I fear that the midterm elections could be a hot mess with what’s going on in Warren, Michigan today. Trumpty Dumpty is holding yet another rally of his QAnon Kult.

As usual, the faithful arrived early, the Dead Head portion of MAGA that follows the rallies nationwide as the originators of the name “Dead Head” used to follow the Grateful Dead.

And you can expect the usual half dozen Blacks For Trump. But this Saturday there are a few more wrinkles in the fabric. The Election Integrity Force is out and they are recruiting.

I’ll tell you why this could turn into a hot mess. The League Of Women Voters has poll watchers and poll challengers but these are regulated from state to state and the laws are not uniform. It sounds like these Michigan clowns are attempting to put into effect yet another way to disrupt the election process and who’s to stop them, when there’s such variance in the law governing such things nationwide?

And of course the rally has other bozos. It would not be complete without Mike Lindell, right?

And he weighs in on the “worst Republicans in history” and not the ones that the yous and mes would ascribe that title to. Not by a long shot.

Here’s another particle physicist in the crowd.

It’s hard to top something that stupid but this guy succeeded.

Magic wand. Righto. Maybe it’s the same magic want that Trump uses to declassify documents just by thinking about it, ya spose?

The day is young. We’ll be monitoring the madness, per usual.


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  1. Obviously the guy making the Anderson Cooper remark doesn’t understand that supporting “women’s rights” and supporting “a woman who’s a Fascist c-word” are NOT the same thing.

    Then again, he’s at a Trump rally so–not exactly the brightest bulb in the lamp fixture.

  2. “Election Integrity” my ass. They will be challenging anyone who doesn’t look like their idea of a Trump supporter. The only credentials that should be respected are issued by the State. Otherwise call the State Police.


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