Well folks, time to unlearn everything you have read and come to know to be true about Nixon’s Watergate scandal and the subsequent investigation and prosecutions.

Because Tucker last night revealed, in a segment of his program dedicated to recent reports of the unfortunately timed discovery of classified documents in one of Biden’s satellite offices, that the despite the historical record – established in no small part by tape recorded conversations of Nixon and his henchmen planning, enacting and attempting to cover up the operation that burgled the Democratic Party Headquarters and launched a thousand Congressional subpoenas – was in reality a sting operation conducted by the Democratic Party loving Federal Bureau of Investigation and its recently appointed-for-life by Nixon himself director – J. Edgar Hoover.

Tucker’s fantastical theory, based apparently on relatively recent revelations that the identity of the source of the two then young Washington Post reporters who arduously uncovered the facts of Watergate, was Mark Felt, a deputy director at the FBI who, as “Deepthroat”, was frustratingly enigmatic in his dropping of clues to Woodward and Bernstein telling them only “to follow the money”… and was probably secretive, in the fever swamp that is Carlson’s mind… in an attempt to insulate himself and his superior’s roles in perpetuating the dastardly baroque scheme to bring down the completely innocent Nixon.

Watch – if you dare risk your sanity – unfortunately Joy-Ann Reid’s (who hosted Bernstein on her show which Tucker is commenting on) lovely image was not edited from the beginning of the clip…


And never will.



His expose exonerating Harding of the Teapot Dome scandal is probably in the works.


Ya think?

There seems to be a positive correlation between the venality of current Republican scandal and the insanity of Tucker’s hallucinations.

If the current trend in The GOP continues unabated Tucker will be raving about Lizard people by sweeps week.

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  1. Apparently liar tuck slept through his elementary, H.S., and college history classes. I’d rather have my jaw wired shut than utter the asininity this moron does. I guess he doesn’t take pride in any education he might have obtained–IF he obtained anything. He sure as shit didn’t retain any of it.

  2. If this is the best Fascism Noise’s top propagandist can come up with, their political cause is in trouble. Like his old boss, no real scandals are sticking to Uncle Joe so the opposition have to dig into an era that only Boomers give a damn about. This is all ancient history to Gen Z AKA the voting block about to eclipse Boomers this decade. Assuming this is for ratings and outrage trolling, classic short-term gain, long-term loss going on here.

  3. If boomers are the only ones who care about the fall of Nixon, the assainations of two Kennedys and Dr. King, and the ending of a war that killed 58,000 soliders, then that’s a sorry statement for any generation that ignores factual history. It’s exactly what the Republicans were hoping for, i.e., a semi-literate voter full of themselves. Cue up the excuse for willful ignorance and all the supposed good it produces. Sure is easy to lie to self appointed experts.

    • Do you realize how whiny you sound with all that? Especially given that you’re basically talking to a generation that has grown up with school shootings, 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Great Recession, the total breaking of the American Dream and the living tumor that is Mango Mussolini? If anything, given how a good many of that generation has contempt for yours in the first place (see “OK, Boomer”), they might have even less sympathy with that knowledge of history in mind. They blame our respective generations for landing them in this mess, one they will be cleaning up for the rest of their lives. Given how little any of the real lessons were learned from the experience, what happened to you and yours will elicit zero understanding.

      • So knowing the history of this country doesn’t matter? Ridiculous. Guess that’s why so many voted for Jill stein helping Trump win, or boycotted because Bernie didn’t get the nod, again helping Trump win. Every generation endures what was done previously.

        • I sometimes think of a scene from the movie Excalibur, when Aurthur and his Knights were celebrating on a hilltop over news that the Kingdom was finally united. Merlin commands their attention, and tells them to rejoice in the moment, to savor it because of what it took to achieve it. It’s a sobering speech, that concludes with the warning “For it is the doom of men that they forget.”


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