Yesterday was quite the day, what with the conclusion (so far as we know for now) of the January 6 Committee’s reports.

Randy Rainbow didn’t miss a beat. Today, he got right on yesterday, and he’s on top of it.

One of my favorite clips is in here, where Trump announces the election is over, and then he thinks better of it. What a doofus.

I wish we could have locked him up yesterday, but tomorrow will be good, too. Say, then Randy Rainbow can do the song, “Tomorrow” from Annie, right? I can’t wait.

Any day, any time, anyplace, is the right moment to perp walk Trump to the House of Many Doors.

We’ve got Randy Rainbow and Barbra Streisand, Trump’s got Kevin Sorbo and Jon Voight. There’s a message in that.


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  1. As always. Complete brilliance. Absolutely hilarious.

    Randy Rainbow is a national treasure.

    As you can tell by their utterings, there are no right wing parodists, they confuse it with reality.

    • And when they do laugh, it is bullying mockery, like Fat Donnie imitating the disabled reporter or making fun of women he has assaulted nu saying they’re not his type, implying they ate fat or ugly. The right has few comedians. And Trump refused to hold White,House Press Association dinners. He cannot near to be.teased or mocked.

  2. This has actually been out for a bit. I was lucky enough to catch it when it was brand new (I have his ppage bookmarked but I don’t check all my ookmarks every day – I have to sleep some time.) But as others have said, it really is timeless.


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