I don’t know why Fox News puts Greg Gutfeld on the air, they’ve already got all the comedy they need with Crazy Woman Screaming At Clouds Jeanine Pirro. Take a look at this :40 super cut of Jeanine Pirro being, shall we say, less than stellar? It would be comical on its own, but when it comes in the context of her disparaging Joe Biden for “losing it” it’s even funnier.

Is it Jug Jeanine or Judge Jeanine? In any event, Jim Acosta is not remiss in calling Fox News “the bullshit factory.” They’re way past pots and kettles time, they are indeed, The Bullshit Factory.


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    • I’m with you on this as well, trying to think of ANYONE that uses FOX for a platform that actually seems to, “have it”, it must be drugs or that nagging Poison Ivy that keeps them moving … a bunch of freaks with way too much time in their hands … /s

  1. It’s times like theses that make me glad I only have over the air TV reception……no Faux News, OANN, etc.

    Besides, reruns of Gilligan’s Island are much more based in fact.



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