The Republican party is an abject disgrace in the year 2021. Some of its elected officials have no place in any kind of civilized human endeavor and Paul Gosar fits that description to a tee. Here is Gosar’s latest. It’s racked up 2.2 million views in less than 24 hours.


The tweeted video – which he captioned, “Any anime fans out there?” – opens with Gosar’s name under Japanese text that reads “attack of immigrants,” an apparent reference to the anime show “Attack on the Titan” from which the Republican pulled various clips.

The video then goes on to show footage of immigrants at the southern border, overlaying the footage with anime-style special effects and crosscutting with interstitials that read “drugs, crime, poverty, money, gangs, violence” and “trafficking.”

About midway into the video, “Attack on the Titan main character Eren Yaeger is shown in a mashup of clips with Gosar’s face photoshopped onto the cartoon character. Swords in both hands, the fictionalized Gosar scales a European-esque urban landscape alongside cartoon versions of Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Lauren Bobert, R-Colo., until slaying what appears to be a titan with Ocasio-Cortez’s face photoshopped onto it.

There is no work place where this would be tolerated. But anything goes, evidently, in this era of owning the libs. Republican representatives are trolls, not legislators. Appalling but true.

Toward the end, the cartoon Gosar is shown leaping into the air with his blades unsheathed moments before striking the photoshopped head of President Joe Biden.

Attack on Titan,” a best-selling Japanese manga series created by Hajime Isayama, is set in a world in which humanity lives inside a city surrounded by walls guarding its populace from human-eating beasts called “titans”. Though the creator has strayed from addressing the politics of the show, it has been interpreted by white nationalists online to be an allegory for U.S., which they say teaches white people to hate themselves for the sins of their ancestors, according to The New Republic. Liberal commentators have meanwhile critiqued show for its possible allusions of anti-Semitic tropes.

This is mental illness, plain and simple. Gosar needs to be censured at the very least. This is glamorizing violence against colleagues, albeit colleagues of the opposing party. It has no place in the adult world, let alone the halls of Congress. Color me disgusted.


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  1. Double Standard!!
    True, shouldn’t have made the killing AOC video….

  2. Yea anime of trump is ok but the dickless Democrats piss and moan when they make a anime on their stupid policies. Then omg it’s a death threat. These are probable the same retards that banned willie coyote and road runner cartoons because of the anvil violence or dynamite usage. Democrats always play that they are the victims always even when they are insisting the actions

    • I’m not all that hip in my advanced age, so it took a while before I found out the “Lets go Brandon” thing. All you tough guy/gal conservatives using this? Hey – I’ll say what I mean straight up. FUCK DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! And every one of you assholes that voted for him.

      All those decades of disgusting memes including hangings, shootings, stabbings etc. of BOTH Clintons, and then the Obamas and then someone turns around and pokes fun at one of you or flat out does what you folks have done for decades and your panties are all in a twist? Perhaps you shouldn’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Oh, and as for the Road Runner just when did it get banned? When I need a laugh I sometimes look up clips. Loved it as a kid (I’m an old fart and Sat. morning cartoons was something we all looked forward to) and sixty years later I still love it! And if I had one wish at this point in life, the flaming orange human shaped RECTUM known as Donald Trump and all of his supporters would be the Coyote in one of those moments where he runs over the edge of a cliff, realizes where he is and has that long fall that ends in the little “poof” of dust at the end. That Trump and Trumpism would just fall far and disappear into a tiny cloud of dust that disperses in a few seconds.

      So again, fuck Donald Trump. In fact, you should yourself cause it’s not like Melania has been willing to do so for for a long, long time. Probably not since she let him have sex with her to produce his youngest son. Or more likely the number of times (as low as she could make it) a year as specified in her pre-nup. Lifestyles of rich and famous ASSHOLES and all that I guess!

      • Moderator’s note: If you want to offer conservative opinions on policy, criticize and even insult then that’s your choice but you might get your fee fees hurt because there are folks here who don’t cower in the corner whimpering when people like you show up. In other words if you want to push then don’t whine when someone pushes back.

        However, the main point I want to make is that the kind of tinfoil hat CT bullshit for which there is no proof and which even with Bilirubin (in case you don’t know it’s what makes shit the color it is) Barr doing Trump’s bidding at DOJ with other Trumpkins in key positions over there no charges were ever filed. And apparently no investigations went anywhere either. THAT kind of crap isn’t permitted.

        Consider yourself warned. As I said insult people and articles here if you like, but continued spouting of Q type garbage is the kind of thing that gets a person banned.

