Well, Well. Look Who Just Had A “Come To Jesus” Moment!


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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, isn’t this special! Bitch Mitch McConnell, The Grim Reaper, is finally casting his lot on the side of the angels. McConnell made a public statement today that he firmly believes that El Pendejo Presidents is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, and he’s just as happy as a piggy in slop that the Democrats in the House are moving forward with impeachment, and he’s fully onboard. Sooo, he’ll be calling the Senate back to Washington tomorrow, to prepare to receive the articles of impeachment on Thursday, right?

Make no mistake about it, this is huge. Few have been harder on McConnell than I have, but I was very impressed with his passionate and heartfelt speech on the floor of the Senate, mere hours before Traitor Tot unleashed his hell hounds on the Capitol. But I’ve been intimately familiar with McConnell much longer than I’ve been scuba diving in Trump’s open cesspool, and this kind of an about face is totally out of character for him. Yes, this is about Trump, but it’s also about something deeper, and I think I know what it is.

Right now, Mitch McConnell is absolutely, blindingly furious, and he’s right to be. In the space of 8 weeks, McConnell went from being the second most powerful Republican in Washington, behind Trump, to a soon-to-be inconsequential player. And mostly he blames Trump. Because Trump cost McConnell his role as Senate Majority Leader, with all of the power that entails, by being such a pig shit around the loss in Georgia, and poisoning the well for the January 5th special elections that cost him his majority. And because the smart money says that Chuck Schumer’s first act as Majority Leader will be to nuke the filibuster for legislation, at that moment McConnell will have no more control of what happens in the Senate than Kevin McCarthy doers in the House. McConnell just got reelected, and Trump just resigned him to 6 years of nothing more than frustrated futility. More than enough reason for McConnell to go to the mattresses to get revenge against Trump.

But McConnell’s outrage is not constrained to Trump alone. There are several other people right now, in the GOP caucus who have engendered his ire, and to my mind, that’s where the real action is going to be in the coming weeks, especially once the impeachment is over with. Mark my words, Mitch McConnell, a man who also doesn’t mind letting a grudge age properly before chilling it and uncorking it, is about to embark on a purge.

One of the things that struck me about McConnell’s statement today regarding Trump’s impeachment was his statement that Trump needed to be purged from politics. This statement is actually totally in character with the Mitch McConnell I know. For all of his faults, McConnell is a lifelong institutionalist, he believes in the rules and the institution of the Senate. No matter how Byzantine, underhanded, and Machiavellian McConnell’s tactics, they always fell within either the rules themselves, or gaps that he was able to wriggle through. And those are about to disappear.

Once the states moved to ratify their election results, two things happened. First, McConnell finally took to the well of the Senate, recognized, and congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their victory. That was public. The second thing took place behind the scenes. McConnell sent a letter to his GOP caucus, in which he made it crystal clear that, already knowing that there were a shit load of GOP House members who would move to object to certifying the votes of several contested states, McConnell demanded that no GOP Senators sign on to the objections, killing them in the cradle. Win or lose go down in the Senate like a shot dog. In Georgia, McConnell wanted to save several vulnerable GOP incumbents running in 2022 to avoid a difficult, and possibly fatal floor vote. And just to drive the point home, McConnell had his number two tell the media that if there was an objection to the electoral votes of any state, it would be a Point made, one would think.

But apparently not to Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz. Hawley came out first and confirmed that he would sign off on at least one challenge, closely followed by Cruz. To measure Cruz’s popularity in the GOP, you have only to ask Lindsey Graham. It was only a couple of years ago, when Cruz was being his usual dick self, that Graham quipped to a reporter that If Ted Cruz were murdered on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was held in the Senate, then no one would vote to convict the killer. And the simple fact of the matter is, Josh Hawley is just too goddamn new and irrelevant to be butting heads with Mitch McConnell.

