Let’s hope you’re able to see this epic troll of Elon Musk on Twitter before Twitter goes dark altogether — which is something that has been threatened. The platform has had trouble loading for a few days and last night Musk sent out the Memo From Hell to his employees.

Nobody can make anything like this up. This is, unfortunately, real.

“We will need to be extremely hardcore,” Musk reportedly wrote to staffers. “This will mean working long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade.” If that promise somehow fails to entice, workers can opt for three months’ severance instead. Here’s the result he generated, which is different from what he wanted.

Musk has said that somewhere down the road he will get somebody else to act as CEO and that is the most hopeful thing anyone has heard. About 7,000 people have lost their jobs at Twitter so far and the place is a mess. The Atlantic:

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, the suggestion that he might run the platform into the ground was, for many, including me, a shorthand. Many supposed that Musk would roll back key moderation policies or reinstate some banned accounts, or that his ownership would be some kind of anti-woke bat signal, flooding the platform with people who are attracted to social media for its capacity to alienate people.

Instead, less than a month into Musk’s tenure, he seems to be doing everything in his power to throw a wrench in the gears of Twitter’s infrastructure. As some Twitter insiders predicted, Musk has drastically and indiscriminately cut engineering staff with crucial institutional knowledge and gutted teams that deal with Twitter’s complex legal and privacy policies and their enforcement.

He’s also frozen code deployment and has pledged to disconnect Twitter’s microservices, which are part of the website’s technical architecture, but which Musk sees as costly bloat. Anecdotally, users across the world—and specifically outside the United States—are reporting all kinds of abnormalities and glitches in the way tweets load. Since Musk’s layoffs started, current and former Twitter engineers have publicly and privately expressed concern that the world’s richest man is making decisions that could cause Twitter to structurally decay and go offline during peak moments.

In recent days, I’ve had conversations with three former Twitter employees, all with varying knowledge of the platform’s infrastructure. They each argued that Musk appears to know very little about how the company he purchased actually works—that Twitter has its own, custom-built and self-hosted infrastructure, which runs out of multiple data centers, for example.

And they were uncertain whether those crucial and complex parts of the company were still adequately staffed: Thousands of people have been laid off from Twitter in recent days, and remaining employees were offered buyouts yesterday.

And you read his threatening memo. Musk justifies his demands by saying that he personally used to put in 120-hour weeks at Tesla and sleep on the floor.  Musk is the Boss From Hell and Twitter used to have a great work culture, or so many former employees are saying. It’s a shame that companies can be bought out by people who haven’t the slightest idea what they’ve purchased or how to run them, but unfortunately, you see it every day.

I do love the projectionists’ troll. That is cherce, as Archie Bunker used to say.

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  1. Just read in Kos many, maybe most, of the remaining twitter employees are saying Adios when presented with the choice of working the long hours, etc. or leaving. Twitter was an awfully expensive toy for musk to buy and break in one of his little fits. Sad for the employees however given how many tech employees are out of work and how few tech jobs there are to fill at the moment. It will be a very good day for this country when the rest of musk’s nonsense goes the way of twitter and he departs for home in south africa. Or at least I hope that will be where he goes it being his home and all that.

  2. This AOC twitt is still going;

  3. And more and more of us are coming to understand that these “social media” data mining sites are a cancer on society and the world, and like cancer must be obliterated!



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