Now this is starting to piss me off. You can always tell the criminally stupid because they don’t learn from their previous mistakes. Democratic Senator Robert Open For Business Menendez was indicted on political corruption charges back in 2015 for using his influence to help a friend and political contributor. He got a leg up from the SCOTUS when they ruled changing the requirements to prove a quid pro quo. Menendez walked on a hung jury. If a cop catches you stealing a car, and then misdates the crime, and you walk because you can prove you were somewhere else on that date, you don’t walk out of court and boost another car cuz you don’t have bus fare, dummy!

Not Sticky Fingers. He just got indicted on charges of corruption and influence peddling, along with his newest wife, and three New Jersey businessmen. The core is that Menendez used his position as the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee to help the businessmen get an exclusive contract with Egypt, a major US defense aid recipient. The payoff? a year ago the FBI raided his home and safe, and came up with a cool $500,000 in cash stuffed in envelopes in Menendez’s suit and sport jacket pockets, gold ingots, and a $60,000 Mercedes convertible. Menendez really sh*t in his mess kit when he proclaimed that he had done nothing wrong, this was Business as usual in Washington, DC.

Predictably the Democrats are baying for his blood. I should hope so. If they could bonce Al Franken for a picture in poor taste with no actual physical contact, I would hope a half a million in cash, gold bullion, and a $50K Mercedes convertible should buy you some party shaming as well.

But what’s pissing me off is that now the GOP is piling on. House Squeaker Cave-In McCarthy went before the cameras to solemnly declare that Menendez needed to step down, to maintain the integrity of the US Senate. Watch for similar condemnation from Machine Gun Marjie, Sugar Daddy Gaetz, and Gym Bag Jordan to follow. And the worst part is that the f*ckers are going to fund raise from the idiots over it.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Look, screw Bob Menendez. He made that bed, let him lie on it. But every Democrat that appears on a talking head show tomorrow is going to be grilled on the Menendez indictments. Simple answer? Toe the line, Senator Menendez is of course innocent until proven guilty. But when you consider the seriousness of the charges, it would be prudent for Senator Menendez to resign from the Senate, and concentrate on his criminal defense.

And then, before the moderator can even open their mouth, the follow up should be, But when you hear GOP congress members and candidates opining on how Senator Menendez must step down to preserve the integrity of the US Senate, you have to remember one thing. As we speak, the leading candidate in the GOP primaries to be their 2024 presidential nominee, is under 91 counts of criminal indictment, stretched over four separate state and federal jurisdictions. The Democrats are dealing with our political problem internally, as it should be. What is the GOP doing about theirs?

I wish I had a stronger word to describe the debasement of the GOP than hypocrisy, but I don’t. All I can say that it’s obscene for the GOP to blast Menendez when they have an already civilly convicted sexual predator, who is accused of illegal possession of classified documents, and attempted an insurrection to overturn legal election results, all the while running a company that the New York state Attorney General claims is a corrupt RICO crime organization. 

If the GOP had 12 functioning brain cells, they would have shut their fat mouths, snarled at each other, and let the Democrats flounder through this on their own. But instead, they had to open their fat yaps, take some cheap shots, and invite the Democrats to demand that they show the difference between Robert Menendez and Donald Trump. Stupid, hypocritical sh*ts.

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  1. Murf, such blatant reality…who knew? I doubt the regressives would ever “get it” and I sure hope all of the Democratic participants tomorrow morning do exactly what you’ve suggested. Great call.

  2. hey Murph, we knew this was coming , I’ve been troubled about who he is for awhile. it’s absolutely hypocrisy.
    But Murph, that’s not we roll,
    I’m not going to defend him if he is indeed dirty
    personal responsibility,,
    starts at home.

  3. The dude has been under a cloud for seemingly forever. He’s just too goddamned arrogant and stubborn to step aside, or perhaps he’s been counting on being a Senator to cause DOJ to be cautious in building a case. He’d hardly be the first politician to abuse their office to keep investigators/prosecutors at bay. Sadly, infuriatingly even this sumbitch refuses to step aside. I didn’t like when, after that change in law (GOPers had to be infuriated the SCOTUS case made it there so they could let a former GOP Virginia Gov. off the hook) allowed Mendendez to escape with a hung jury. And prosecutors didn’t bother to try again. On that case.

    I was pissed that he ran for re-election but I had hopes that he’d serve a couple of years to save face (sort of) and step aside and allow a replacement to be named that could hold the seat for us as an incumbent. But no. Like Trump Menendez became emboldened and I have little doubt the feds have him cold this time. The thing is, he’s up for re-election next year! That means he could cost us control of the Senate with will be damned tough as it is.

    What Schumer SHOULD do is talk to other Democrats in the caucus and secure agreement to strip Menendez of his committee assignments. It’s not like he plays a signficant role at the committee level anyway. I don’t know if that would be enough of an embarrassment to get him to resign, but IF Schumer would also do what Nancy Pelosi should have done (more than once) with a member who hurts the Party far more than helps it (and Mendendez is squarely in that category) secure a straw vote from the other members of the caucus to NOT support Menendez against a primary opponent! I know, that’s one of those Congress Critter “courtesies” but in some cases it really needs to be done. This is one of them.

  4. I doubt that there will be many (if any) Democrats on the Sunday morning talk shows–and if there are any, I seriously doubt they’ll get a chance to do more than answer the question about Menendez they’re asked before the “impartial host” moves on to his/her next question and I’m almost certain any Democrat who even begins to equate the Menendez case with Trump will get talked over or the segment will come to a close. After all, the media powers that be can’t have Democrats winning an argument on the public airwaves.

  5. The depth of Menendez’ stupidity is so obviously simple, I don’t know why you didn’t say it, Murph? What congressman NEEDS money, especially if he has to break the law to do it?
    You need a million? You’re always the first to hear if the FDA is going to say if Novartis’ new drug won’t work! So short a million shares of Novartis. Poof. Instant $10 million in your pocket!
    Glaxo’s new drug WILL work? Buy a million calls of Glaxo. Poof! Instant $20 Mill in your pocket. And it’s PERFECTLY LEGAL! I mean, not for you or I, but for a congressman? Yupper! So why would ANY congressman be STUPID enough to take a bribe when their own laws allow them to steal their asses off from ALL investors LEGALLY ??!!
    HE is guilty of gross stupidity!

  6. Two words: Christie and Bridgegate.

    Three words: New Jersey and Mafia. Corruption is a way of life there, which is The Soprano was set there.

  7. god DAM!!!!! this is SO f@cking easy?!?!?!?!??! the democrats are like my drug dealer. what is so hard about this one. he/she has something i want (ring dings, zing zongs, happy humpers, jumpin jingos), and i have something he/she wants….(all that green). but its always, where you at, you said 5 mins 20 mins ago, you said you were turning in the parking lot, you said $20 bucks not $50??? why are things that in concept should be as easy as brushing your teeth all of a sudden marked up against nuclear plans???
    but all jokes aside, what in the actual F@CK was bob trying to get past us?? he takes out $500 racks because thats what he did in cuba when castro was confescating it?? ok people tell me im not the only one?!?!? old bribe em with a benz bob was born in i think 54 and his parents came in 53….i THINK that was before the whole castro thing but i may be wrong….OH OH OH…and isnt the buck stops at the next door down bob A MEMBER OF THE GOD DAM BNANKING COMMITTEE????? if he is so scared of the banking system in america he should resign from congress right now…if ANY congressman has $500 racks anywhere othere than a bank they shuld aLSO RESIGN!/



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