Remember what McConnell said in his statement today, that he wants Trump purged from the body politic. And personally, that is exactly what I think that McConnell has in mind for both Hawley and Cruz. Once the transfer of power is complete, and Chuck Schumer is the new Majority Leader, I would be amazed if McConnell didn’t move to start proceedings to expel both Hawley and Cruz. If my understanding of Senate protocol is correct, just as with impeachment, it takes a 2/3 majority to expel a member. But because this is the Senate, the rules are arcane. The way I read it, of a quorum is present, it would require 2/3 of the Senators voting to remove the Senator from office. Oddly enough, the same is true for the impeachment, which is a reason to watch closely for the next week or so. Because, what it means is, if, say 35 GOP Senators have a Brazilian Bikini Wax appointment that day that they just can’t break, there would be 75 Senators voting. Which means that 50 Senators, likely all Democratic would be all that is needed to remove Cruz and Hawley from office. Which is exactly the same maneuver that could be used in a Trump impeachment before January 20th.

But McConnell’s outrage may not stop there. Apparently the SEC moron, Tommy Tuberville, who was sworn in only two days earlier, decided that butting heads with the alpha dog of the Senate, Mitch McConnell was the top thing on his list to do. Throw in Marsha Blackburn, and a handful of others, and you have a lovely little insurrection on your hands. And McConnell is the one who knows exactly how to deal with an insurrection.

Being a sitting US Senator is boring, tedious work. You have to sit there and listen to people that aren’t you talking endlessly. The only thing worth being a Senator, especially where campaign kaboodle is concerned, is your committee assignments. The more prominent the committee, the richer the lobbyists who will regularly visit your office with envelopes stuffed with campaign cash. And the more cogent your committee assignment to your state, the more pork you can go home and brag about shoveling into the larder.

And guess who controls all of the committee assignments for a party in the minority? Who else? The Senate Minority Leader, in this case, Mitch McConnell. And if any of those ill begotten GOP Senators who voted in favor of stripping state electoral delegate counts don’t find real religion real quick, and go to confession in McConnell’s office ASAP, they run the risk of becoming every bit as irrelevant as McConnell himself is about to become. This is just getting started. Don’t touch that dial!

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  1. Cruz might actually have enough functioning brain cells to be having “uh oh” nightmares. He’s done plenty in the past to rouse Yertle’s ire but this time? Ole Raphael just COULDN’T cede the spotlight to some freshman Senator trying to grab hold of control of Trump’s base even though it was, with all that will be coming out about Trump and donors already quietly letting him and others know to leave this alone a really, and I mean REALLY stupid idea. So Cruz horned in and made sure he’d be making the case during the debate. He got away with both peeing AND tossing turds in the punchbowl in the past but he barely squeaked by in his last election and as you note has cost Yertle his power. Except Yertle has power within the GOP caucus and unlike Hawley, Cruz knows full well what that means. Hawley, and the others you mentioned are about to get a lesson that only Cruz at this time truly understands. I also agree with you that McConnell will use the “revenge is a dish best served cold” tactic just to make his retribution more painful when it comes. Hawley and the rest of them (besides Cruz) are calculating that they can weather the storm of recriminations and editorials back home calling for their resignations. And emerge stronger with their voters back home and Trump’s base elsewhere. So I agree McConnell will wait, and once his idiot members think they are safe he will do what you said and screw them on committee assignments. And in private suggest they take a good look at what happened to King over in the House, with a reminder that unlike a Congressional District an entire state can’t be gerrymandered. Also, in the case of Cruz and Hawley at least (and I wouldn’t be surprised if Tubofcrapforbrains was in direct contact with some of the plotters, maybe Blackburn too) he might even go along with expulsion. After all, if Schumer does nuke the filibuster (and maybe even if he doesn’t) a bunch of people who are used to being in the majority and suddenly finding themselves with a whole lot LESS power (and money from donors) just might decide to get rid of the long-time most hated man in the Senate. And Hawley too who is suddenly a close second to Cruz!

  2. Come to Jesus moment? Call me cynical, but I suspect it’s a cold, hard calculation over which move preserves and fosters the most power for the GOP in the long term. McConnell knows if he sacrifices Trump, he can then move on to calls for unity and trying to get the Senate back.

    • There is absolutely no doubt that Moscow Mitch is acting in a cynical cold hard calculating way with a view to long term preservation of power.
      But since this nicely coincides with the aims of the good side, i.e. purging Dimwit Donny and his acolytes from not just his party but the entire body politic, I’m happy for it to be described in religious terms.

