“Claimed to be a cop. Wasn’t. Claimed to be an FBI agent. Wasn’t. Claimed to be high school valedictorian”….you get the idea. It’s Herschel Walker we’re talking about. And neither he — nor any of his multiple personalities — were any of the things that Walker claims to have been.

Herschel Walker is a character out of the movie Idiocracy, there’s no question about that.

Here is Bill Maher “translating for liberal America.”

Walker memorizes as many talking points as he can and then he improvises. The “mist” that cures COVID-19 should have disqualified him from running for office in the first place, but not in America. Not with who we are now.

Maybe Maher is right and the Republicans hate what the Democrats are selling so bad, that they run an epic clown for U.S. senator. The problem in America is that politics has become entertainment and performative jackassery. This is not to our benefit.

Warnock and Walker were tied yesterday, the day of their debate. I cannot imagine that that race could be tied now, after Walker made a flaming ass of himself but again, maybe Maher is right. The more of an ass a Republican makes of himself, the greater the chances of getting elected.

Except it doesn’t seem to be going like that all the time. Ask Sarah Palin. She thought the old magic would hold and down in flames she went.

America may be tired of all this. I pray that we are. Maybe we’re entering a post tea party, post Trump era. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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  1. I fear laughing at Walker will backfire on us. We should criticize him to be sure, especially his violence towards women and neglect of his kids, but laughing at his lack of intelligence feeds into the worst tropes of racism.

    • Not to knock you, figuratively, upside the head Dino but he received a scholarship to play football at a fairly good university. He’s the one who did not take advantage of the gift he was given and in fact did not even bother to graduate. His lack of intelligence should probably just be called ignorance since he did not bother to pay attention in the classes he may have attended but he was given something others could have and likely would have taken the fullest advantage of. Athletes do get scholarships, play sports AND attend classes. I know this may shock you but many of them actually, wait for it, graduate.

      Walker may have had, at one time, a high enough I.Q. to be given the scholarship he received. He did not use it to its fullest advantage…in fact he wasted it if what he says and does is any to go by (and it is). That’s on him and has nothing to do with racism. The full opportunity was there for him but he chose not to do the work. I suspect many athletes are like him and color has very little to do with it.

  2. A nation of soulless, shallow, self important fame seekers & money grubbers will vote for this sorry excuse of a man. We are NOT the hope of the world. We are what we should hope the world doesn’t become…lost.

  3. I’m sorry Maher, you’re wrong…yet again. Democrats try to sell things that make the country a better place to live for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical ability, ethnicity, wealth or lack thereof, and a fuck ton of other differences that make our country what it is. The term “melting pot” is not a static term. It changes as people change. The democrats say “hey, welcome to our political party”. The ‘pubes say “get the fuck away from us before we shoot your ass”. The democrats say “come participate in our democratic republic” and the ‘pubes say “nope, not you for ___ reason”.

    I could give a flying fuck less whether some man, lady, or whatever the fuck gender they come up with next decides to take up teaching, gets the education and teaching certificate, and shows up to fucking teach. He/she/it can have tits dragging on the fucking floor and be tripping on the fuckers but if that same teacher can DO THE FUCKING JOB I really do not care. Pay the teacher and move the fuck on. The ‘pubes may not like that. Hell, I imagine there are democrats that look at that and say “WTF???” We still say “come join us, we don’t care”. What the fuck kind of political party looks at someone and on the basis of that, says “nope, you can’t join us”. It’s like the g_d-damned second grade F.F.S.

    No, Maher once again does NOT have a point. He’s tearing down the party that welcomes everyone and making excuses for the one that not only has a guest list if you will, but also is in the process of tearing the country apart. Maher, you’re not helping, you never have and I suspect you never will. STFU because you are, and have been for a long time, irrelevant.



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