Politics is a deep and complex subject. Like an archeological dig, it has many layers and the more you delve into them, the more data you unearth and find more depth still. It’s a field without limit, encompassing history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, other disciplines. The formal study is called Political Science for a reason.

But then there’s tele tubby Trump, the Marmalade MAGAt and there is one, count ’em one aspect of politics which he understands and that is publicity. Television publicity, to be precise.

Trump saw the role of president on the television set and decided it was one he could “play.” He saw it as ceremonial in nature and didn’t have the slightest idea about the work that was really involved. After four interminable and catastrophic years, he wants to return to the job. He wants the American people to forget that they just fired him and rehire him. Here’s his sales pitch.

Here we go again folks, theatrics in lieu of training, rhetoric instead of responsible action, and cinema rather than serious thought and effort.

This is all Trump knows. He has an instinctive understanding of television and I give him that. Television is the only thing he understands, the only thing he’s ever been good at. And miraculously, television landed him the most important job in the world.

In Trump’s mind he is entitled to go back to the White House and entitled to stay the rest of his days, for all that we know. The sublime irony of all this is that Trump never liked the job. He has said any number of times that he had a “better life” before he got in the White House. If he gets back in, you can rest assured that it will be one non stop revenge tour.

Trump is driven to get back to Washington again, because in his childlike mind, that’s the next act in the play. He’s got to keep the limelight on himself and he’s got to get back to the roar of the crowd. He’s got to regain all the attention that he once had.

The clip you just saw is a watered down version of his American Carnage inauguration speech. The “forgotten people” that he, and he alone can save.

“I AM YOUR VOICE!” scream the ending credits.

Maybe he can do it. Maybe he can get 70,000 votes in three states and pull off a miracle. Again. First, let’s see him get the GOP nomination. Right now it’s supposedly a shoo in, but it’s only February, 2023. The first caucus will be in January, 2024. It’s a long way between now and then.


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  1. Am I mistaken or is the paint scheme on his jet that shit “Melanie” (trying and failing to be Jackie) came up with for the new jets of the Presidential fleet? It’s ugly. What I’d love is for someone with the computer skills to re-dub the music – inserting kazoos playing the tune. And so many of those pictures where you could see a shitload of open space beyond the “crowd” have a cartoon balloon drawn in/inserted with the words “MANY ‘thousands’ of people!” I’m sure others can come up with more stuff to make a send-up of this ad to put out on the internet!

    • That was my impression too. It’s all plane. Guess that’s better than having to look at him and watch him lying to those gullible folks.

  2. He went to East Palestine, because they are his people. They are MAGA’s. Television did get him name and face recognition he didn’t have before, but he’s not an actor. On Apprentice, all he did was be himself with scripted guardrails. It seems that’s the best they could do with him was to steer him in a general direction and edit out what was unacceptable.

  3. He relaxed the very regulations that lead to these types of disasters. He has no earthly idea of the suffering of those poor folks or the ongoing damage, disease, or even lifestyle of working class people. He’s done this tone deaf performance in Puerto Rico. He showed up in California after the devastating fires and blamed them for not sweeping the forest. The best outcome would be him in a perp walk sometime before Garland gets cold feet about the next election. Maybe Jack, or the other prosecutors will shift the news in a positive way. We can only hope. Personally I’m going with the Sundance kid’s response in the opening scene of Butch Cassidy…prayer.

  4. The very idea of Trump being back in the White House is enough to give people nightmares. Also, he would most likely be in prison by the time the next election comes around. That’s where he truly belongs. No diet coke, no hamburgers, no ketchup for throwing at the walls.

  5. I do not think they edited out the unacceptable. Trump.handed them and billionaires whatever they wanted, because he completely lacks basic decency, morality, compassion and fairness. He will say or do any thing that makes him.money and increases his power, and currently,keeps him.out of jail.

  6. I am unwilling to spend another second reading or listening about what the asshole Trump does. It is time for prison and then the firing squad.

  7. This was definitely about him, not the people of East Palestine, Ohio. The message is, I AM THE ONE! The opening is way over the top and the whole thing seems focused on the phallus symbol the plane’s fuselage represents. What he says makes sense, if you could believe him. I don’t and the record says you cannot. This guy wants to be many things, from a dictator to a superhero and everything in between. What is he? A sad, fat, old, liar with delusions of grandeur! Then there’s the part where he’s a criminal and perhaps even a traitor!

  8. A bigger irony is that we liberals see this and criticize the bombast.
    What we miss, unfortunately, is its extreme effectiveness with the target audience. To those self-perceived “forgotten people,” that line “I am your voice!” resonates, and motivates them to vote and contribute money to return him to the rightful office “the democrats stole from him,” cheating them of “their voice” in America. That final line “President” Donald Trump is not lost on them. Their “president” came to them, Biden didn’t.
    This blind spot is our Achilles heel. I wish our messaging were even half as effective as theirs.


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