Drop everything, friends, we need to listen to “Dr.” Ronny Jackson. He’s not passed out in a hotel room today, unlike on other occasions when his medical expertise was needed. No, he’s awake now and not slurring his words and he’s attacking Joe Biden.

Jackson is a real piece of work. Stroll down memory lane with CNN, back to when Donald Trump nominated Jackson to head the Veterans Administration. This is the authority figure that Fox News, who else, went to to comment on the President’s dust up with Peter Doocy yesterday — and Doocy is a dumb son of a bitch, if we simply want to fact check the matter.

Among the most damaging allegations: Jackson was drunk and “wrecked a government vehicle” while at a going-away party. It also says that “on at least one occasion” Jackson “could not be reached when needed because he was passed out drunk in his hotel room.”

The documents did not include further significant details, the document states, in part to “protect the identities of those involved.”

Jackson has not responded to the full slate of charges, but while speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, denied the allegation that he wrecked the government car, and said that he is staying in the nomination process.

“I have no idea where that is coming from,” Jackson said at the White House. “I have not wrecked a car. I can tell you that.”

The allegations in the document are unsubstantiated, and members of the committee are working to learn more about the alleged incidents that have been relayed to them by Jackson’s former and current colleagues.

Other allegations included in the document include that Jackson would prescribe medications when “other physicians would not” and that the White House’s medical unit had “questionable record keeping for pharmaceuticals,” making it difficult to account for all controlled substances. In one instance, according to the document, Jackson provided “a large supply” of Percocet to a White House Military Office staffer, throwing the White House Medical Unit staff “into a panic” when it could not account for it.

And of course Trump was more outrageous than Biden on any number of occasions, but we can’t speak of that, because It’s Okay If You’re A Republican. Exhibit “A”.

And here’s an encounter with a reporter that is 1,000 times worse than what Biden did and nobody says anything. And Trump never apologized for any of these gaffes. Biden did. Biden promptly admitted fault and attempted to set things straight.

This one is a favorite of mine. This is John McCain handing Peter Doocy his ass. Good for him. Good for Biden. I think the issue here is that Doocy is in fact a stupid son of a bitch but again, that’s why he’s got the job he’s got. He needs to be able to ask these asinine questions with a straight face, and with the expectation that the person answering will decide to act as if the question is a normal one, and not completely moronic. McCain doesn’t do that here.

Another day, another mess on the stove as the cultural stew pot boils over.

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  1. Who cares what Dr Pill Popper thinks? That first debate btwn Trump & Biden during the election proved beyond a doubt that President Biden is definitely fit. The rethugs have been saying, since day one, that Biden has lost it, etc. Yet the argument has never gotten legs because every time Biden speaks, he demolishes it.

  2. Okay, last I checked, controlled substances had to be accounted for. If even one is missing, all hell breaks loose. I tend to doubt that the white house medical unit was to blame. My guess is the blame falls on Ronnie.


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