Think of the benefits of being a MAGA insider. One size fits all in terms of job descriptions, you just change hats. Christina Bobb, for example, will sign off on legal paperwork one day for Donald Trump and then the next she’s in front of the cameras, reporting on his latest show biz event.

Who at CNN has a law degree — besides the legal staff, I’m talking about the anchors? I would find it entertaining to have Jim Acosta or Anderson Cooper sign off on a piece of legal work involving Joe Biden and then go interview him that same evening when he does a national address. I think the ethical considerations for both professions of journalism and law are so intriguing that final exams ought to contain questions on this very thing.

In all events, here is Trump lawyer/Trump anchor speculating why there aren’t more Trump viewers in attendance to watch Trump appointee J.D. Vance become the inheritor of Rob Portman’s old Senate seat: assuming that’s possible.

There will be hell to pay if it is metal detectors. Remember this gem?

The Great Pumpkin-colored One will ascend to the stage soon now, very soon. Or at least that’s the hope. It’s well known that Trump doesn’t like to go in front of a partial crowd. Somebody should have called Spielberg and said, “Hey, how do I get an army of extras out into the Ohio night?” because if history is any guide, the star of this epic is going to get upset with less than a full house.

Maybe MAGAs posing as FBI agents can chase all the cars out of neighboring fast food drive-thrus and other parking lots and direct them down the road, so Donald can have a proper crowd. Sheesh, I have to think of everything. I’ll send Save America my bill.



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  1. The only way this crowd is stuck in a line that involves metal detectors is if they’re being processed into their richly deserved prison accommodations.

    • Now there’s an image. You recall, obviously, how the COVID vaccine magnetized people and quarters and spoons would stick to them. Okay. Fast forward to tonight in Ohio, and revolvers and AR-15s are sticking to magnetized people. And some of them fly through the air really fast. Ouch!

      • Trump’s, “What’s up and what’s down, DOC” — “Seems like a LOT less people to massage my incredibly huge ego”, … Trump is only here to step into the spot lights and reveal even more lack of ANY intelligence … His Doc better prepare some really super uppers, Trumpty Dumpty, is headed for a giant fall …

        Trump should pay for a qualified ambulance crew on site, to scrape up whatever is left of his huge lying ass after the final notice from the DOJ/NY AG/District courts and their annoyed Judges, salivating at the chance to finally pinch off the Trump candle wick …
        I like your idea of a, “cast-of-thousands” showing up for a boost to Trump’s hungry EGO … only to stop at the rear staging door, passing a message to Trump himself, we cannot come in until you pay us wages!! … Real tears from an orange man without a bought and paid for crowd …


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