We have a lot of cases of first impression these days, which may necessitate the implementation of some kind of a removal procedure in the House of Representatives. It’s not just George Santos and his myriad lies, Paul Gosar has been in horrific shape for quite some time.

Gosar’s condition has progressed to where the question is now down to when he collapses, not if.

The Arizona congressman was on Stew Peters show and it went off the rails. Gosar looked like he was having some kind of a fit and that was before Peters came up with the great punchline about Gosar in the White House with Peters as his VP.

The explanations for Gosar’s condition range from Parkinson’s to cerebral palsy to being on meth. Maybe Gosar’s got his own malady that will be named after him, like Lou Gehrig did. Gosar has gotten so oddball in recent years and he truly is the elephant in the room that everybody ignores.

Peters looks alarmed during this interview. He does not look comfortable. And that makes perfect sense, since he’s talking to somebody who’s not even sure he’s in the room or not. Gosar literally weaves in and out of coherency (a relative term, when applied to him) with each swoop and dip of his head. He looks like a bird pulling earthworms from the ground as he tries to focus on the conversation. Peters looks like he regretted booking Gosar.

The time has arrived for some kind of a bill to seek the removal of congress members who are demonstrating severe physical or mental disabilities that will prevent them from discharging their duties. We can’t have impaired people like this making laws. This is sheer madness. This is banana republic time, not what you would expect of a civilized nation.


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  1. Problem is the first person they would propose other than Biden would be Fetterman. Goober gosling does look like he’s coming apart. Is his head attached? Having dealt with traumatic brain injuries, developmental problems and psychiatric conditions, it appears SOMETHING serious is going on. He has no control over some of his motor functions. Bad sign. He doesn’t talk fast enough for meth. Ha.

  2. The interviewer appears to be neurologiclly normal, but if you listen to what he says, he’s just as out of it as Gosar, if not more so.

  3. Physical disabilities should never ever disqualify anyone who is otherwise capable of the job and shame on anyone who should suggest it. Plenty of people have similar symptoms and conditions that are perfectly sharp mentally. Mental acuity is of course a horse of a different color, and I questions his.

  4. Well I was wondering. I know since 2015 that this has been an issue. I picked up on this about then and so has a lot of people. I did the modern thing nowadays. I googled him. He claims he’s as healthy as a horse. What he says is he has bad disks in his back and neck. He claims that and a history of genetics and a history of playing rugby. Well I’ve got some serious injuries and played hard on motorcycles and I don’t make moves like that. I would wonder what sort of genetics we are talking about. The guy needs help. He’s had uncontrollable movements in his hands/arms since at least 2015 where he was seen hiding his hand’s because of the shaking.

  5. If this traitorous wannabe murderer has some physical ailment he needs to make it known, preferably right before he resigns and goes off like a seriously injured carnivore to die. Without knowing, the public will draw their own conclusions regarding his physical behavior. Even if he does the honorable thing and resigns right now, his legacy will still look like a shart in white cotton shorts. Go away shit stain!


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