue
    G. Gordon Liddy
    Jeb Stuart Magruder
    Robert Mardian
    Eugenio Martínez
    James W. McCord Jr.
    John N. Mitchell
    Herbert Porter
    Donald Segretti
    Maurice Stans
    Frank Sturgis

  4. Doesn’t that sort of wrap up the RICO charge and put a nice, pretty bow on it. Central figure lays out tasks for henchmen to take care of. And so forth. Everyone talking about it going to hell. Looks to me like maybe they will get the henchmen to roll once they explain the disadvantages of prison life to them. Which this will be one of the few times they will still hand out deals to a few smarter than fence post defendants. Probably four or five would be my guess to tie up the RICO case. Now you come down to what Joe Biden said about them impeaching him only slightly different. Lots of luck Trump. 🍀


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