Where do they find them? Is there a laboratory that grows Republicans in jars somewhere? It used to be that both parties had smart people and stupid people and some of the smart people of each party even agreed about some things and were able to work across the aisle and get things done. Those were the days, my friend, we might have thought they’d never end, but they emphatically have. Nobody knows anything anymore. And I don’t mean in the Hollywood sense, where screenwriter William Goldman opined, “Nobody knows anything,” meaning nobody could predict a hit. No, I mean very simply, nobody in the GOP knows even the most basic thing, like when election day is.

Now I grant you, if this was cobbled together for a small event like an assembly, maybe that’s not so bad, but even then an inaccuracy like this is not good. Little mistakes that go uncorrected have a way of ballooning and showing up other places.

Here’s the other news item that went on at the assembly yesterday and it makes this look simply wonderful. This item about the election date is snarky, granted, but this next story about a journalist getting ejected because the local GOP doesn’t like what she writes is something else altogether.

That is serious. That should give one pause. The Colorado Sun is a perfectly legitimate paper. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of people from the now defunct Rocky Mountain News put together the Colorado Sun, so it’s a perfectly reputable outlet. I could understand Ms. Fish being shown the door if she was a leftist blogger like some people we know, but not an employee of the Colorado Sun. This is absurd.

This is where Boebert was yesterday where she ringingly declared that she was first on the ballot. Hey, Bobo. I think that if people want to vote against you, they’ll look for the name they want to vote for. After all, one in five Republicans is voting against Trump in the remaining primaries and he’s the only one on the ballot. So when you’re hot you’re hot and when you’re not, you’re not. And your day is done.

A journalism group denounced this action.

Colorado Sun reporter and past president of the Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS) ejected from the Colorado Republican Party state assembly for past coverage deemed “very unfair” by party leaders

Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS) strongly denounces the actions taken by Colorado Republican Party leaders who called Pueblo County Sheriffs to force veteran reporter Sandra Fish from the party’s convention yesterday. We call upon leaders of all political parties to provide access to all members of the media as representatives of the public.

“Journalists like Sandra Fish cover political meetings to bring information to their readers, viewers and listeners – the public – about what their elected officials are doing. A political party cherry-picking which reporters it wants to cover its meeting deprives the public of information it deserves and sets a dangerous precedent in a country where press freedom is enshrined in the Constitution,” JAWS President Angela Greiling Keane said.

According to news reports, Fish was removed from the event where party leaders choose their candidates for upcoming elections at the request of the state’s Republican Party leader.

Fish, who has been covering politics for more than 40 years, served as JAWS president from 2015 to 2017 and is the current co-chair of the Programs & Services Committee. The Colorado Sun is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan news outlet.

Since 1985, the Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS) has been for working journalists, journalism educators and researchers from across the United States. Members meet in person and online to share resources, support, training and information about the issues that affect women in the industry. JAWS advances the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and advocates for more inclusive coverage of the diverse experiences and cultures that comprise our society.

Sandra Fish definitely sounds like somebody that the Colorado GOP would hate. What a joke the GOP is nowadays.

I do so hope that we wipe the floor with the Republicans in November, particularly the MAGA Republicans which seem to be all that is left.

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  1. What ‘message’ does this send to women?

    The same as the GOP position on abortion?

    They fear strong, informed, thinking women.

    At the next election they will be shown why they should fear them.

  2. Ursula…shhhhhh. November 6th is it!!! That’s the day they should vote. God doesn’t want them to vote on the same day as the godless democrats!

  3. In any general election for a long time now you’ve had GOPers doing campaigns using phone (both robocalls and actual people), flyers, pamphlets, mailers (sometimes quite official looking) and nowdays social media too to try and get Democrats to vote on the wrong day. Perhaps some asshat MAGA was working on a flyer to motivate fellow GOPers to as it says turn the state back red, and got the word he/she had been picked to run a “get Democrats to vote on the wrong day campaign” and couldn’t switch mental gears.

  4. Let’s keep our knowledge of when the 2024 federal election is on the low down. The more idiots who think it’s on 6 November, the less idiots showing up at the polls on the correct day: this could result in fewer idiots being elected.


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