A titmouse was a bird, oddly named, we admit, until the era of Lauren Boebert. She is a titmouse. She is a mouse, intellectually (yes, I realize I’m insulting mice) and she spent a lot of money on implants, while not paying her workers. So she qualifies as a titmouse, at least in this new, secondary dictionary meaning which I just now invented: Titmouse: noun. “1) A small bird, 2) unless you’re talking about politics, then it refers to a shrill stupid woman with a chest the size of her IQ.” see, Lauren Boebert

Boebert is being primaried and the election is one month from now, June 28. How we can’t wait to see her go down in flames.

Watch this, it’s high comedy.

Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. I’m on the floor because I have the image of Boebert’s horrific heckling of Joe Biden during the State of the Union address — and she’s demanding order? I may need to get heart medication if these sudden shocks continue. My head has already exploded, so forget about it.

Boebert is dumb as a rock and her opponent, Don Coram, is measured and calm. Colorado Newsline:

Though Coram’s campaign claimed that the candidates agreed on a “paper and pencil” policy — meaning they could have paper on stage to take realtime notes but could not bring prepared information — Boebert had pre-written notes she referenced frequently throughout the debate.

“She shows up with a notebook of answers already, and I’m up there with not even a piece of paper. I thought that was a bit disingenuous, but I also realize that’s her only operative, because she can’t think on her feet,” Coram told reporters afterwards.

The first question revolved around this week’s mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman murdered 19 elementary school children and two teachers. The candidates were asked what role Congress has in reducing mass shootings and what reforms, if any, they would support.

Coram responded that he wants to prioritize mental health support, a common Republican response to gun reform questions.

“Republicans and Democrats, for years, have talked about mental health. Mental health is the cause of a lot of the problems that we have in these shootings. But we have not put the commitment together to fund the necessary treatment and address those issues,” he said.

The Uvalde shooter had no known history of mental health problems, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday.

Boebert, who is a vocal supporter of gun rights and owns a firearm-themed restaurant, said that additional laws won’t fix the problem, as criminals will just disregard them.

“We cannot legislate away evil,” she said. “We need to be able to arm and protect ourselves. Moms need to be able to have a tool — an equalizer — to protect their children. Our teachers need to be well equipped and trained and certified to also protect our children.”

Teachers as security guards, secret agents, cops. It’s a bit difficult to imagine. The best teachers I ever had in grades 1-12 had a love of learning, first and foremost, and they liked kids. They wanted to pass on to their classroom what had been given to them, a love of books, a lifelong desire to grow. That doesn’t seem to comport with para-military training. But then again, look at who is making the suggestion.

I do so hope that Boebert goes down in flames. it would be great if she lost the primary but it will be just fine if she survives that and goes on to lose in November.

We got rid of Cawthorn. Probably we’ll be stuck with Greene, but maybe not. Georgia is in flux these days, to put it mildly. But if we can just get two out of three bagged, Cawthorn and Boebert, that will be a major improvement.

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  1. I hope that Boebert loses, but Coram isn’t going to be a lot of help.
    (The guy in Uvalde didn’t have any kind of record in the system because *he’d just turned 18*.)

    • It might be better for we progressives if Boebert does pass on to the general. We have a lot of independents in CO 03 who I am sure will see past her implants and insult oriented presentations. She certainly has nothing to run on.

      • I hope so. I am hoping moderatesqnd democrats who may not vote very offen come out. I just wish prices would go down because that is killing Biden job performance even though he has no concern. If those stupid import taxes Trump put on China goods still applies Biden should see about cutting the tax and make up the money taxing the super rich back to their last levels.

  2. You must be feeling generous. Saying Bobblehead’s IQ matches the size of that fake rack of hers is I believe over-estimating the capability of her brain-housing-group.

  3. I had to go look it up to find out what on earth she was on about. “Hot hemp”? I was momentarily confused until she pulled out the “illegal drug dealer” line! Yeah, that’s right, “hot” as in slang for illegal! ?

    Well, that blew me away… with laughter! Evidently, the Bobo clown is unaware that cannabis in Colorado has been legal for medical use since 2000 and for recreational use since late 2012 thanks to a ballot proposition that passed with overwhelming support. Good grief, even I knew that and I only spent 4 days in Colorado and that was back in the last century!

    Her primary challenger, Don Coram, was on the state committee to craft legislation to regulate the farming of commercial hemp (he comes from a long line of farmers). Sometime after that, he had a small share (under 10% I believe) in a 20-acre hemp farm – not 500 acres, Bobo, you nutcase – but the venture failed so he didn’t make any money on it let alone the $25mil that the batshit crazy clown claimed he had!

    The audience was certainly well aware that hemp farming is legal in Colorado and Don Coram has been in the state legislature for years so he’s far better known in the community than she is. So while I’d like her to win the primary because she’d be much easier for the Democrat to beat, I think she’ll lose. I reckon her own constituents have had a gutful.

    I plan to write an article soon that will include some fun trivia about Don Coram but first I have to help out the Furkids team with their Sunday column – no rest for the wicked! ?

  4. Quite an endorsement:
    “I say this with all the disrespect,” began Atlantic contributing writer and podcast host Jemele Hill. Boebert “is the dumbest person in Congress. She makes [Margie Taylor Greene] and Tommy Tuberville look like Rhodes Scholars.”

    • When you consider that Lauren Boebert and Katie Porter have the same job title, same rate of pay, it’s enough to make your head explode. At least that is the effect it has on me.

      • Well what do you expect. It took Boebert 4 times to passed her GED. I guess homeschooling is the best if you want to learn lies and conspiracy theories. It is like she will make up anything she thing people will be shocked about.. Well people are shocked but not in a good way.. She is such a idiot.

  5. Boebert is absolutely right: laws won’t eliminate evil. That’s why we should repeal the laws against murder and rape — after everyone is carrying a concealed firearm, of course….

  6. I live in Bobo’s district and we are thrilled that Coram stepped up! He is a known quantity here and “should” be easily elected in the primary. Unless there is election fraud of course. ?

    • I’ve seen Coram in two clips. In both he came across as normal and sane — which for a Republican, in this day and age, is an achievement.

      I was born and raised in a suburb of Denver and went to college in Boulder. Granted, I left in the late 70’s but I can’t see this bimbo lasting in Colorado politics. She’s the female Cawthorn and I think she’ll find the same fate. Fingers crossed.



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