  3. Moderator’s Note: Disinformation isn’t allowed here.
    Trump never HAD a dog. Or a cat. No toy to rip up. In fact, he’s never had a pet. Unless you count Pence. Sessions, Cruz and others he takes such delight in humiliating.
    We do not no and haven’t had an open border. Feel free to criticize border policies like assigning hearing dates for those requesting asylum and released (almost all showed btw (and the bulk of them had their claims denied and they were eventually deported) prior to Trump. But we do, as we always have agents patrolling our borders and arrests for crossing without permission (a misdemeanor in case you don’t know unless you’ve been formally deported, came back and got caught) so our borders aren’t open as you claim
    The FBI (not FIB) doesn’t classify American Parents as domestic terrorists. However, what would you call crowds of people at school board meetings issuing threats up to and including threats of direct bodily harm and even death to school board members and sometimes there families. And accosting them in parking lots and banging on their cars. Sure as hell sounds like domestic terrorism to me, and much of it is organized on social media. If non-white folks organized a march through your neighborhood protesting racism without saying a word and only carrying signs saying stuff like racism is real I’m pretty sure you’d call THEM domestic terrorists!
    As for Rosenbaum, court records in Arizona (yes, they can be obtained instead of relying on memes on right-wing outlets) show he was in fact convicted of sex offenses against minors. Records indicate he himself had been abused as a pre-teen by his father and sadly it’s all too common for (especially males who are conditioned early on that seeking mental health help is “unmanly”) the abused to become abusers themselves. When he was 19 he refused to obey his mom’s rules so she made him leave. A woman he knew took him in for weeks, during which time he molested boys who lived there and watched porn with him. Court records indicate that in addition to touching, he performed oral sex on one of them. He deserved to go to prison for that and did. However rape is a powerful term and it’s clear the intent behind using it is to make people believe he held down minor boys and forced them to submit to anal sex, or forced them to perform it or oral sex on him. Court records don’t back that up! But here’s a question – how could Rittenhouse have known ANY of that at the time? Is “shoot em and let god sort it out what we want happening on our streets? Oh, one last point. Another victim murdered by Rittenhouse had mental health issues and when his brother tried to take him to the hospital for an eval they got into it which wound up resulting in a misdemeanor conviction. And the medic who got his arm shot away had a misdemeanor conviction too several years ago for being armed while intoxicated. It was however a misdemeanor charge and he didn’t lose his right to carry a firearm. But again, there’s no claim by his defense, much less any proof offered that Rittenhouse knew any of this on the night he decided to fulfill his Rambo Fantasies.

    Finally, we can agree that rioters engaging in destruction of property should be charged and punished. As should those who incite riots. But what violence or destruction had the people Rittenhouse shot engage in that he witnesses or even had a friend point out to him were guilty of such actions? Here’s another question since your comment is to a story about someone who incited a seditious riot on our Capitol to stop a Constitutionally prescribed process that had NEVER been interrupted the way it was on January 6?

    Distraction is bad, but doing so with disinformation isn’t kosher here. You are welcome to come here and offer critical comments and even insults. Hell, I insult people all the time here and elsewhere. But I DON’T offer up disinformation or flat out lies – lies that have been disproven. If you want to comment here keep that in mind, or you’ll find you will no longer be allowed to comment at all.

  4. Funny. I’m searching the Internet looking for “video killing aoc” and “cartoon of aoc” and can’t find any cartoon, video, etc. Know what I did find? A whole bunch of cartoons of AOC slugging President Trump and killing President Trump. So why has AOC not been censured? Why hasn’t Maxine Waters been censured for her several public calls for attacks on congress members? What about Ilhan Omar’s constant anti-Semitic tweets and verbal comments? There is a double-standard and if you don’t see it, you’re part of the problem.

    • As I understand it, it was Gosar (or he claims his staff) who put out the video and he/his staff took it down. Now, plenty of people put up nasty stuff on behalf of their side/candidates that those people have no control over. Most can and do denounce it.

  5. Hmmm! What’s wrong with wishing AIC and Biden were dead? The two of them are at the heart of destroying our country. If you must pick a side in a gang war, pick your friends and family over siding with corrupt politicians. Thinking there is a difference between republicans and democrats? Read Animal Farm.

    • Making videos about killing, or inciting others to “take care of them” with memes advocating direct violence is what’s wrong. Lots of people wish Trump was dead, and I somehow doubt you are ok with that! I don’t happen to be one of the latter, at least not for a while. I want Trump, wannabe Princess Ivanka, his other two spawn Uday & Qusay from his first marriage, along with Stephen Miller, Sessions, Barr, Meadows, Bannon and so many more who did so much to wreck this country both domestically and internationally in only four years to die ONLY after they’ve sat for a good long while in prison where they deserve to be. On a scratchy blanket with a shitty Lindell quality pillow under their head, wearing an ugly orange jumpsuit and breathing prison air. And listening to the taunts from other prisoners as they whine their way to their last breath over how unfair it is that people like them have to face actual consequences for their crimes. Including against humanity. If you don’t like that then I have no fucks to give. But I will say you’re flirting with advocating direct violence and that’s a no-no here on this site.


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