    • I am every bit as cuynucak as you are, and if hawley and Cruz hadn’t openly defied him, he may well have stonewalled again,,,But McConnell is going to stay, and he wants as much power and control as he can keep…

      • Well, his email address proves that. I’m guessing its a slightly unfortunate coincidence–using his first name, plus his middle initial and first letter of his last name–but they do work together to let the world know the quality of his comments.

    • Correct. Yes they all well !!! Traitors and the Pelosi strait to Hell ! another impeachment seriously and who the hell will impeach your as for false impeachment and the work you never do for California your so corrupt your pathetic a fool but you n Biden n Obama and Hillary will pay and we all have front row seats when you taken away. Trump will clean the White House Our House Remember We the People want you out. Election was a FRAUD eyes wide open.

    • Yes, they will. Remember they will be up for re-elections again and 75 million voted for change Iam one of those 75 million a conservative. We will remember everything they put us through in the last 4 years. Like Obama said when he was passing Obama care with just a pen. ELECTION HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

      • 75 million voted to keep things the way they have been for the last 4 years: going to h3ll in a fat handbasket.
        81 million voted for change.
        Your side LOST.

        • Stealing an election through fraud is not winning, Biden will never be the president, he will always be the squatter in the White House.

          • Trump was the only squatter in the White House since 1776.
            He’s a chronic liar with an overinflated ego who had no interest in being President. He floundered and sputtered and when the crap hit the fan big time he froze – now we have over half a million dead Americans and a devastated economy. MAGA ? what a joke

          • I, too, enjoyed your article and your analysis. You should know that when you make the trolls pop out of the holes that you are doing something right. Especially, those idiots that are cranially-rectally inclined. That means your head is in a dark and smelly place and it must be painful to live your life that way for those that don’t understand big words.

          • Well, I guess someone has to represent the Right Wing Nut Job faction and the Christians, the real Magats excessively proud of their own stupidity. Fraud is a RWNJ characteristic.

    • I say we should form a new Patriot party and get rid of all these Rino Republicans who did not stand up for our president or our Constitution and Country we have over 75 million Patriot Trump supporters to start the new party with. Totally done with the Republican Party.

  3. Great story, Murf! This is brilliant!

    However, I do have a different theory about why McConnell has suddenly and so completely done an about-face. Would you be okay if I wrote an op-ed type piece about it?

  4. Today is the 13th how can they impeach him in 7 days. There is a process called due process or do we just skip the trial and move to the guilty sentence. Congress cant pass a budget. Bill Clintons impeachment took 3 months. I dont care if you like Trump or hate Trump there is the constitution that we all live by or is this land of the free over. Seems to me even free speech is over too.

  5. I would say that if they can impeach the pres.on not squelching the violence fast enough, then we need to start impeachment proceedings against biden, the minute he hits office, because they meaning the dems with biden did nothing to squelch the violence by Blm and antifa when they were burning, looting destroying the federal bldgs.tearing down statues, dragging citizens out of their cars and destroying private property, kamala Harris even started a fund to pay for their bail, they said that the protesting was a peaceful demonstration, talking about calling the kettle black,

  6. The only question I have is where these trolls live … their english and sentence structure is so bad and comments so infantile, probably third world country with someone on a bicycle generator keeping their laptop running, or it is Putin trying to keep the MAGAT fools stupid so they can loot, kill and be proud of their idiotic selves … keeping our Country pissed at each other, undermining our economy and maintaining chaos and hurting our security …

    With the orange shitgibbon farting out his final flings, they are losing their focus and just playing for the dumbest award ever … fist fights in the sandbox …


  8. He’s a useless piece of swamp feces. Would not have even won his state senate election without Trump campaigning for him, and that’s a fact Jack.

  9. Mitch McConnell is a Do-nothing loser that only TALKS about all he will do…yet never does ANYTHING! I think he should leave politics altogether!! I will never give him or any of the turncoats another damn dime! He just proved he is just exactly like the DEMONRATS!

  10. You are full of crap. It would take all 100 Senators to say yes on retuning back before 1/19th. What garbage you are spreading. Stop it already.


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