The Lincoln Project did one of its spoof videos on Tucker Carlson reporting on Rudy Giuliani the other day and at that time they teased, “Monday will be a good day, too. We have our sources.” So of course that got people speculating about who and what could be the subject of the Monday bombshell.

Then I found this little ditty from a few days ago and it’s one of LP’s best. Don’t know how I missed it, but here it is.

So, class, raise your hands (or better yet, signify below in the comments) how you vote for the Monday LP Bombshell.

  1. It will be about House of Pancakes naming a breakfast Rudy Toody Feds and Froody;
  2. It will be about Donald Trump being booked into the Catskills dinner theater circuit to talk about election fraud, with or without his Vladimir Putin ventriloquist puppet sidekick;
  3. It will be about Matt Gaetz doing something so effed up it will make Roy Moore look well adjusted;
  4. It will be about Roger Stone and Joel Greenberg divining their own futures by reading Matt Gaetz’ entrails.
  5. It will be about that other Florida Man, Jeffrey Epstein, whose gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell is in the slammer now, so who knows what she might say to whom and about what;
  6. Something else, see my comment.

The winner gets a free PolitiZoom tote bag, featuring a picture of Mike Lindell and the Ursula avatar saying, “Kiss my bear bottom.” (Pssst: For the moment the totes are invisible, because they haven’t been produced yet, so you’ll have to pretend.)



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    • It’s either Matt or Rudy, is my thought. It could be anybody, DeSantis, or Greene, or any of those clowns but Matt or Rudy would be my top pick.

      • It might be Rudy because they raided him first? I’m not sure if that actually means anything, or if it works that way.

  1. Given the news about Greenberg trying to pay Stone to arrange a pardon and WHO at the WH Stone actually discussed it with, perhaps we’ll see them borrow a national brand jeweler’s theme from a while back: “He went to Jared!” Or better still, “They took Matt’s advice and went to Jared!”

  2. 3 AND 4. Between Gaetz getting sold out by Greenberg and Rudy treating comm and file security as a suggestion, the circle is about to widen. All decks, brace for impact.

  3. I would lean towards 5, but because it is so close to a reality of VERY SERIOUS crimes, probably better to go with 3 because the, “Matt”, crap going on is so damn bad for him, good for the popcorn inhalation crew, the longer he exists in the air space he is contaminating now, the harder his escape becomes in legal terms …

    I think the Lincoln guys have this right, show how really small Matt is on all counts … a little ridicule can go a long ways for such an idiot …

  4. I hate to be the fly in the wine, (alanis, that isn’t ironic, just an example of a slow wine drinker), rudy, more than likely, has a pardon in his pocket. Matt will need to decide where his bf in the joint wants his property tattooed. Butt? Back? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Any pardon Rudy has wasn’t worth the toilet paper it was written. Look no further than Stone’s pardon to see how it won’t BEGIN to cover everything he’s going down for.


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