How do Mike and Mother Pence, who are the holiest of holies, we are led to believe, reconcile with the fact that Donald Trump is a flagrant adulterer? Doesn’t this flout their cherished beliefs somewhat? That is the question posed in this latest jewel from the Lincoln Project.

Pence is so serious about how important the commandment is, the cement that holds civilization together, all that — and then he just lovvvves him some Donald Trump. Epic hypocrisy, much?

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  1. Mike Pence is so phony …..I think he’s got some issues ….I mean who calls their wife Mother ! I wonder if she spanks him when he’s a bad boy ?

      • Yeah. There was an episode of “Mama’s Family” that played on that point. The episode was set a day or so before Thelma’s birthday and she was hinting (unsuccessfully) about the only thing she wanted. At any rate, Vint’s boss comes over (shortly after Vint’s shown Bubba the homemade gift he’s fixed for Mama) with a diamond bracelet he was going to give his wife for an anniversary present. He addressed the present “To Mother” (or maybe “To Mama”) so you can imagine the hilarity that ensues after Thelma comes across “Vint’s present” to her.

        When Vint’s boss comes back and discovers that Thelma’s returned the bracelet and bought gifts for her family, he’s obviously incensed but Thelma makes a retort about what kind of man calls his wife “Mother.”

        (The episode was from Season 5; the title is “Many Unhappy Returns.”)


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