Some body gave Donnie Darko up to the feds. Was it the rabbit? Maybe it was the rabbit. Does Donald Trump see rabbits in the dark, or does he just hear them whispering?

You know he must hear them whispering, or at the very least nibbling or hopping around. Something jerks this man awake in the wee hours to begin banging away on a cell phone to social media.

We don’t know all the details yet of what sparked the timing of this executed search warrant. And Trump may not know, either. And that’s why this ad will drive him nuts. Many a true word spoken in jest.

At this point the January 6 Committee has spoken to everybody but Trump, or pretty close to it. I personally am waiting for Mark Meadows to be called to testify. That’s my pet theory, that he’s the one that’s going to nail the Trump coffin shut.

So many questions, so many answers to come.

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