Wow! And here I thought that the GOP shit couldn’t get much weirder. The bedside radio that Teri has on 24/7 has a little kink. On early Sunday mornings, they replay old America’s Top 40 broadcasts with Casey Kasem. There can be something jarring about waking up to Sonny and Cher’s I got you, babe, or Cabaret.

You know, there’s an old Hollywood axiom that also has relevance in politics. It goes, Yeah, but what have you done for me lately, baby? In a normal midterm, it’s a referendum on the incumbent administration. The party in power proudly touts the accomplishments of the last two years, and the party out of power responds, But are you really better off than you were two years ago? Waddaya done for me lately, babe?

I mention this because I saw chunks of both the Ohio GOP Senate debate as well as the Pennsylvania Senate GOP debate, and I swear to God, I thought that I was waking up to an old Casey Kasem rerun on the radio.

In both of the debates, Ohio and Pennsylvania, it was like a blast from the past. The dominant subject of the night was Traitor Tot, and his political brilliance. But there was one subject that overwhelmed even Trump. And that subject was The Big Lie.

In both debates, almost every one of the candidates eye gouged and knee groined each other to be the one who was most vociferous in his or her defense of Stop the Steal! In both debates, a moderator asked if it wasn’t time to move past the disappointment of 2020, and look to the future, and the responses were all variations of the same theme, We can’t move forward until we understand and grasp the audacity of the stolen 2020 election.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. At least in the Senate, the GOP platform for 2022 is going to be the stolen 2020 election. Even candidates who didn’t get His Lowness’ blessing jumped on the bandwagon, possibly hoping to snag his endorsement if they survive the primary. The GOP Senate’s 2022 platform is literally a Casey Kasem rerun.

Look, I see, hear, and read a whole lot of polls, when my eyes allow, so I can write about them. And I can pretty well guarantee you that, when I look at polls about the things that are most important to voters going into November, The Stolen 2020 Election ranks somewhere to the south of genital warts. But that’s the only thing that these schmucks can find to run on, cuz, ya know, Trump.

That’s why I love the primaries. Because the GOP’s hardcore base that votes in primaries is so insane, candidates have to veer right of Pluto for the primary, and then try to veer back again to Earth I in order to attract moderate and independent voters.

Can you imagine the frivolity to follow in a general election debate? The Democratic candidate calmly outlines Democratic successes for the last two years, talks about his or her own plans and agenda, and then turn to the opponent and say something like, I understand that your entire platform is that the 2020 election was stolen. Anything more current you’d like to add?

I keep telling people not to give up on 2022. These are not the GOP of 2016, or even 2018. This is the Trump MAGA GOP of 2022, and these fuckers could screw up a one car funeral if you just leave them alone. Run your grassroots race, mock the shit out of them, and let the voters decide. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. What the dems need to do to win is what they are not doing and rarely do: play to win. They should use all the ammunition the ‘pubes have been providing for years and spank them with it: hard. Unfortunately the dems are some of the most gutless pols on the planet. This is a very large problem since we are facing the loss of our republic. When our country is an autocracy, and a filthy x-tian taliban one at that, we at least have someone to blame: the democrats. Their cowardice is the only reason we are in this predicament.

    People ask me, when I have third party candidates to vote for and I vote for them, “why do you waste your vote”? I do this because we do not currently have a party willing to fight to save our country from the evil within that would take away every freedom we currently possess only to replace them with a government exactly like that which is in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, N. korea…..The wolves are at our door and the dems are welcoming them in, feeding and watering them, and telling them to take care of everything while their gone.

    I’m not sure who I am more disgusted with: the pubes for becoming the x-tian taliban or the dems for not fighting against this evil


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