We’ve all heard the adage, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Blot that one out. What you don’t know can literally kill you. The anti-vaxx hysteria has reached new highs. The vast majority of unvaccinated workers say that they would quit a job that mandated vaccination, if there were no exemptions for religious or medical reasons. Swell. Now we can depend upon a range of mutations of COVID for quite some time to come.

The bottom line of the poll seems to be that the people who got vaccinated are still on top of it and worried about the Delta variant. And the hard core anti-vaxxers are still hard core and they don’t care how many variants arise, they don’t want to get vaccinated.

If this is the case, and at least this poll indicates that, then COVID-19 or some variation of it may be with us forever. That is sad but true. It’s very possible that this is how the common cold arose. Herd immunity was eventually reached but not before a resilient strain of the cold developed which would keep recurring.

The thing that is sad is that we live in a day and age where science is able to deal with these matters effectively. What’s killing us here is not lack of science. It’s human stupidity, misinformation and greed.

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  1. The vax is free – the hospital is expensive. If you can get into one. They really aren’t thinking, they’re just going by feels and whatever they hear on Fox/OAN/talk radio.

  2. The vaccine is currently killing 150 (approx) Democrats per day and 450 (approx) Republicans per day.

    It looks like Darwin is sorting it out.

    • I looked at these numbers last year, in terms of whether pandemics have in the past or could in the future affect partisan balance in a nation.

      The answer is generally “not really.” Pandemic deaths are pretty spread out, and most races are decided by a much larger vote margin than you could conceivably see dying in that area. There are a few exceptions here and there. But consider like Katie Porter’s district, a very close swing district, yet it’s usually decided by 4,000+ votes. The pandemic would not have much impact on this district.

      But Then there’s the more difficult question of statewide demographics. High mortality amongst only older voters has the potential to expedite trends. For example, Texas is at 60k deaths. Older Texas voters are very Republican, and that’s a state that is slowly shifting left. The pandemic isn’t changing a trend there, but it seems plausible it’s speeding it up.

      Which then raises the question of migration. Will people move around as a result of the pandemic? The most obvious case I can think of are those who lose family members and might decide to move or retire early. Annual migrations into and out of states dwarf Covid mortality numbers – for example, about 550,000 people move into Florida each year (and 400k move out). Disrupting those patterns could have more political effects than direct mortality rates.

      Pandemics are horrible. But they do create a lot of interesting things to study afterwards.

  3. I have had to abandon my much needed physical therapy because the fools aren’t vaccinated nor do they wear mask. They are traitor trash Republicans. I should complain to Medicare, not that it would do any good.

    Yes, I am in Mississippi. 99% of the new Covid19 cases are the unvaccinated.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I empathize with your frustrations, I understand how upsetting it is to want/need that sort of care then to have it disrupted because of the bad behavior of others. Your health is another sacrifice they’ve decided is worthwhile in their drive for their own selfish needs.


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