Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line

And never was that more true than ion the 50 years since the Roe v Wade decision from the SCOTUS. The GOP’s most rabid, most motivated, single issue voting bloc was the far right refried Jesus wheezers. And the GOP set forth to harvest them like a wheat crop.

Like the Chinese Communist Party, the GOP took the long view. They already knew two things. First, they knew that this wasn’t something that was going to be solved in the short term, it would take decades. Second, they knew that as long as they kept at least giving the appearance that they were working to overturn Roe v Wade, they could drag the Evangelical suckers along behind them almost eternally.

Their attack was two pronged. One, anytime they had the White House and the Senate, push to pack the federal judicial system, both district as well as appellate courts with far right conservative judges, meaning more conservative rulings that could work their way up to the SCOTUS for eventual decisions. Two, the keystone pledge became a campaign promise that if elected, their first goal would be to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe.

And in all that time, what were the Democrats doing? Not a goddamn thing. With almost childlike trust, liberals took the SCOTUS ruling as absolute precedent case law, which meant that Roe wasn’t going anywhere. And so, they totally ignored the importance of not only the Supreme Court, but also the district and appellate courts, which set the table for the Supreme Court, and went on about their merry way.

And now look what’s happened. A Roberts court has basically gutted The Voting Rights Act. It’s turned our precious democratic election process into basically a big, dark money free for all under a bullsh*t free speech ruling. Roe v Wade is now a thing of the past, making millions of American women into characters from A Handmaids Tale. And as of today, minorities no longer have any to level the college admissions or workplace table.

And will wonders never cease. Now all of a sudden, Democrats and liberals are all up in arms over the GOP hijacking of the federal court system. And the liberal knee jerk reaction to abortion rights being overturned led to turnout that avoided a catastrophic 2022 midterms, and will be a driving force in turning out voters in 2024. And now the end of affirmative action is here, the Democrats will use that too to generate minority voter turnout in 2024. The Democrats have belatedly discovered the power of the courts.

But here’s the McGuffin. The worm has turned. For 50 years the GOP has used the courts and the overturning of Roe v Wade to fill their campaign coffers with kaboodle, and get the Evangelical sheeple out to the polls. But now, with the Roe decision overturned, the GOP Evangelicals are voting with their feet. At the height of the Christian struggle, polling showed that some 90% of Evangelical voters were highly motivated to vote in elections. Post Roe, polling shows that only 52% of Evangelicals are highly motivated to show up at the polls. Meanwhile the same poll shows that a whopping 87% of pro choice supporters are highly motivated to go to the polls in November.

And that’s the problem. Fueled by overturning Roe, GOP controlled legislatures went to mortal Kombat with each other to pass the most draconian abortion measures, they turned even red states like Kansas, Montana, and Kentucky into voting to enshrine voting rights into the state constitution. And they’re not letting up.

And today’s decision is only going to make things worse for the GOP. While everybody with a soul is ranting and raving, former Trump butt noy and all around racist scumbag Stephen Miller already has an action group put together to start heading to court and start suing corporations like McDonald, Microsoft, and Starbucks over their inclusionary hiring practices. He’s already bragging that affirmative action was a fig leaf for corporate America, and now that it’s been ripped away, it will be the end of woke corporate America.

The Supreme Court is now the GOP’s Frankenstein monster. They built this goddamn thing, they gave it life, and now that it’s running uncontrolled around the countryside, not only isn’t the GOP Frankenstein trying to put it back on the table, they’re running around pointing out cottages for him to ravage! And meanwhile, the Democratic villagers are honing their pitchforks and soaking their torches. As the bible says, As you sow, so shall ye reap. The GOP spent 50 years hoisting the Supreme Court as the Holy Grail, and now, it’s become a witches cauldron for them instead. Tough sh*t, morons.

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    • The true irony, of course, is not one of these folks so intent on “killing woke” can even explain what “woke” actually means. Like lazy parents, they’ve simply created this boogeyman to scare their children into behaving.

  1. I’ll keep saying it to all those people, including and especially women who in 2016 just couldn’t bring themselves to get out and vote for Hillary, or who voted for Stein or Johnson to “make a point”, who simply came up with “Just reasons” not to vote her into the Presidency. F**K YOU!

    After years of court packing, what McConnell and the GOP did with Garland wasn’t just a shot across the bow to tell people GOP’s were going for the big one – it was a goddamned torpedo into the middle of the ship. THAT was a stolen SCOTUS seat and given RBG’s age and increasing health issues it wasn’t CT level or “doomsday” thinking to worry that she wouldn’t make it another four years. That she would die and the person elected in 2016 would likely fill her seat too. Add in that Kennedy had been flirting with the notion of retirement in the next few years, even though he sometimes seemed like Brett Favre with the “diva” will I retire or won’t I which was for years a drama that got him lots of attention a rational person might well conclude he’d be gone. Turns out they had a way all along to FORCE him out if they wanted to use it and by god they did. That meant it was a virtual certainty in 2016 the next President would appoint not just one Justice but TWO. And to many of us the odds were at least 50-50 it would be THREE.

    But noooooo. We got all that “I just can’t get excited about Hillary even though she’d be a pretty effective President.” Or “she’s not progressive enough.” Or (from women as well as men) “It’s time we had a woman as President and she’s plenty capable, but does it have to be HER?” And so on.

    Worse, as you say for long before that while the GOP was executing a plan hatched in the 1980s by Leonard Leo and others to form the MIS-named Federalist Society and other groups to pack not just SCOTUS but lower federal courts our side refused to fight back and do so as fiercely as conservatives. What so many don’t realize is that most federal law gets it’s “judicial review” and therefore legal rulings people have to live by at the appellate level. SCOTUS only hears a fraction of the cases but the bulk of appellate level court decisions have nationwide impact!

    Well you worthless a-holes who just couldn’t bring yourself to get out and blunt the GOP’s plan even though many of us told you over and over again election after election what do you say NOW? Do you feel even a twinge of guilt? Do you have to at least work to rationalize it away?

    If you think what this new SCOTUS has done is bad, TRUST ME when I tell you it’s going to get worse. And the impact, the CRUSHING impact they will have will last for generations. I’ve said before if I could write as well as Shakespeare I don’t think I could put into words how thankful I am that I never had children who will have to live with the wreckage of what so many Democrats and progressive leaning independents have allowed to happen. But I can and do experience actual grief for other’s kids and future generations.

  2. You are absolutely on point Marine!!! Now they’ve screwed all you young phuckers with their overturning Biden trying to help you with your student loans! You think he’s too old? If you do, then don’t bother with college…your stupidity will fit in nicely with the FASCIST government YOU helped put into place by YOUR prejudice and stupidity!!! GROW THE PHUCK UP!



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